Die Presidentsvrou Teasers: December 2020

Die Presidentsvrou Teasers: December 2020

Paloma continues to lose the trust of those around her as she refuses to quit her deceptive ways. Leonardo wants to end their relationship after discovering her monstrous side. Is Paloma going to accept defeat? Find out from the following Die Presidentsvrou teasers for December 2020.

Die Presidentsvrou Teasers
Paloma from Die Presidentsvrou telenovela is not ready to accept defeat as she greedily follows her dreams. Photo: TheCallsheetSA
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Die Presidentsvrou soap opera continues to get better, which gives you more reasons to continue watching. Estrella wants her daughter to stop living in lies. On the other hand, Diego cannot control his emotions as he thinks about what his father Leonardo has gotten himself into.

Die Presidentsvrou teasers December 2020

Paloma will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Her greed continues to blind her and make her deaf to her loved one's warnings. What is she going to do next? Find out from these Die Presidentsvrou teasers for December 2020.

Die Presidentsvrou Teasers
Die Presidentsvrou December episodes. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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1st December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 66)

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Estrella makes up her mind to bring Paloma's lies to an end. Angel and Nancy have an argument concerning the toddler, while Paloma does not treat Sandra well. On the other hand, Facundo Madrid goes to see Paloma and Leonardo regarding Estrella.

2nd December 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 67)

Marcos reveals to the media the wrongs he did to assist his daughter. Angel does not stop having an affair even after having a child with Nancy. Ana Milena wants her daughter to reveal everything concerning her father's nuptials.

3rd December 2020 (Thursday – Episode 68)

Estrella reveals everything to the media concerning her daughter. Cristina lets Mariano know that she is ready to discuss Leonardo and Paloma's deception. Marcos pays the price for revealing his daughter's truth to the media.

4th December 2020 (Friday – Episode 69)

Paloma talks about her mother's mental disease to the media. On the other hand, Leonardo gives his wife all the support she needs, contrary to people's expectations. An enraged Angel goes to the presidential mansion to accost Amauri and his father.

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7th December 2020 (Monday – Episode 70)

Mariano lets Diego know that the relationship he has with Cristina has become serious. Later, Diego discovers that Daniela is an adopted child. On the other hand, Leonardo wants Mariano to cut ties with his daughter and even offers him money. Paloma offers to help break the relationship.

8th December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 71)

Cristina blames Paloma and her father for everything that happened to her lover. Paloma's grandmother wants her granddaughter to stop all her lies and quit bothering the family. Will she listen to her grandmother? On the other hand, Marcos gets arrested and is sent to jail.

9th December 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 72)

Cristina and Mariano have a discussion concerning Leonardo's diminishing respect from the country. Later, Leonardo wants to know if he can walk her daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Will she agree to the proposal? On the other hand, Ana Milena thinks of ending her life as Renata goes to see Estrella after being released.

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10th December 2020 (Thursday – Episode 73)

Ana Milena does not have peace of mind as she thinks about what Paloma is capable of doing to Cristina. On the other hand, Renata and Estrella let Juanita know the details of how Paloma extorted Marcos and his family. Paloma tells Daniela that she is an adopted child.

11th December 2020 (Friday – Episode 74)

Leonardo lets Paloma's father and grandmother know that they are no longer welcome and have to leave the presidential mansion. Ana Milena reveals to Paloma that Leonardo Santander's life is in danger as someone is planning to assassinate him.

Die Presidentsvrou Teasers
Die Presidentsvrou December episodes. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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14th December 2020 (Monday – Episode 75)

Paloma makes up her mind to remove Leonardo from the clinic without seeking permission. Later, Marcos reveals to Estrella the problems Paloma has gotten into because she abducted the president.

15th December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 76)

Marcos makes Estrella aware of the consequences Paloma is likely to face for abducting Leonardo Santander. On the other hand, Daniela is despondent after finding out that she was adopted as Paula realizes that her husband is the one who is not fertile.

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16th December 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 77)

Cristina feels her life is in ruins after Mariano has an affair with Paloma again. On the other hand, Paloma is convinced that Sandra is out of the way because she is dead, but she is in for a rude shock. Leonardo is not getting better as his health continues to deteriorate.

