Legacy Teasers: December 2020

Legacy Teasers: December 2020

Some say that it is okay to be selfish; however, most people take advantage of the statement to be ego-centric. They exercise their lack of boundaries, and it translates to betrayal to the people that have the best intentions towards them. These Legacy teasers for December 2020 unveil the uncouth virtue and how friends and family members throw one another under the bus because of their interests.

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As the title suggests, Legacy is a thrilling show that revolves around a group of people that try to take over a highly-sought-after position. Their quest for the influence that comes with the position leads them to fight those around them. Without any care in the world, they subject their victims to the most uncomfortable conditions. Legacy teasers for December 2020 highlight the plight of the victims and how powerless the situations leave them.

Legacy teasers for December 2020

If the most recent Legacy episode left you in suspense, you are in for a bumpy ride because the show has just started. You will be appalled by the extremities that some of the cast members are taking. Meanwhile, these are some of the snippets of what you should brace yourself up for in the oncoming episodes.

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Episode 42 - Tuesday, 1st of December 2020

We did a bad thing

Angelique proposes an irresistible opportunity, and Petra worries about Andy misleading her father. Felicity tries to take care of the loose ends from the dreadful night.

Episode 43 - Wednesday, 2nd of December 2020

My dear Lady Disdain

Stefan comes bearing some shocking news for Felicity, and Msizi bursts Angelique's bubble by unveiling vital information about the man in her life.

Episode 44 - Thursday, 3rd of December 2020

Old habits

Petra realises the negative influence that uncle Andy has on Willem. Meanwhile, a powerful woman goes into crisis mode when she fails to recover crucial evidence.

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Episode 45 - Monday, 7th of December 2020

Sold shares and shared lies

Willem notices Petra's plans to do something drastic; hence, he decides to open up about a secret he has been keeping. An unexpected thing happens, and Felicity comes up with a lie to protect her siblings.

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Episode 46 - Tuesday, 8th of December 2020

Secrets and lies

Msizi and Angelique try to look into the issue of insider trading, and Petra and Stefan find out the truth and try to assess their opinion on Andy.

Episode 47 - Wednesday, 9th of December 2020

Without honesty, you're nothing

The police interrogate one of the Price sisters; however, she manages to lie and win their trust. Later, she gets so overwhelmed by guilt that she considers revealing the truth. Stefan finds out details of Andy's plans being derailed; hence, she proposes a new opportunity and tries to convince him to give in.

Episode 48 - Thursday, 10th of December 2020

Wasted and wounded

Sefako reveals information that leaves everyone stunned, and Willem hopes that Andy has changed for the better, although most people seem to have lost faith in him.

Episode 49 - Monday, 14th of December 2020

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Endless battles

An unexpected thing happens as Petra tries to wrap her head around Andy's new business venture. Meanwhile, Felicity tries to figure out why things are not going according to how she had planned.

Episode 50 - Tuesday, 15th of December 2020

No more lies

Angelique gathers the courage to criticise Msizi for his behaviour and poor choices, and Lexi makes the difficult decision of going against her sister's wish to tell the truth.

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Episode 51 - Wednesday, 16th of December 2020

One small doubt

Someone conveys some shocking news that changes the celebratory mood at the Potgieters house. On the flip side, someone interferes with Angelique's plan when they discover a trap that she had laid for Msizi.

Episode 52 - Thursday, 17th of December 2020


Petra and Stefan second-guess their conclusions about Andy, and Lexi's attempts to do some damage control result in the situation becoming more complicated.

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Episode 53 - Monday, 21st of December 2020

Family ties

Petra continues to grow wary of Andy's intentions; hence, she goes on a mission to look for evidence to convince Willem that he is not the person that he pretends to be. The relationship between the sisters gets threatened by the pressure that they are facing. Later, the sisters face the consequences of their actions when Dineo betrays them.

Episode 54 - Tuesday, 22nd of December 2020

Unceremonious exits

The members of the Potgieter household land into more trouble, and Dineo decides to let the sisters suffer the consequences of their actions. He has no idea that they have people in high places who could quickly fix their mess.

Episode 55 - Wednesday, 23rd of December 2020

The mourning has broken

Gordon puts his pride aside and tries to fix the division in his family. Meanwhile, the members of the Potgieter family try to come to terms with what is happening. As everything happens, Petra realises some crucial information that could come in handy.

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Episode 56 - Thursday, 24th of December 2020


Angelique gets someone to be her informer, and Felicity's world turns upside down as she tries to get set for a life-changing experience.

Episode 57 - Monday, 28th of December 2020

A tangled web

Stefan's efforts to try and make Willem better do not bear fruits as his guilt gets the better part of him. Kedibone makes Dineo doubt whether the girl in SJ's life is telling the truth.

Episode 58 - Tuesday, 29th of December 2020

A tale of two imposters

Willem's sister comes to his rescue at his time of need, and Dineo relentlessly goes out on a mission to expose someone's flaws.

Episode 59 - Wednesday, 30th of December 2020

The jig is up

As things fall apart in the Potgieter house, and Dineo gathers the courage to read the riot act to SJ.

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Episode 60 - Thursday, 31st of December 2020

Last chance saloon

Willem realises the need to make a life-changing decision about his life, and Dineo pulls his last move on his enemy.


Andy poses as a threat to Stefan, and she tries to get ahead of his plans. Therefore, she goes out to fetch evidence that she could use to convince Willem to turn his back on him. Will she come up with something reliable and convincing enough?


Willem gets into a funk, and his loss of interest in everything that is going on around him makes Petra worried. His efforts to be a better person do not seem to be appreciated by those around him, and they do not seem to have enough faith in him. Luckily, his sister comes through and offers him the support he requires.

These Legacy teasers for December 2020 must have made you more eager to watch the show. Therefore, if you wish to find out more details, tune in to M-Net from Mondays to Thursdays at 19:00.

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