The Evil Eye teasers: January 2021

The Evil Eye teasers: January 2021

If you have not been watching The Evil Eye series, you are missing one of the best Indian supernatural thrillers on television. The blend of suspense, love and hatred, safety and danger, and other dramatic elements in the drama series is part of what captivates anyone. The Evil Eye teasers for January 2021 motivates viewers to watch the show daily. Interestingly, this is one of the few television series that is broadcast every day of the week.

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The Evil Eye's full story centres around Ansh and Piya. They are ignorant of the strange powers they possess. Also known as Nazar, the supernatural thriller The Evil Eye Starlife consider a clan of witches called the Daayans, who worship the mother goddesses Durga and Kali. Starlife starts broadcasting the series from the 30th of July, 2018, to the 20th of March, 2020.

The Evil Eye teasers for January 2021

Last month's episode showed how Mohana used her power to stop Ansh, who was determined to abscond the house to take care of Piya after falling into a trap. What becomes of Ansh and Piya? Here is the rundown of what to expect this month.

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1/01/2021: Friday

Episode 69

Mohana is troubled about what the meeting of Piya and Ansh might cause. Piya is under some risks, while Ansh tries to locate her with his abilities. Ruby and Naman get into a deal.

The Evil Eye teasers
The Evil Eye teasers for January 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 70

Ansh rescues Piya with his abilities, while Vedashri and other people get away from Naman's attack after his transformation into a witch so that he could threaten them.

2/01/2021: Saturday

Episode 71

Chaitrali, Vedashri, and all the people try to protect Mohana from the control of Naman. Piya snubs Ansh, while Saavi launches out with the mindset of assaulting Mohana.

Episode 72

After Mohana influences Saavi, she attempts to deliver a witch, while Naman threatens to injure Kajal after the assault he received from Mohana.

3/01/2021: Sunday

Episode 73

After an attempt that the witch made to trap Piya, Saavi eventually comes to her rescue. Ansh and Piya conclude that they would attack the witch, while Shekar hinders Naman from tormenting Mohana.

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Episode 74

The witch casts a spell on Ansh and Piya's home, making it challenging for them to get out. In the meantime, Mohana discovers how to retrieve her powers.

4/01/2021: Monday

Episode 75

Mohana falls into the captivity of Naman, while Piya remains trapped inside the house. Then, the witch leads Ansh astray and has a hold on the dagger of Piya.

Episode 76

Mohana punishes Naman after the assistance she receives from Vedashri in the recovery of her abilities. Dilruba takes on different forms and targets Piya.

5/01/2021: Tuesday

Episode 77

Mohana evicts Ruby from the house because of the support given to Naman. Piya assaults Dilruba because of the attempt she made in harming Ansh.

Episode 78

Mohana attempts to set Dilruba in motion after discovering that she projected herself as if she is Piya. Then, Vedashri admonishes Ansh to admit the feelings he has for Piya.

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6/01/2021: Wednesday

Episode 79

Mohana makes up her mind to assist Dilruba, while the father of Saavi produces a magical power that she could use to communicate with her mother.

Episode 80

After Dilruba disguises as Piya, she misleads Nishant concerning who she truly is. In the meantime, Piya is confronted with a risky situation.

7/01/2021: Thursday

Episode 81

Ansh and Nishant search after Divya, while Mohana attempts to hide her away from them. Then, Dilruba manages to move Ansh to sympathize with her.

The Evil Eye teasers
The Evil Eye teasers for January 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 82

Ansh, together with his family, finds out that the witch has put on the identity of Piya. After regretting his foolish act, he resolves to move Piya elsewhere.

8/01/2021: Friday

Episode 83

Ansh's wise advice inspires Dilruba. At the same time, Piya manages to repossess the ability to understand.

Episode 84

Mohana conquers Dilruba after the struggle between both of them. Ansh hinders Mohana from injuring Dilruba, and in the process, she tries to win the trust of Dilruba.

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9/01/2021: Saturday

Episode 85

Dilruba wants Vedashri to surrender her mangalsutra and after then compel Ansh so he can marry her immediately.

