Woman advertised for a man to impregnate her, then she fell in love with him

Woman advertised for a man to impregnate her, then she fell in love with him

- A woman in her 30s was fed up with waiting for the right man to come along

- All Jessica wanted was to have a baby, but after several failed relationships, she decided to take an alternative route

- A few months ago, she posted an advert on Craigslist calling on men who were interested in impregnating her

- Jessica said she did not want to use a sperm donor, because she wanted her child to have a father who could be part of his/her life

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Jessica wanted nothing more than to be a mother, she even would have sacrificed love if it meant she could have a baby.

After several failed relationships Jessica, who is in her thirties, decided to place an advertisement with the hope of finding a man who would impregnate her.

"Safe, bareback babymaking. I'm in my 30s & have given up on Messrs Right & Wrong. I want a baby.", her ad read.

Jessica listed only three requirements in her ad: The man must be taller than 5ft 9in, be under the age of 40 and be willing to undergo STD testing.

"I just wanted to meet a good person with shared values," she says.

She said in a short time she received numerous replies, and many said they helped other women in her situation before.

This was a turnoff for Jessica, who said she did not want her kid to end up at a party and kiss their sibling without knowing.

Another young man wrote, saying he desperately wanted a child after his partner had a miscarriage, but Jessica felt the man was too vulnerable.

Then, she received a reply from Ross.

"He was 33 and also lived in London. He said he'd had some disastrous relationships but he loved being an uncle and wanted children of his own," Jessica said.

The two decided to meet up, and Jessica recalled thinking Ross was better looking in person.

On their first date, Jessica and Ross discovered they had different religious believes. But, the couple quickly decided to follow a London approach to faith.

"We agreed there was one God who loved pretty much everybody and we would want a child to be comfortable with people of any faith or no faith."

The two ended their first meeting with a kiss, and Jessica remembers feeeling very comfortable around Ross.

After their second dinner, they planned to take STD tests. With the tests showing no risks for either, the two decided to have intercourse, to see if they were physically compatible.

"It was really good," she added.

They immediately started trying for a baby, and within a few weeks a pregnancy test showed Jessica was expecting.

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She said she found out she was pregnant six weeks after posting the advert, which came as a surprise since she expected it to take longer.

According to BBC, the couple did not have a written agreement, but they both promised not to sleep with other people.

"I didn't want to label what my relationship with Ross was," Jessica says. "I was delighted I was pregnant but I was wary that might make me think I was in love with him.", she added.

Briefly.co.za gathered Ross was fully involved in Jessica's pregnancy, even taking the doctor for her appointments.

The two argued about who would get to keep the first ultrasound pictures and if they should spend money to find out whether their baby is a boy or girl.

Jessica realised when they argued about the small stuff, that she did not just get a father for her child but a partner as well. That's when it hit her- she had feelings for Ross.

"I realised being angry with him made me sad, as I did love him.", she explained.

However, Jessica doubted that Ross had feelings for her as well, letting herself believe he only acted the way he does because she was caring his child.

After 12 weeks pregnant, the two told their parents she was expecting, but did not mention how they met. Jessica said her parents and Ross' get along well.

Two months prior to delivery, Ross moved in with Jessica. When they time came for their baby to arrive, Jessica had a C-section because the was found to be in a breech position.

This led to Jessica being hospitalised for a week, stating Ross slept on the ground beside her hospital bed the entire time.

Now, the couple has been together for just over a year, with a two month old baby.

Although they describe parenting as exhausting, they are glad they have each other to count on. Jessica is on maternity leave and Ross gets to work from home some days.

"It's great when we get time together and we always have a meal when he gets back from work. We enjoy being together and it makes it easier raising a child."

About her unconventional way of conceiving, Jessica said she would not have done it differently, stating she did not regret the advert.

The couple are already talking about adding another baby to the family.

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