Twist of Fate teasers: December 2020

Twist of Fate teasers: December 2020

Would you mind watching a show that gives you mixed feelings and leaves you in suspense when an episode ends? If that is so, check out Twist of Fate. You will be marvelled by how well the storyline of the soap opera has been curated to match your needs. Twist of Fate teasers for December 2020 highlight how far the plot of the show has gotten. You might want to read on for highlights on what to expect.

Twist of Fate teasers
Twist of Fate December episodes are the show's finale. Photo: ZeeWorldAfrica
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Twist of Fate is not your ordinary type of soapie as its plot has been systematized to show day-to-day life and some of the challenges that people face. The best part about it is that it encompasses some of the not-talked about aspects of life. If you would like to find out what it is about before indulging, check out Twist of Fate teasers for December 2020.

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Twist of Fate teasers for December 2020

The recent turn of events has been revealing the motives of some of the Zee World Twist of Fate characters. Aliya's deceitful ways have been the bone of contention, although it looks like it is the end of the road for her since some of the members of the family know the truth. How about reading the following teasers for details?

Twist of Fate teasers
Twist of Fate teasers December 2020. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 245)

Tanu talks Abhi into accepting to marry her the following day. On the other hand, Tanu makes Pragya’s situation worse. Will the wedding happen?

2nd December 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 246)

It is the day of Abhi and Tanu’s marriage ceremony, but Akash and Purab are not pleased with the occasion. Pragya makes Tanu shocked. What did she do?

3rd December 2020 (Thursday – Episode 247)

Aliya is haunted by her past as she gets into more trouble. Pragya tries to strike a deal with her foe but does not get the desired results.

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4th December 2020 (Friday – Episode 248)

The family thinks that sending Aliya to Australia will prevent her from hurting people. Later, Tanu spots Pragya and Abhi embracing as Nikhil tries to make Abhi see him as a good person.

5th December 2020 (Saturday – Episode 249)

Pragya is called by an anonymous person who offers to help her. The stranger gives her promises that lead her nowhere. What is the promise?

6th December 2020 (Sunday – Episode 250)

Pragya goes to meet the individual claiming to have information that might help implicate Tanu. Later, Pragya meets Tanu despite knowing the truth about her.

7th December 2020 (Monday – Episode 251)

Sarla comes to rescue Pragya from Tanu’s evil plans. Tanu is entangled in her lies. How will she redeem herself?

8th December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 252)

The medical facility nurse provides evidence that Tanu took a man there whom she claimed was her spouse. Later, things work out in her favour.

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9th December 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 253)

The family learns that cash kept in the safe is not there while Tanu plots against Sarla. Later, Pammi calls law enforces to look into the theft that Tanu believes Sarla committed. Will her evil plans work?

10th December 2020 (Thursday – Episode 254)

Tanu twists her story and accuses Pragya of stealing, but Sarla takes the blame so as to save Pragya and Abhi’s marriage. Later, Sarla makes up her mind to go away from the house to evade more problems.

11th December 2020 (Friday – Episode 255)

Kulpreet is not getting any better, and it seems the health problem will expose Tanu’s secret. How is she going to get out of the situation?

Twist of Fate teasers
Twist of Fate teasers December 2020. Gif:, (modified by author)
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14th December 2020 (Monday – Episode 258)

It is Pragya’s birthday party, and she has an intimate moment with Abhi. On the other hand, Tanu attempts to create a rift between Pragya and Abhi, but her plans are unsuccessful. She later works with Nikhil to make it look like Pragya is having an affair.

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15th December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 259)

Tanu blames Pragya for cheating in the presence of visitors that are celebrating her birthday. Abhi and Pragya’s relationship is again shaken as Abhi believes Tanu’s lies.

16th December 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 260)

Abhi asks Pragya’s alleged boyfriend to stay at the house for a while. What are Abhi’s intentions? Will Pragya get the chance to defend herself?

17th December 2020 (Thursday – Episode 261)

Tanu secretly drugs Pragya’s drink and goes on with her plan of ruining her image. Will her evil antics succeed?

18th December 2020 (Friday – Episode 262)

Purab rescues Pragya from a situation that might have ended her marriage. Later, Pragya comes across her friend, who is a gynaecologist. She performs a secret DNA test to get evidence that will expose Tanu’s deceit.

19th December 2020 (Saturday – Episode 263)

Abhi chases Tanu from the house as Sheila, the gynaecologist, forsakes Pragya. Later, Pragya follows Nikhil in an attempt to save Pari, but Nikhil does not allow her.

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Twist of Fate teasers
Twist of Fate teasers December 2020. Gif:, (modified by author)
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21st December 2020 (Monday – Episode 265)

Pragya’s situation worsens after she attempts to rescue Pari. Can she save herself? Sarla sees that the only solution that will help rescue Pragya is to ruin her relationships with Abhi.

22nd December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 266)

Daljeet explains to Kulpreet why Abhi was given the divorce documents. On the other hand, Abhi makes up his mind to sever the relationship with Pragya. Will he give up on what they shared?

23rd December 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 267)

Tanu and Nikhil endanger their lives in an attempt to murder Pragya. In a twist of events, Pragya is the one who rescues the people who had the intention to kill her. Later, Tanu reveals to the family that she has lost her baby.

24th December 2020 (Thursday – Episode 268)

Kulpreet gives Abhi an ultimatum that he will go away if he gives up his relationship with Pragya. On the other hand, Pragya has information that might implicate the three musketeers.

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25th December 2020 (Friday – Episode 269)

Pragya wants Abhi to see the evidence she has gathered against Tanu, but Abhi does not want to. Does Pragya have another way to prove that she is innocent?

26th December 2020 (Saturday – Episode 270)

Pragya manages to make Abhi see the truth. Can he see her innocence? On the other hand, the three wicked musketeers plot to kill Pragya, and Purab overhears the evil plan.

27th December 2020 (Sunday – Episode 271)

Pragya learns that there is a plot against Abhi’s life. Tanu and Aliya find out that Abhi is the one trapped by the evil scheme they had set against Pragya. Will they come out to rescue Abhi?

28th December 2020 (Monday – Episode 272)

Pragya and Abhi prove that the power of love prevails. Later, Pragya gets excellent news. Will Abhi and Pragya’s relationship survive after all?

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29th December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 273)

Pragya gets catastrophic news concerning Abhi. Tanu and Aliya see Abhi’s current condition as an opportunity to throw Pragya out of the house. Will this be the sad ending to their love story?

Twist of Fate teasers
Twist of Fate teasers December 2020. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Twist of Fate characters?

Twist of Fate finale episodes are coming to your television this December. How will the show end? Will Abhi and Pragya get back together with Tanu still in the way? Here is a sneak peek into what will happen to some Twist of Fate characters.


She faces endless problems as she tries to expose Tanu’s deceit. Her relationship with Abhi does not seem to get better as Aliya, Nikhil, and Tanu work together to bring her down. Is there any hope for their love story to have a happy ending?


She manages to convince Abhi to marry her. She plots against Pragya to ensure she never mends her relationship with Abhi. Will there be an end to her evil antics?

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What are your thoughts about Zee World Twist of Fate teasers for December 2020? Do you think the truth will come out, and Tanu's wicked ways be bought to light? If you wish to find out more details, be sure to tune in to Zee World every day.

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