Zuba teasers: December 2020

Zuba teasers: December 2020

The first season of Novela Magic's Zuba comes to an end this December. Zuba starts to create a strong connection with Thando, but her relationship with her father is in ruins. Will she be forgiven? Find out from the following Zuba teasers for December 2020 episodes.

Novela Magic Zuba Teasers
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Suwi will stop at nothing to see Thando and Phingiwe's downfall. On the other hand, Charlie wants to divorce Phingiwe while Pamela's fears come true as her secret is exposed. Who is the father of Pamela's baby?

Zuba teasers December 2020

DStv's Novela Magic cares about your home entertainment. The Zuba telenovela, which centres on the life of Zuba, is one of the best Zambian shows. Discover what is coming up in December episodes from the following teasers.

1st December 2020 (Tuesday – Episodes 9 and 10)

Limbani and Lute have celebrations after their plan bears the expected fruit, while Zuba is in shock after learning that she has been deceived. Later, Zuba cannot find the perfect solution to her problem as Mainza goes to look for her.

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2nd December 2020 (Wednesday – Episodes 11 and 12)

Mainza is yet to find Zuba while Thando makes everyone know that his lover has arrived. Later, Kantu lets Thando see the video that incriminates Suwi, who was trying to vandalize Phingiwe as Wana gives Thando a call.

3rd December 2020 (Thursday – Episodes 13 and 14)

Phingiwe and Charlie create a disturbance while Thando's lies are almost discovered. On the other hand, Charlie is caught red-handed with another lady while Leya tries to vandalize Zuba as she feels jealous of her.

4th December 2020 (Friday – Episodes 15 and 16)

The real identity of Thando is exposed while Phingiwe causes a disturbance at the event. On the other hand, Zuba learns surprising details regarding Thando, who later gets involved in a fight with Natasha's boyfriend.

5th December 2020 (Saturday – Episodes 17 and 18)

Zuba loses her current job position as Lute goes to see a witchdoctor after learning about Zuba's calamity. Later, Lute feels tensed as she waits for Zuba to come back. On the other hand, Suwi and Joshua have a plan to trick Phingiwe into signing questionable documents. Will Phingiwe fall into their trap?

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6th December 2020 (Sunday – Episodes 19 and 20)

Zuba finds herself in another problem while Lute is surprised to get an unexpected visitor. On the other hand, Thando and Zuba have a moment while Wana and her brother are watching. Later, Lute cannot find her money. Who stole it?

Zuba Teasers
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7th December 2020 (Monday – Episodes 21 and 22)

Joshua's plan is not working out as he expected while Charlie humiliates Phingiwe in the presence of domestic workers. On the other hand, Zuba is recognized for the work she did while Suwi and Joshua's plan works out.

8th December 2020 (Tuesday – Episodes 23 and 24)

Wana is impressed with the designs made by Zuba while Charlie's fiancé wants to reveal great news to him. Later, Zuba is heartbroken when Charlie comes home with his fiancé, resulting in chaos.

9th December 2020 (Wednesday – Episodes 25 and 26)

Limbani loses all the cash belonging to Lute while Phingiwe learns of troubling news concerning Pamela. On the other hand, Thando and Zuba have something between them, an issue that makes Leya angry.

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10th December 2020 (Thursday – Episodes 27 and 28)

Charlie tells his fiancé to go away as Zuba receives a stern warning from Wana. On the other hand, Pamela is keeping a secret while back in the village, Lute tries to make Mainza cancel Hachi's trip.

11th December 2020 (Friday – Episodes 29 and 30)

Zuba does not want to be near Thando while Tasha is into Jito. On the other hand, Suwi and Joshua plan something against Thando. Later, Thando and Zuba are involved in an argument while Charlie wants Pamela to see the doctor.

12th December 2020 (Saturday – Episodes 31 and 32)

Lute tries to come up with another scheme against Zuba, while Maliya cannot get an explanation as to why Phingiwe is yet to chase Pamela. Later, Pamela agrees to see the doctor but feels insecure about her secret being exposed. On the other hand, Phingiwe assists Zuba to work on her designs.

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13th December 2020 (Sunday – Episodes 33 and 34)

Lute wants to go to the city to stop her plans against Zuba before they work against her. Meanwhile, Pamela discovers what Charlie is planning. On the other hand, Thando arrives in time to save Zuba, who almost gets attacked.

Novela Magic Zuba Teasers
Novela Magic's Zuba December episodes. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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14th December 2020 (Monday – Episodes 35 and 36)

Zuba is vandalized by Wana as everyone watches. On the other hand, Charlie starts to worry after finding out that his mother-in-law is on her way to their place. Meanwhile, at the Sosala household, people are on a spring cleaning frenzy while Wana's jealousy over Zuba makes her work harder on her plans.

