9 ways to tell if a woman is into you

9 ways to tell if a woman is into you

Women love assertive, confident men but sometimes women like to let a man know that she is interested but men often miss the signals.

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Briefly.co.za put together this handy list with the help of brightside.me to help you figure out when the hunter becomes the hunted.

1. Smile

A simple smile might be the easiest signal to spot if a girl is into you. Scientists have proven men prefer smiling, confident women. When someone smiles they are sending a simple message: “I am happy, and I can make you happy too.” Don't miss out on this important signal.

2. She's interested in you

Quite simply, she asks a lot of questions to figure out what you like to do. She might ask you a string of questions and not understand any of your answers but all she is really trying to do is show you that she is interested in you.

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3. She asks for help

A woman might create a situation where only a strong man, like yourself, can help. This is a classic damsel in distress technique to get your attention. If she is always asking you for help fixing or carrying things, it might be that she wants more than your help.

4. A big thank you

Once she has asked you for a favour, how she thanks you can be a hint of how much she is interested in you. She might thank you and take the opportunity to compliment you at the same time. She might even try some light flirting, saying how strong you are or handy.

5. She makes you feel strong

She lets you help her and tells you how safe you make her feel, even if it's opening a door or holding an umbrella. She might try to tap into the primal role of a male as a protector to show you her interest. This is a good sign that she is into you. She might ask you to walk her home or help her over a puddle.

6. She might try the direct approach

Men can be very dense sometimes and not catch the subtle hints that women give. In frustration, some women might try the direct approach. She might ask you out to a movie or lunch. She might also tell you exactly how she feels.

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7. She never gives up

If always finds an opportunity to be with you and doesn't change her behaviour around you, this could mean that she is trying to tell you something each time she is with you.

8. She doesn't friendzone you

One of the surest ways to tell if a girl isn't into you is if she tells what a good friend you are. If she doesn't use the F-word it might mean that she is avoiding it to make sure that she wants more than a friend.

9. Windows to the soul

She might always be trying to make eye contact and her eyes will react differently if she likes you. If squints a bit when asking a question or opens her eyes wide when acting surprised might be a hint that she is into you.

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