Imbewu Teasers: December 2020

Imbewu Teasers: December 2020

If you think that those who watch drama series are wasting their time, that can be because you have not watched Imbewu teasers. Besides the blend of entertainment, education, and information that the series contains, its plot's suspense and twist are second to none. Find out what happens in this beautiful soapie teasers Imbewu this month.

Imbewu Teasers
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This South African soapie focuses on the Bhengu family, who is expected to live in the shadow of a significant secret that emanates from ancient traditional practice. Besides, the television drama series reflects the unique interactions between South Africa's rural and urban lifestyles. Then, it showcases the conflicts and struggles between home and corporate settings and the emotional tension that the economic gap has created between those who have and those who do not.

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Last month's episode ended with Zamazama reaching out to Nkululeko to let him know the murderer of Ngcolosi. This month, you will find out how Zamazama goes into hiding and how Shria asks a Private Investigator to find him out from wherever he is hiding. Before the official broadcast, here is what to expect in each episode this month.

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Episode 687 - Tuesday, 1st of December, 2020

Buhle and MaZulu have a blow-up, and MaZulu leverages it to put her marital relationship with Menzi on hold.

Episode 688 - Wednesday, 2nd of December, 2020

Zamazama disappears, and Shria employs the service of a P.I to locate him wherever he can be. However, Zithulele and Nkululeko's conclusion is that he is only a chancer.

Episode 689 - Thursday, 3rd of December, 2020

There is a disorder in the Bhengu family home because Buhle is nowhere to be found.

Episode 690 - Friday, 4th of December, 2020

Fikile consents to hack into the confidential information of Shria to discover tangible evidence that links her and Zamazama together.

Episode 691 - Monday, 7th of December, 2020

Phakade consents that Menzi has to pay back the cows, and at the same time, Phakade accidentally proposes to kaMadonsela.

Episode 692 - Tuesday, 8th of December, 2020

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Shria is denied permission to go, while Nirupa determines to locate new proof that will eventually get her out of jail.

Episode 693 - Wednesday, 9th of December, 2020

Fikile discovers how desperate Nkululeko is to be together with Meph. In the process, there is a confrontation with Phunyuka because there was disapproval.

Episode 694 - Thursday, 10th of December, 2020

Nirupa concludes on revisiting the hostel as part of the effort to locate Zamazama.

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Episode 695 - Friday, 11th of December, 2020

Mpanza informs Thokozile, who is just recovering, that Shria needs to be murdered if the investigation on Nirupa stops.

Episode 696 - Monday, 14th of December, 2020

kaMadonsela and Phakade recommit themselves to their vows, only for Macingwane to interrupt their wedding celebration with a report that witchcraft is about to destroy everybody.

Episode 697 - Tuesday, 15th of December, 2020

Nirupa declares that she would ensure that Shria is out of jail, and Zamazama calls her to let her know of the readiness to tell the truth to Shria in exchange for the reward money.

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Episode 698 - Wednesday, 16th of December, 2020

Mpanza adds poison to the meal of Zamazama before he tells Nirupa exactly what happened, but Phunyuka sees it.

Episode 699 - Thursday, 17th of December, 2020

Menzi has another plan to gain control of Maluju, while MaZulu becomes so happy.

Episode 700 - Friday, 18th of December, 2020

Shria appreciates the fact that she is back home only to discover that there is a possibility of her life being taken behind custody. Then, Zethu prepares a small photoshoot as part of the celebration of Phunyuka and Nomfundo as the grandparents of Mepho.

Episode 701 - Monday, 21st of December, 2020

KaMadonsela strives hard to manage her guilty conscience, which makes her open up to Phakade eventually.

Episode 702 - Tuesday, 22nd of December, 2020

Mpanza sniffs off the life of Zamazama and manages to escape without Zithulele and Nkululeko seeing him.

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imbewu soapie teaser
Imbewu Teasers for December 2020. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 703 - Wednesday, 23rd of December, 2020

Zithulele requests MaZulu to get across to Nirupa once more. Then, Shria entreats Nirupa to settle whatever grievance she has with MaZulu, while Fikile finds out that Zethu will still be in the Bhengu house for now.

Episode 704 - Thursday, 24th of December, 2020

Thokozile finds out that Nkululeko was part of the shooting, while Mpanza informs Thokozile that he actually attempted shooting Nkululeko at Emsamo.

Episode 705 - Friday, 25th of December, 2020

The leadership responsibility saddled with Khanyo at the church is withdrawn. Then, because of this, Sebenzile protects Khanyo, earning the ire of kaMadonsela.

Episode 706 - Monday, 28th of December, 2020

Jyothi and an astrologer come to the house, and the latter goes on to tell everyone that Shria is “Mangalik.”

Episode 707 - Tuesday, 29th of December, 2020

Zithulele enjoins to know what exactly led to the death of Ngcolosi from Nkululeko and Thokozile.

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Episode 708 - Wednesday, 30th of December, 2020

KaMadonsela is really surprised to find out their wealth level now that Phakade has gotten cash for his Maluju shares.

Episode 709 - Thursday, 31st of December, 2020

Nkululeko declines signing over the shares until MaZulu can assure him that she will not hand him over to the police after the shares are now in her possession.


In an attempt to stop an ongoing investigation, there are efforts made to murder Shria, but do they succeed eventually? To fish out where Zamazama hides, Shria employs the service of a private investigator. At the same time, efforts are made to hack into the confidential information of Shria to locate tangible evidence that links her and Zamazama together. Additionally, after a concerted effort, she is released from jail.


Accidentally, Phakade proposes to her before they later recommit themselves to their vows. In the process, Macingwane interrupts their celebration with bad news, and then, in trying to manage her guilty conscience, she had to open up everything to Phakade. Then, after Phakade has gotten the cash for his Maluju shares, she is surprised to find out their wealth level.

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The episodes of Imbewu teasers for this month are highly engaging and entertaining. Join others as each episode airs on eTV at 21h30 from Mondays to Fridays and at 10h15 from Mondays to Fridays on eExtra. Interestingly, you can also watch the repeat version at 12h30 from Mondays to Fridays on eTV and the omnibus at 11h20 on eTV every Saturday.

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