17th December 2020 (Thursday – Episode 78)

Anibal lets Juan Pablo and Ana Milena know the whereabouts of Leonardo. Will they manage to get to him? On the other hand, Daniela throws Paloma out of the restaurant and the house. Later, Paloma almost faints when she spots Sandra at the cemetery during her funeral celebrations.

18th December 2020 (Friday – Episode 79)

Mariano threatens to make the Santanders aware of Leonardo's whereabouts if Paloma does not tell them. Will she tell them? Later, Madrid threatens to kill Estrella's granddaughter if she does not leave the country.

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Die Presidentsvrou Teasers
Die Presidentsvrou December episodes. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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21st December 2020 (Monday – Episode 80)

Cristina welcomes Estrella's family to stay so that they escape the threats being made by Madrid. Diego cannot control his emotions as he remembers what has befallen his father, Leonardo. On the other hand, Paloma accuses Ana Milena of attacking her former husband.

22nd December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 81)

The police arrest Estrella's family after discovering drugs kept in her home as Marcos starts looking for evidence to prove their innocence. On the other hand, Facundo Madrid threatens to kill Anibal if he does not ensure Estrella is in jail.

23rd December 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 82)

Ana Milena arrives at Leonardo's location only to find him staying in poor conditions. On the other hand, Nancy is worried about the possibility of Angel being in jail for a long time. Ana Milena makes up her mind to start therapy so that she can stop her drinking habits for good.

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24th December 2020 (Thursday – Episode 83)

Anibal wants Paloma to reveal her mother's whereabouts failure to which he will die. Marcos reveals to the media details concerning the conspiracy against Estrella. The Santanders and Juan Pablo are the only ones aware of the fact that Sandra is still alive as she leaves the clinic.

25th December 2020 (Friday – Episode 84)

Rafaela is not happy with Anibal's actions. Later, Leonardo cannot comprehend why he is in a worse situation after waking up. On the other hand, Estrella cannot comprehend why she is in prison. Leonardo lets Paloma know that it is not possible for them to be President and First Lady anymore. How will Paloma take the revelation?

28th December 2020 (Monday – Episode 85)

Facundo Madrid is determined to ensure Tomas does not speak up before the case against him commences. On the other hand, Paloma continues to lose her mind as Leonardo learns the truth about her monstrous behavior.

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29th December 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 86)

Paula reveals her intentions to put up the house for sale. Paloma acts insanely as she demands that Leonardo gives her all presidential power. On the other hand, Anibal is arrested and taken to jail where Estrella's family and Federico are being held.

30th December 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 87)

Daniela makes up her mind to reveal the truth to her brother concerning him not being Palomita's real father. On the other hand, Facundo Madrid orders his man to kill Tomas. Later, Nancy goes to the internet to tell the biological father of her child that she will go to Italy with him.

31st December 2020 (Thursday – Episode 88)

The court is thrown into chaos after all of Estrella's family members are set free. On the other hand, Mariano and Leonardo plot to make the people aware of their location so that they can be saved. Paloma is ready to get rid of anybody who is not on her side.

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Die Presidentsvrou Teasers
Die Presidentsvrou December episodes. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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What happens to Die Presidentsvrou characters?

There are a lot of action, drama, and plot twists to expect in Die Presidentsvrou December episodes. Here is what you should expect to witness happening to some of the characters during the month.


He is abducted by Paloma from the clinic and taken to a place that has terrible conditions as his health continues to deteriorate. He discovers that Paloma is a monster after gaining consciousness and tells her that their dream is over. Later, he works with Mariano to make people know of their whereabouts so that they can be rescued.


Her grandmother tells her to quit her life of lies, but she is not ready to listen. She starts acting insane after Leonardo Santander reveals that they cannot be together and later demands all presidential powers. She makes up her mind to get rid of anybody who goes against her.

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Ana Milena

She starts thinking about ending her life. She is also worried that Paloma might do something terrible to Cristina. Later, she makes up her mind to go for therapy so that she can quit her drinking habits for good.

From the above Die Presidentrvrou teasers, it is clear that the show's December episodes are packed with great entertainment. Discover how the Santanders work to rescue Leonardo from Paloma's jaws by tuning in to VIA channel every weekday at 3.00 p.m.

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