Episode 86

Mohana dances with enthusiasm and provokes Dilruba to do the same. At the same time, Ansh encourages Dilruba to do it, so that Piya would be delivered from her demonic grasp.

10/01/2021: Sunday

Episode 87

Mohana assaults Piya, while Ansh and Nishant struggle to get Dilruba into their trap after she goals them. Later on, Mohana attempts to assist them in accomplishing their desire.

Episode 88

Mohana executes her devilish scheme to entrap Dilruba and at the same time do away with Piya. After some time, the life of Ruby is endangered after she attempts to protect Ansh.

11/01/2021: Monday

Episode 89

Mohana supports Vedashri when she persuades Ansh to marry Piya. Ruby endangers her life to protect Ansh.

Episode 90

Nishant attacks Mohana to find out where she took Divya; therefore, she takes him and his family to Divya.

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12/01/2021: Tuesday

Episode 91

Mohana argues with Divya, and she forces Divya to approve Piya and Ansh's marriage. Ansh is surprised to see a snake in his house.

Episode 92

Mohana saves Ansh from being attacked by the snake. He reveals to Vedashiri that he suspects someone is spying on him. Mohana confronts Naagin later.

13/01/2021: Wednesday

Episode 93

Piya transforms into a Sarpika and swears to revenge her mother's death. Mohana assaults Piya in front of Ansh when she discovers her betrayal.

Episode 94

Piya confronts Mohana for killing her mother, and Nishant lures Mohana into a dangerous trap set against her.

14/01/2021: Thursday

Episode 95

Mohana returns home with Piya and exposes shameful secrets of Nishant and Saavi to the entire family.

Episode 96

Mohana instructs Keetrani to kill Nishant and Saavi reveals to Piya that only a Sarpika can take away Daayankeet's life. Piya rescues Nishant from Keetrani.

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15/01/2021: Friday

Episode 97

Piya and Vedashree have a plan against Mohana. Ansh is reluctant about dancing with Piya at their wedding reception.

The Evil Eye teasers
The Evil Eye teasers for January 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 98

Mohana defends herself and tries to manipulate Ansh into taking her side when Piya exposes her evil character.

16/01/2021: Saturday

Episode 99

The Sharmas and the Rathods look for Mohana's weaknesses. Piya and Mohana draw a battle line, and she challenges Mohana.

Episode 100

Piya appeases the evil spirits that take over Ansh until he calms down. Later, the dead Divya sends her a message.

17/01/2021: Sunday

Episode 101

Mohana reveals Piya's real identity to Ansh. She is disappointed when they spend a romantic time together instead of fighting as she expected.

Episode 102

Nishant informs the family about Piya being in a critical health condition. The family is shocked by Ansh's weird behaviour.

18/01/2021: Monday

Episode 103

Vedashri attacks Ansh when he least expects it, and Nishant endangers his life to communicate with Piya.

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Episode 104

Nishant transforms Piya into a doll while Ansh makes an unpredicted move after breaking free from captivity.

19/01/2021: Tuesday

Episode 105

Saavi and Nishant plan to ruin Mohana's plans, and Vedashri loses her temper when Ansh provokes her.

Episode 106

Saavi and Nishant prepare to fight Mohana if she returns to take Piya. Surprisingly, Ansh helps Mohana to attack them.

20/01/2021: Wednesday

Episode 107

Saavi and Nishant encounter problems as they attempt to revive Piya. Ansh comes up with an evil plan while Mohana tries to trap Dilruba.

Episode 108

Saavi and Nishant are helpless regarding Piya's situation, and Ansh's decision shocks the entire family.

21/01/2021: Thursday

Episode 109

Nishant arrives at a risky decision to help Piya. Naman offers to help a pundit and Guruma search for a gemstone that will restore Piya's body.

Episode 110

Mohana exposes Dilruba's plans to Ansh to stop him from marrying her, and Guruma tries to connect with Piya spiritually.

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22/01/2021: Friday

Episode 111

Ansh makes up his mind to marry Dilruba. His takes drastic measures when Mohana tries to stop his plans.

The Evil Eye teasers
The Evil Eye teasers for January 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 112

Ansh pours his anger on Vedashri when she tries to prevent him from marrying Dilruba. Piya might return when it is too late to stop Ansh.

