Sun El Musician album 'To the World & Beyond': tracklist, mp3, download, reactions

Sun El Musician album 'To the World & Beyond': tracklist, mp3, download, reactions

Sun El Musician album, To the World & Beyond, has received massive positive reception in Mzansi. The South African Deejay and music producer released the album after working on it for two years. The new album follows the popular 2018 debut entitled Africa To The World from the artist. The singer has collaborated with prominent artists across Africa to produce To the World & Beyond through his record label, EL World Music.

Sun El Musician album 'To the World & Beyond': tracklist, mp3, download, reactions
The producer behind the trending 'To the World & Beyond' album. Photo: sunelmusician
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The artist provides career opportunities for many professionals in the music industry, from the camera crews, videographers to upcoming artists through his recording label. Some of the artists who worked with the El World Music recording label in the new album include Mthunzi, Claudio x Kenza, Sino Msolo, Kwesta, Simmy, Niniola (Nigeria), and Sauti Sol (Kenya). The cover of Sun El Musician 2020 album shows Sun El Musician dressed in traditional regalia with African-themed props in the background to match the album's theme.

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Sun El Musician To the World and Beyond Album

Sun El Musician is from Mooiriver, KwaZulu Natal. There are 31 Sun El Musician songs in To the World and Beyond album after combining the new songs with songs from the 2018 album. The new album's energetic tunes are the best for parties, road trips, and family events. Download Sun El Musician songs from Apple Music. Here is a list of 15 songs from the 31 tunes:

To the World by Sun El Musician

You will appreciate the value of this song because it portrays the future of South African music. The hearth-soothing slow beats, beautiful graphics, and animations merge with his melodious voice to bring out a masterpiece that inspires the listener to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Superhero by Sun El Musician

Fans described Sun El Musician as a genius and a music introspection specialist because of his exemplary musical analysis. South Africans were in for a big surprise if they thought that this year is a year of success for particular artists.

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Uhuru feat. Azana

Fans are grateful to the artist for creating this song. It teaches South Africans the value of freedom by reminding them of how much it cost their forefathers to defeat colonialists. The music also inspires anyone who is chained by modern oppression to know their value and fight for their rights.

Proud of You feat. Omi Kobi & Sino Msolo

The song inspires the audience to acknowledge who they are and their origin. It jolts the listener back to reality and makes people analyze their real identities. The song awakens the other side of you that you never knew existed.

Without You feat. Black Motion & Miss P

The artist uses deep base chord progressions coupled with the singers' distinctive voice to create a song that heals the soul. You have to listen to it when you get free time to spare.

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Lengane feat. Simmy

You might choose to listen to this song rather than sleeping because it makes you have a unique sense of peace that you would not trade for anything. The music makes you salute the producer and wish your grandchildren will listen to it more often when they grow up.

Fly Again feat. Kwesta

At the beginning of the song, the rap merges with the smooth chorus that sweeps the audience off their feet. The hip-hop rhythms are the most refreshing beats you can ever hear.

Fire feat. Sauti Sol

Sun El Musician chose the right music band to record the song because no Sauti Sol song is not a hit in Esat Africa. The love song sends an entertaining and uplifting message of love to everyone who is in love or hopes to find true love.

Mandinaye feat. Ami Faku

The brave and hard-working Ami Faku joins Sun El Musician to release a magnificent song that can free you from anxiety and stress. You will love listening to this song when you feel low because nothing calms the heart like falling in love and listening to good music.

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Ithemba feat. Vernotile

South Africa praises the consistency of the music producer. He never disappoints his fans, and this song is not an exception. Have you ever felt like you wrote a particular artist's song or the artist wrote about your life? Ithemba gives you that feeling.

Ngiwelele feat. Afriikan Papi & Just Bheki

Sun El Musician is at the top of his game again to prove that he is the king of music in South Africa. He will soon dominate the entire continent if he continues to make such fantastic music at the same pace. You are missing a lot of great hits if you are not listening to this artist's songs.

Amasosha feat. Sino Msolo & Mthunzi

The music producer keeps serving his audience with great hits when they least expect it. He creates the most celebrated collaborations of all time in South Africa, which makes him earn more respect in the industry.

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Goduka by Sun El Musician

Goduka is a symbol of the true definition of pure talent and great production. Foreigners do not care to understand the meaning of this song's lyrics because the beats have got their back. Very few people can resist dancing to this song.

Kwalula feat. Simmy & Sino Msolo

The music makes you regret listening to it when it comes to an end because you will long for the amazing feelings it aroused in you the first time it landed on your ears. Simmy and Sino Msolo's breathtaking vocals blend into a powerful and emotional song. You cannot get tired of listening to Simmy's angelic voice in the background.

Ilanga by feat. Ami Faku & Simmy

The song can be described as one of the most spiritual songs that connect the human soul to its creator in a mysterious manner. God gifted the producer with a musical talent that he uses wisely to connect humans to their creator.

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Sun El Musician album reactions

The reactions of South Africans on Youtube and social media about this album are impressive. The artist is not out to compete with anyone but to give his fans the best during this festive season.

Sun El Musician album
Twitter users in South Africa react to Sun El Musician album. Photo: (modified by author)
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Should Sun El Musician album should win the Album of the Year Award? The producer gives stiff competition to other prominent South African music producers like the Jerusalema hit-maker, Master KG. Stiff competition among the producers is highly encouraged because more artists worldwide will fly to South Africa to record their songs with the best producers on the planet.

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