EL Baron Telemundo: cast, teasers, full story, theme song

EL Baron Telemundo: cast, teasers, full story, theme song

EL Baron Telemundo is a telenovela that recounts the story of Ignacio Montero. The story is based on a young Mexican rebel who transformed the world of drug trafficking in the 1970s. The series is characterized by adventure and a pinch of free love that makes it worth watching.

EL Baron Telemundo
Ignatio and Isabel. Photo: @prsdube16
Source: Twitter

EL Baron Telemundo final episode depicts Ignacio and Isabel reconciling. Ignacio has been away from her for long, and he admits that his love for money and power has not been worthy. He declares that despite the numerous mistakes they have made, she is still the love of his life. They are about to rescue their son, who is in hospital. EL Baron Telemundo teasers will keep you updated with the soapie.

EL Baron Telemundo full story

Ignacio Nacho Montero needs quick money. However, he has an issue with his father, and so, he commences selling cigarettes and low-quality weed. This is when he dawns on him that real money is in the trafficking of drugs. His world changes since then.

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EL Baron Telemundo: cast, teasers, full story, theme song
EL Baron Telemundo cast. Photo: @popticular
Source: Twitter

Joe Fernández risks his life in a bid to free Paul Thompson out of prison. Ana Farley and a run-away driver are waiting for them. Unfortunately, Paul is shot by one of the prison wardens as they escape and does not make it. His death is a heart-breaker for them as they were on a mission to rescue him. Paul requests Joe to tell Carla that he still loves her very much.

Who are EL Baron Telemundo cast?

Telenovela EL Baron Telemundo has talented actors and actresses. They bring the characters to life and make the series splendid. Below are the real names of EL Baron cast.

Francisco Angelini as Ignacio 'Nacho' Montero

EL Baron Telemundo
Francisco Angelini. Photo: @el_angelini
Source: Instagram

Ignacio 'Nacho' Montero is a young Mexican rebel who transformed the world of drug trafficking.

Variel Sanchez as Ramiro Villa 'El Paisa

EL Baron Telemundo
Variel Sanchez. Photo: @varielsanchez
Source: Instagram

Variel Sanchez plays the role of Ramiro Villa 'El Paisa.

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María Elisa Camargo as Isabel García

EL Baron Telemundo
María Elisa Camargo. Photo: @mariaecamargo
Source: Instagram

María Elisa Camargo plays the role of Isabel García. She is married to Ignacio 'Nacho' Montero.

Jorge Luis Moreno as Joe Fernández

EL Baron Telemundo
Jorge Luis Moreno. Photo. @jorgeluismfan
Source: Instagram

Jorge Luis Moreno plays the role of Joe Fernández. He risks his life in a bid to free Paul Thompson out of prison. Despite succeeding in the mission, Paul succumbs to a bullet.

Other cast members include:

  • Felipe Andrés Echavarría as Paul Thompson
  • Julián Díaz as Mister Drake
  • Tania Valencia as Judy Caicedo
  • Mauricio Mejía as Pablo Escobar
  • Juan Manuel Lenis as Gustavo Gaviria
  • Gabriel Tarantini as Justin Thompson
  • Quique Mendoza as Carlos Lehder 'El Loco'
  • Juan Sebastián Calero as Jorge Ochoa
  • Carlos Humberto Camacho as Ángel Zamora
  • Kristina Lilley as Ana Farley
  • Juana Arboleda as Griselda Blanco
  • Natasha Klauss as Carla Sánchez
  • David Ojalvo as Logan
  • Lore Garcia E as Cecilia Vélez
  • Simón Rivera as Ríos
  • Michelle Rouillard as Marcela Jaramillo
  • Pedro Suarez as Alberto Villa
  • Kornel Doman as David Liebermann
  • Claudia Hoyos as Amparo Vélez
  • Juliana Gomez as Lidia Ochoa
  • Tim Janssen as Kyle Brown
  • Lucho Velasco as Mayor Lenis
  • Tatu Jokila as Nelson
  • Adrián Sánchez as Ritchie Pérez
  • Lorena Alvarez as Margarita
  • Salvador Bridges as El Alacrán
  • Carolina Gómez as María Clara
  • Sebastian Boscán as Padre Miguel
  • Julio Bracho as Géronimo Montero
  • Cristian Rojas as Sonny
  • Juan Pablo Llano as Mauricio Jaramillo
  • César Manzano as Richard Cabrera
  • Jairo Ordoñez as Cara' Emuerto
  • Andrés Suárez as Darwin
  • Enrique Poveda as Comandante
  • Nikolás Rincón as Chepe Santacruz
  • James Lawrence as Lewis
  • Giancarlo Mendoza as Capitán Robles
  • Brian Moreno as Pacho Herrera
  • Junior Gonzalez Ortiz as Papo Mejia
  • Andres Soleibe as Rafael Cardona
  • Marcela Vanegas as Gloria
  • Fernando Bocanegra as Dr. Suárez
  • Javier Ávila as Charlie
  • Luis Miguel Hurtado as Manuel Noriega
  • Juan Manuel Orestegui as Ernesto Montero
  • Esteban Restrepo as Arete
  • Víctor Rodríguez as Mark Alonso
  • Adriana Silva as Teresa
  • José Luis Zuleta as Felix Rodríguez
  • Katherine Guzmán as Tata Escobar
  • César Moncada as Gómez
  • Joselito Naranjo as Ignacio 'Nacho' Montero Joven
  • Lizdenia Robledo as Prostituta
  • Willy Rodriguez as Maton
  • Glenmi Rodríguez as Víctor
  • Charles Daze as Matthew Willliams
  • Catherine Mira as Lucy
  • Franklin Ramos as Bernie Roco
  • Johan Rivera Zumaqué as Masias
  • Yorgi Castro as Encargado de Hotel
  • Roger Duguay as Medico
  • Joseph Fuzessy as Kevin Macoy
  • Luis Fernando Gil as Tony
  • Harding Junior as Leshawn
  • Daniel Mira as Maton
  • Fred Nichols as José
  • Yeraldin Grajales Arias as Samantha
  • Camilo Calvo as Rodrigo
  • Alexander Garibello as Pedro
  • David Kllejas as Policía
  • Nataly Ortiz as Amparo
  • Jainer Barros Porto as Mesero
  • Alejandro Restrepo as Obstetra
  • Sandra Rodriguez as Enfermera
  • Alden Rojas as Sargento Cardona

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EL Baron Telemundo theme song

The talented Orlando Perez Rosso made EL Baron Telemundo soundtrack music. The Colombian film composer is based in Los Angeles, California. He is renowned for composing music for various Television and Film projects.

EL Baron Telemundo
EL Baron Telemundo cast. Photo: @elbarontv
Source: Instagram

EL Baron in English titles will leave you entertained. You can watch some episodes of EL Baron Telemundo YouTube channel. Interestingly, EL Baron Netflix is also available for fans and will keep you updated.

You will love EL Baron Telemundo. The series leaves a thrilling experience as the story-line reveals that money, fame, and power is not everything in life. Several people lost their lives in a bid to protect wealth which they had not gained legally.

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