23/01/2021: Saturday

Episode 113

Piya has no other choice but to transform from a doll into a Sarpika and attack Dilruba after noticing how desperate she is to marry Ansh.

Episode 114

Sadness and shock overwhelm Ansh when he discovers Vedashri's curse. Mohana comes up with a hideous plan to cause a rift between Ansh and Piya.

24/01/2021: Sunday

Episode 115

Piya transforms into Sarpika once more to protect Vedashri. Ansh is torn between accepting and rejecting Piya after learning about her true identity.

Episode 116

Saavi is desperately looking for the meaning of the strange sign while poor Ansh is caught up in a helpless situation.

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25/01/2021: Monday

Episode 117

Ansh performs a ritual that returns Vedashri into human form, and Piya confronts Mohana for revealing her real identity to Vedashri.

Episode 118

Ansh takes a shocking but firm stand when Mohana assaults Vedashri. Piya is shocked to learn that Nishant is in a trap.

26/01/2021: Tuesday

Episode 119

Ansh and Piya argue, and Ruby disguises herself as Naman to take revenge on her enemies. Ansh is blamed for a fatal accident that happens later.

Episode 120

Piya comes to Ansh's rescue as soon as she learns he is in trouble, and Naman's imposter reveals dumbfounding secrets to Ansh and his family.

27/01/2021: Wednesday

Episode 121

Ruby playing the role of Naman warns Ansh and his family to be careful of attacks that will target Ansh while he is asleep. Ruby's mother threatens Saavi to make Ansh fall asleep.

Episode 122

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Dola, Vedashri's elder sister, shocks the family by sending Ansh death threats, and she also demands outrageous things from Piya.

28/01/2021: Thursday

Episode 123

Mohana and Piya have a plan against Dola. Dola threatens to kill Ansh if Piya does not cut ties with Mohana.

Episode 124

Piya lies to Dola that she is no longer part of Mohana's plan. Nishant asks the Rathods to provide him with a few things he will use to get rid of Dola.

29/01/2021: Friday

Episode 125

Ansh's family keeps Dola busy while Nishant is creating dangerous magical charms to destroy her.

The Evil Eye teasers
The Evil Eye teasers for January 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 126

Piya transfers her Sarpika magical powers to Ansh to protect him. Later, she single-handedly fights Mohana and Dola when she regains her daivik powers.

30/01/2021: Saturday

Episode 127

Nishant discovers startling information about Ansh's powers, and Ansh transforms into a Sarpvanshi when an anonymous enemy attacks him.

Episode 128

Sarpwanshi steals Ansh's identity and lies to Piya and her family. Ruby uses a magic potion to revive Mohana.

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31/01/2021: Sunday

Episode 129

The teams behind Sarpwanshi come into an agreement with Mohana and Dola while Ruby regains her body. Vedahsri makes a big mistake even after Piya cautions her against her decision.

Episode 130

A fierce battle breaks out between Ansh and the Sarpwanshi. Piya discovers the Sarpwanshi's dangerous plans and decides to retaliate.


With the power that Ansh operates, he can see that Piya is in some dangerous situations. So, he tries to locate and rescue her. After her rescue, there was a plan to attack the witch, who seems to be troubling everyone. How well are they able to execute their plan? Find out as you watch this month’s episodes.


As part of the effort to target Piya, Dilruba takes on different forms before Mohana decides to assist her. Later on, she disguises herself as Piya to mislead Nishant concerning her true identity. After much struggle with Mohana, she is overpowered. Now that she wants Vedashri to surrender her mangalsutra so she can compel Ansh to marry her, how successful does that go?

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If you enjoy watching drama series, you can see that The Evil Eye teasers have exciting episodes for January 2021. Now that you have a glimpse of each scene, please make sure to join the other series's fans.

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Besides the clan of witches called the Daayans that The Evil Eye focuses on, as published on, the show examines the lives of Piya and Ansh. These two people are ignorant of their inherent powers and how their destinies are linked.

The series offers quality entertainment stuff at its best. While the series is presently on air, you can get yourself acquainted with the plot summary, storyline, and some of the cast members' names. It will help you understand the series better as you watch.

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