And that’s it? 7 shortest celebrity marriages ever

And that’s it? 7 shortest celebrity marriages ever

February is the month of love, couples will embark on romantic adventures and those who are single will be hoping to go on a date.

Social media will more than likely transform into a romantic battlefield with love quotes, photos of engagement rings, new couple announcements and maybe even a ‘we got married’ post here and there.

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1. Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe de Alba Duration of marriage: 1 day

Zsa Zsa was an icon of the 1950’s and one of Hollywood’s royalty. She decided to get married to actor Felipe de Alba in 1983. The marriage was doomed from the start, Zsa Zsa’s divorce had not yet been finalised, this was her eight (and shortest) marriage, the marriage was annulled after just one day.

And that’s it? 7 shortest celebrity marriages ever
Zsa Zsa and Felipe. Photo: Google

2. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander Duration: 55 hours

Britney’s 2004 marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander was the precursor to her well documented mental collapse. The couple decided to get married after a legendary Las Vegas party night. Britney has since claimed that the marriage was a practical joke that went too far.

And that’s it? 7 shortest celebrity marriages ever
Britney and Jason. Photo: Google

3. Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips Duration: 8 days

The star of Apocalypse Now had a reputation for being unpredictable when it came to relationships, the world wondered what was going on when he and The Mamas and The Papas singer Michelle Phillips tied the knot in 1970. Both Dennis and Michelle were new divorcees and the relationship was said to be abusive. The marriage lasted just over more than a week.

And that’s it? 7 shortest celebrity marriages ever
Dennis and Michelle. Photo: Google

4. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra Duration: 10 days

Dennis and Carmen had a whirlwind relationship, the couple decided (probably in a drunken stupor) to get married while in Las Vegas in 1998. Observers say their relationship lasted only as long as they could fuel it with booze. The couple tried to reconcile for New Year’s Eve, but ultimately decided to split.

And that’s it? 7 shortest celebrity marriages ever
Carmen and Dennis. Photo: Google

5. Cher and Greg Allman Duration: 10 days

The pop queen married the rock star Greg Allman in 1975 just three days after her divorce from Sonny Bono became official. Another ill-advised Las Vegas wedding, which lasted just nine days, although the actual divorce took four years to finalise.

And that’s it? 7 shortest celebrity marriages ever
Cher and Greg. Photo: Google

6. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds Duration: 2 weeks

The couple got married on the island paradise of Bora-Bora in 2008. The couple never had a legal ceremony, describing their Bora-Bora wedding as a symbolic union. The couple split after two weeks and luckily never had to file for divorce

And that’s it? 7 shortest celebrity marriages ever
Eddie and Tracey. Photo: Google

7. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Duration: 72 days

The marriage between Kim and Kris was meant to usher in a new era of entertainment golf. Kris fit into the family with his K name and surname and his high-profile NBA career. Unfortunately, the marriage hit the rocks almost immediately. Kris later tried to have the marriage annulled on the grounds of fraud, rumours suggested Kim only married Kris for his image.

And that’s it? 7 shortest celebrity marriages ever
Kris and Kim. Photo: Google

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