15th December 2020 (Tuesday – Episodes 37 and 38)

Senzeni is received well by everyone at the Sosala household, but Tasha is not happy with her arrival. Meanwhile, Thando lets Jito know that he is sorry. On the other hand, Senzeni wants Phingiwe to tell her details about Charlie's fiancé while Zuba can hear Pamela having a phone conversation.

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16th December 2020 (Wednesday – Episodes 39 and 40)

The Sosala household mistakes Hachi to be a thief while Wana makes Tasha turn against Zuba. On the other hand, Charlie holds Phingiwe responsible for Pamela's pregnancy while Thando and his family make final arrangements regarding Wana's bride price.

17th December 2020 (Thursday – Episodes 41 and 42)

The Chilanga mulilo is in operation while Wana is not happy after finding out that Thando used Zuba's designs for their outfits. On the other hand, Tasha creates chaos after catching Jito in the act. Meanwhile, Joshua is the new owner of the Sosala Fashion House as Suwi finally gets the courage to confront Phingiwe.

18th December 2020 (Friday – Episodes 43 and 44)

Joshua's announcement results in fights while no member of the Sosala has come for the Chezela. Later, Wana returns home drunk, and Zuba cannot explain her feelings towards Thando.

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19th December 2020 (Saturday – Episodes 45 and 46)

Jito and Wana skip the country while Thando is involved in an accident. Meanwhile, Zuba shocks Phingiwe with the news regarding the father of Pamela's baby. On the other hand, Hachi tries to talk his mother into accepting to reveal the truth about Zuba.

20th December 2020 (Sunday – Episodes 47 and 48)

Pamela's secret comes to light as Phingiwe decides to stop drinking. Meanwhile, Thando's business plan starts to work out while Lute worries after learning that Zuba is set to come to the village soon.

Novela Magic Zuba Teasers
Novela Magic's Zuba December episodes. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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21st December 2020 (Monday – Episodes 49 and 50)

Phingiwe and Tasha finally start to have a liking for each other while Lute is doing everything in her power to make sure Zuba does not come to the village. Will her plans succeed? On the other hand, Suwi and Joshua are in shock after seeing Phingiwe while Suwi makes an ambush on Joshua, who is on a date with his ex.

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22nd December 2020 (Tuesday – Episodes 51 and 52)

Phingiwe manages to get the contract, but she is experiencing funding problems. Meanwhile, Joshua and Suwi start working on a plan as Joshua tells his mother he will provide the funds. On the other hand, Thando and Zuba start their journey to the village. Maliwa is discovered as she tries to take leftovers to the guest wing while Suwi is reprimanded by Tasha.

23rd December 2020 (Wednesday – Episodes 53 and 54)

Zuba's liking for Thando gets stronger as time goes by while Phingiwe and Tasha have fun being together. On the other hand, Maliwa is stopped from working, and Suwi offers to replace him with Leya if she is willing to give out some information.

Meanwhile, Zuba is rejected by her father while Joshua and Suwi learn about Thando's visit to the village manufacturing plant. Later, Lute and Limbani strike a deal.

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24th December 2020 (Thursday – Episodes 55 and 56)

There is an attack on Zuba and Thando while Suwi gets another personal assistant to ensure her plans of destabilizing Phingiwe work out. Meanwhile, in the village, Zuba warns Limbani and Lute.

Maliwa starts to suspect Leya while Charlie lets Phingiwe know about his intentions to divorce her. Meanwhile, in the village, Zuba wants her father to forgive her wrongdoing.

25th December 2020 (Friday – Episodes 57 and 58)

Tasha reaches the Maluba village while Leya is discovered, but she succeeds in stealing the designs for Suwi. On the other hand, Hachi and Tasha are angry towards each other. Later, Charlie rethinks his decision to divorce Phingiwe, while Suwi fires Sandra and tries to vandalize the fashion show.

26th December 2020 (Saturday – Episodes 59 and 60)

Suwi is shocked when her plans get out of control while Leya tells the truth concerning Zuba. Episode 60 is Zuba season one's finale, but the teaser is not available.

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Novela Magic Zuba Teasers
Novela Magic's Zuba December episodes. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
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What happens to Zuba characters?

Who is your favourite Zuba actor or actress as the first season comes to an end? Here is what you should expect to witness happening to some of the characters in December episodes.


She gets fired from her job but later gets recognized for her design work. Her feelings for Thando get stronger, an issue that makes Leya angry. They go to the village together, but her father rejects her, and she tries to seek forgiveness from him. Will she be pardoned?


She works together with Joshua to vandalize Phingiwe and make her sign dubious documents. She even hires another PA to make sure her plans to sabotage Phingiwe succeed. She is shocked when her plans get out of control.


She is holding a secret that she is not ready to reveal. She finally agrees to see the doctor after Charlie persuades her but feels insecure about her secret being exposed. Her fears later come true.

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From the above Zuba teasers, it is clear that Zuba's problems are far from over. Watch Zuba season 1 finale every day on Novela Magic at 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm. The second season premieres on 27th December at 7.00 pm on the same channel.

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