Durban Gen Teasers: November 2020

Durban Gen Teasers: November 2020

The drama in the premiere episodes of Durban Gen soap opera is getting more entertaining. Mbali's dilemma creates a love triangle that gets toxic with time. How will she solve the issue? Read the following Durban Gen teasers to find out.

Durban Gen Teasers
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Thabo and Precious' marriage is experiencing problems that might break it. However, Thabo's condition worries him as a patient with a similar ailment dies in his hands. What will Precious do when she learns about his secret?

Durban Gen teasers for November 2020

Durban Gen episodes in November will keep you glued to your television. Does Thabo and Precious marriage have any hope of surviving? Who will Mbali choose between? Find out from the following teasers.

Durban Gen Teasers
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2nd November 2020 (Monday – Episode 21)

Sibusiso is confronted by Mbali for making important decisions without involving her as she unsuccessfully tries to get away from an unrelenting Lindeni or his final offer. Precious wonders if she is okay with the way she is living. Phumeza knowingly gets herself into trouble.

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3rd November 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 22)

Sibusiso wonders why Mbali does not want to be near him. Has she changed her mind about getting married to him? Nkabinde and Sne go up against each other to have their idea recognized for the event, and Phumeza gets herself in the middle.

4th November 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 23)

Mbali breaks someone's heart. Precious is having a hard time trying to conceal the secret. On the other hand, Nkabinde is determined to win.

5th November 2020 (Thursday – Episode 24)

Mbali is finding it increasingly difficult to make a choice between Lindelani and Sibusiso. Who will win her heart? Precious has no option but to reveal some disturbing news to Calvin.

6th November 2020 (Friday – Episode 25)

Mbali and Lindelani deal with the consequences of their actions. Precious does not want anyone to spot her with her baby daddy while her spouse plans to get some side action. MacGyver and Sne start acting on the Nkabinde operation to Phumeza's annoyance.

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Durban Gen Teasers
Durban Gen premiere episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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9th November 2020 (Monday – Episode 26)

Precious gets herself into more dilemma when her one-night act makes a bold step. Mbali spends precious time with the person she loves. Nkabinde makes an unpleasant discovery about how people think of her.

10th November 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 27)

Lindelani and Mbali get themselves in a compromising situation. Will Mbali's feelings influence her decision? Thabo's manhood is not okay as it fails to react. Nkabinde takes revenge against Sne by taking all the credit from the hospital anniversary celebrations.

11th November 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 28)

Mbali is trying to make things work with her two men, but she will have to decide at some point. Who will be the lucky guy? Bab' Gumede gets surprising information from Calvin. On the other hand, Calving tries to convince Precious that they can find a better way to deal with their baby.

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12th November 2020 (Thursday – Episode 29)

Sibusiso gets more suspicious. On the other hand, Precious is angry with Calvin. The Makiwane family accosts Nkabinde.

13th November 2020 (Friday – Episode 30)

Lindelani and Mbali's mischievousness together with Sibusiso's anger keeps the hospital abuzz. Thabo and Precious' marriage continues to face issues as he fails to satisfy her in the bedroom. However, Precious is not affected by Thabo's failings as she has worries of her own that could have a negative implication on her life.

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16th November 2020 (Monday – Episode 31)

Lindelani and Sibusiso's anger continues to make Mbali worried. Precious unsuccessfully tries to talk Calvin into the abortion as she accosts Thabo for lying to her. What will she do?

17th November 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 32)

Individuals in a love triangle hold a meeting, but the revelations shock one of the parties in the mix. Thabo makes up his mind to tackle his faults. An aged lady gives shocking revelations concerning condoms.

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18th November 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 33)

Lindelani goes to get a protection order. On the other hand, Precious attempts to avoid Calvin to be able to put her life in order. Gog' Xaba's sex life is now in a better place because of Mchunu.

19th November 2020 (Thursday – Episode 34)

Lindelani and Sibusiso's battle to get Mbali does not end well for one person as he gets seriously hurt. Thabo does everything in his power to get Precious' forgiveness, but she is not ready to forgive him. MacGyver seeks advice on how to have a wonderful life from an old-timer.

20th November 2020 (Friday – Episode 35)

Sibusiso gets arrested. On the other hand, Agatha arrives in town without telling anyone. Zandile supports precious as she makes a tough decision. Gog' Xaba is an unnecessary patient at the medical facility.

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Durban Gen Teasers
Durban Gen premiere episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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23rd November 2020 (Monday – Episode 36)

Agatha wants to know everything concerning the situation of Mbali's affair. On the other hand, Lindelani is the one to make a decision on Sibusiso's freedom. Thabo is made to think hard about his condition when a patient with similar symptoms dies in his hands. Mchunu wishes he never took over Gog' Xaba's case when he finds out what is wrong.

24th November 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 37)

Mrs. Dlamini decides to be in charge of the love triangle between Lindelani, Sibusiso, and Mbali. Will she help solve the issue? The Gumedes want Precious to deliver something impossible. Bab'Zwane and Gog' Xaba get a lesson concerning sex education.

25th November 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 38)

Mbali receives a hell-sent call that brings about shocking events. In the medical centre, Calvin persists that there should be a cultural celebration, but Precious does not agree with the idea. On the other hand, Thabo, who is in another office at the hospital, is unaware of the arrangements being made, but his health issues may be extensive than he imagined.

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26th November 2020 (Thursday – Episode 39)

Lindelani makes up for any wrongdoing he did to the Dlaminis as he shuts every opportunity that may make him find his way to Mbali again. Will he manage? Precious is blind-sides by Thabo's well-kept secret. Circumstances force Bab'Zwane to reveal the truth concerning his philandering ways.

27th November 2020 (Friday – Episode 40)

Precious is hit by another blow that might ruin her profession even before she can comprehend her husband's secrets. Sibusiso has to go away because of work, thus giving Lindelani and Mbali space to get back on track. MacGyver comes into contact with a gorgeous lady.

30th November 2020 (Monday – Episode 41)

Qwabe and MacGyver do their best to impress. Precious is experiencing the lowest moments of her life as Calvin discovers that he still loves her. Will he make his feelings known to her?

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Durban Gen Teasers
Durban Gen premiere episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Durban Gen characters?

Durban Gen medical drama series is a reflection of issues that happen inside and outside the institution of marriage. The Durban Gen cast has managed to bring it out in a real way. Here is a short description of what will happen to some of the characters in the show's November episodes.


She is in a dilemma on whom to choose between Lindelani and Sibusiso. Her indecisiveness creates a love triangle that gets sour with time. The two gentlemen fight to have her in their life. Who will she choose?


She finds out she is pregnant with Calvin's baby, an issue that worries her to the core. On the other hand, her husband Thabo fails to satisfy her. She is hit with another blow when she learns about her husband's secret.


He has an issue with his manhood, which partly leads to a rocky marriage with Precious. Later, he is worried when a patient with conditions that are similar to his dies in his hands. Is there any hope for him?

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Durban Gen teasers for November 2020 reveal the juicy details to expect in the show. Do not miss any episode of the fascinating drama. The show airs on eTV every weekday at 6:30 pm. You can watch the repeat the following day on eTV at 1.30 pm. or on eExtra at 11:15 am.

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