The Evil Eye teasers: December 2020

The Evil Eye teasers: December 2020

The Evil Eye is one of the best Indian supernatural thrillers on television. The show examines the lives of Piya and Ansh, who are ignorant of their powers. The serial also narrates the story of Daayan, a devil that was cursed by the gods and taken as a prisoner into the human world. Briefly brings you The Evil Eye teasers for December 2020.

The Evil Eye teasers

Davanish on The Evil Eye Indian Supernatural thriller. Photo: Diya Negi
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In December episodes, Naksh and Kirti perform their engagement ceremony rituals. Kartik beats Aditya, who vows to seek revenge against him and Naira. On the other hand, Dadi chickens out when he fails to get the engagement rings. Read on to find out how the engagement ceremony proceeds.

The Evil Eye teasers for December 2020

The Evil Eye show continues to offer incomparable entertainment to thriller fans. Just like previous episodes, December episodes will not disappoint you. Here are the show’s teasers for the month.

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The Evil Eye teasers

The Evil Eye Indian supernatural thriller. GIF:, (modified by author)
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1st December 2020 – Tuesday

The Singhanias and Goenkas observe the Raksha Bandhan ceremony. After a while, Naksh

looks troubled. What could be the issue?

2nd December 2020 – Wednesday

Naira decides to look into the problem that Naksh is facing during the Rakhi ceremony. On the other hand, Yash accosts Naksh concerning Kirti. Will he reveal the truth?

3rd December 2020 – Thursday

Kartik assists Naira’s family in organizing Naksh’s marriage ceremony. Later, a trespasser enters the Goenka household. Who is the intruder?

4th December 2020 – Friday

Naksh and Kirti make preparations for their engagement ceremony. Keshav (Akshay Kumar) and his spouse Jaya (Bhumi Pednekar) assist the women in looking for a washroom along the way.

5th December 2020 – Saturday

Naksh and Kirti perform their engagement ceremony rituals. On the other hand, Kartik does not reveal to Naira the place where the rings are hidden.

6th December 2020 – Sunday

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Kartik and Naira exchange rings alongside Naksh and Kirti. Later, Kartik beats up Aditya. What is Aditya’s fault?

7th December 2020 – Monday

Aditya decides to seek revenge against Kartik and Naira. Will she succeed? Dadi chickens out when he does not find the engagement rings. On the other hand, Kirti and Nakshi get Naira’s assistance during the performance of the rituals.

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The Evil Eye teasers

The Evil Eye Indian supernatural thriller. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to The Evil Eye characters?

Have you ever wondered how characters with supernatural powers manage to play their role seamlessly? The Evil Eye (also called Nazar) serial has such talented cast members. Here is what happens to the show’s characters in December 2020 episodes.


He feels troubled just before he performs the engagement ceremony rituals with Kirti. Will they find out what is troubling him? He later performs the rituals with the help of Naira.

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He also exchanges rings with Naira alongside Nakshi and Kirti. He later beats up Aditya, who decides to take revenge against him and Naira. What prompted him to beat Aditya. Will the ceremony finish well?

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From the above The Evil Eye teasers, the show promises you excellent family entertainment this December. Will Aditya manage to get her revenge against Kartik and Naira?

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