Amazing Armadillo Lizard facts and must-know details

Amazing Armadillo Lizard facts and must-know details

Armadillo Lizard is a twenty-five-centimeter long wild reptile from the Cordylidae family and cataphractus species. These reptiles are common in the Southern regions of Africa. They are hunted from their wild habitats in Africa and sold in Europe and North America as pets because of their distinctive, beautiful appearances. These reptiles have various shadings, which range from light yellowish earthy colours to brown.

Armadillo Lizard
Armadillo Lizard is friendly to human beings. Photo: Shaojia.lee.94
Source: Instagram

Armadillo is known for its exemplary defensive body mechanism. When the lizard detects risks in its environment, it frames its body into a ball by moving on its back and taking its tail in its mouth and stays in this position until it is out of danger. The increasing popularity of Armadillo reptiles in the pet market is endangering their existence.

How do you take care of an Armadillo Lizard?

Domesticating Armadillo Lizard Petsmart is easy because they are more friendly to human beings than many other reptiles. Here are tips for rearing Armadillo lizards:

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  • They are easy to tame when you keep them right from birth. Keep the females and males together for them to reproduce because they are endangered species.
  • For the Armadillo lizard setup, use a cage that is two to four square feet for a pair of these lizards. Cover the cage using a safe and screened top to prevent them from escaping.
  • It is advisable not to keep more than one male in a cage because they might hurt each other while dominating the territory.
  • Armadillo reptiles require a dry habitat; therefore, cover the cage's floor using dry sand and maintain warm temperatures in the cell. Install an automated thermometer to check the temperature inside the enclosure and keep them in warm places.
  • Feed them with crickets four to five times each week. Buy the crickets and more pet food for the lizards from pet stores.

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Armadillo lizard facts

Armadillo Lizard
Armadillo Lizard folding itself when it senses danger. Photo: Natural Sciences
Source: Instagram

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Although the global environmental conservation authorities prohibit Armadillo Lizard's trade, people still sell them in the black market because it is a profitable business. Is an Armadillo Lizard a lovely pet? Read on to find out:

  • It has square-shaped scales, hard scales, and a spine that runs from the head to the tail, enabling the Armadillo reptile to fold into a hardball when it senses danger.
  • How big does an Armadillo Lizard get? The reptile can grow up to seventeen inches long and weigh up to 15 pounds.
  • The reptile is light in weight with a red dorsal and yellow base side. Its upper lip has an earthy red colour. The jawline has beautiful dark imprints while the throat has dull blotches.
  • Armadillo Lizards have long, tube-like nostrils and a sharp sense of smell. They use their sense of smell for identifying food, hunters, and other objects in their environment.
  • What do Armadillo Lizards eat? The reptile feeds on a diversity of plants and insects like termites, scorpions, and millipedes.
  • Breaks, cleft, and rock are Armadillo lizard habitats. The lizards live in groups of thirty to sixty. They can hibernate for a long as twenty-five years, and their lifespan is unclear. They are diurnal creatures, for they are very active during the day.
  • The mating season happens throughout the spring. The females give rise to offerings towards the end of April when the stormy season begins. The reptiles become fertile when they are four inches long.

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Armadillo Lizard
A female and male Armadillo Lizard. Photo: The Origami Ocean
Source: Instagram

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Although an Armadillo Lizard is a beautiful pet to keep and a lucrative pet business to engage in, the world should not ignore the fact that they are getting extinct. Pet owners and traders should be trained in protecting the lizards and in how to make them reproduce.

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