Generations: The Legacy Teasers: January 2021

Generations: The Legacy Teasers: January 2021

Generations: The Legacy remains one of the most-watched South African soap operas. The show has an exciting line-up of episodes that will light up your January. Nontle will do anything to make sure her plans work out. Find out what she is up to from the following Generations: The Legacy teasers.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
Generations: The Legacy is a local soap opera on SABC1. Photo: GenerationsThe Legacy
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Sphe does not want anyone to find out that she is jealous. Will she be discovered? On the other hand, a desperate Bonga is forced to tell the truth while Kgosi is terrified by what Gadaffi is asking him to do.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers January 2021

Have you decided how your January will be? SABC1’s Generations: The Legacy soapie is here to ensure your family entertainment is covered. Here is what is coming up on the show in January 2021.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
Generations: The Legacy December 2020 episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st January 2021 (Friday – Episode 30/1590)

If you are planning deceit, it is wise to do away with any evidence that might implicate you. Who is planning to deceive who? Bonga is happy and worried at the same time as he receives both good and heartbreaking news. On the other hand, Tracy is upset and irritated by the casual talk.

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4th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 31/1591)

Someone takes himself to the police station to confess to shooting another person. Meanwhile, step-fathers try to come up with worthwhile challenges for their charge. On the other hand, Sphe cannot understand her father’s unconventional conduct.

5th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 32/1592)

Yster carries out his role in the best way while Pele goes to a celebration party without an invitation. Nontle is the kind of lady who does not back down when asked to. What is her plan?

6th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 33/1593)

Mbali is thrilled with her idea, but she is not willing to reveal it to anyone. Meanwhile, an enraged Bonga makes up his mind to handle the thief. At first, Gadaffi is not ready to listen to his caller but quickly changes his mind.

7th January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 34/1594)

Is Ayanda going to disregard an acquaintance for the sake of her principles? Meanwhile, Jack receives information that really astonishes him while Cosmo has to carry out a task that he is not comfortable doing. Will he carry out that task?

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8th January 2021 (Friday – Episode 35/1595)

Tshidi does not want to show the impact her ex has on her. On the other hand, Nontle persuades a reluctant acquaintance to lie for her while Gog’Flo is anxious about doing her Tik Tok debut video.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
Generations: The Legacy December 2020 episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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11th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 36/1596)

Mbali is ecstatic regarding a customer who is not in existence while the aggression in Fikile’s son intimidates her. What will she do? Is the old woman at the nursing home going to expose her secrets?

12th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 37/1597)

Cosmo considers bribery after all the other attempts failed to bear results. Meanwhile, Gert has the DNA test results, while Baxolile has more information to expose. On the other hand, Gadaffi changes his mind after finding out the identity of his customer.

13th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 38/1598)

Mazwi is angry for not being involved in the matter. Bonga agrees with the saying that desperate times require desperate measures. What is he going to do? On the other hand, Mrekza’s deceit comes back to haunt him.

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14th January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 39/1599)

The young people want to get away for some rest and recreation. Meanwhile, being stood is not the best thing unless something or someone better comes along. On the other hand, Jack has a feeling that something terrible is going to happen.

15th January 2021 (Friday – Episode 40/1600)

Lesedi gets the wrong impression about an intimate moment between two friends. On the other hand, Nontle is not willing to let anything mess with her plans, even if she is grounded. Kgosi is frightened by what Gadaffi is asking him to do.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
Generations: The Legacy December 2020 episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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18th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 41/1601)

Blood is pouring out from the gunshot wound. Will the victim survive? On the other hand, two exes have an intimate moment.

19th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 42/1602)

Tshidi comes to discover that the game might have changed, and they are the ones being played. The word blood test makes Fikile increasingly worried. On the other hand, Tracy’s friend is too smart to be lured into a forced moment with her.

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20th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 43/1603)

A petrified Bonga is forced to tell the truth while Luyolo gets an uninvited guest who starts asking him questions. On the other hand, Ben gets to the apartment with guns blazing and ready to battle.

21st January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 44/1604)

Gadaffi is not easily duped by the innocent act done by his ex. On the other hand, Lesedi has limited time to understand her game, while Ayanda gives Fikile a shoulder to lean on.

22nd January 2021 (Friday – Episode 45/1605)

Jack has made up his mind to discover the person playing him while Mpho is really affected by the unforeseen lecture. Meanwhile, Cosmo has customers, but not all of them pay.

Generations: The Legacy Teasers
Generations: The Legacy December 2020 episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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25th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 46/1606)

Tshidi is not pleased with the way her plan unfolds while Tracy decides to up her match-making game. Meanwhile, a detective discovers some information and decides to investigate further.

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26th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 47/1607)

Gadaffi is unnerved, while Sphe does not want anyone to know that she is jealous. Meanwhile, first dates can be the worst.

27th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 48/1608)

Cosmo reports what occurred at the S’khaftin, unearthing an essential detail in the process. Sphe cannot hide her jealousy anymore as someone finds out. On the other hand, Mpho makes Gadaffi aware of his decision to take Tshidi’s offer.

28th January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 49/1609)

Tshidi will stop at nothing to get solutions to her problems. The matchmaker got what she wanted, but she is still not happy. Why? On the other hand, a robbery at Siqalo quickly gets out of hand.

29th January 2021 (Friday – Episode 50/1610)

Pele gets horrifying news while Lesedi makes up her mind to do it tonight. Meanwhile, some men should never be challenged, but those men must compromise at times and bend.

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Generations: The Legacy Teasers
Generations: The Legacy December 2020 episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Generations: The Legacy characters?

SABC1's Generations: The Legacy has many viewers because of its amazing content and talented cast. You will undoubtedly love January 2021 episodes. Here is what you should expect to see happening to some of the show’s characters.


She is not the kind of woman who retreats when asked to. Her plans must be accomplished irrespective of what has to be done. She even persuades a reluctant friend to lie on her behalf.


He feels uncomfortable with the work he has been asked to do. After failed attempts, he decides to resort to bribery. He later reports what went down at S’khaftin, unearthing a crucial detail in the process.

There is a lot of great drama and action to look forward to in January 2021 episodes, as seen from the above Generations: The Legacy teasers. The show airs every weekday on SABC1 at 8:00 pm.

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