Opinion: Zuma started and ended his presidency on a lie

Opinion: Zuma started and ended his presidency on a lie

Editor's note: Jacob Zuma's presidency started out on a high with big promises being made including to uphold the Constitution of the country. When he left he was in complete denial as to why he was being forced out. Briefly.co.za editor, Stefan Mack, takes a look at how a presidency so full of potential turned so foul.

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By the time Jacob Zuma resigned he had overstayed his welcome and the public were delighted by his departure. Zuma's presidency became one of self-enrichment and dishonesty.

What most of us did not know is that Zuma had a plan that he wanted to implement when he got into power that had nothing to do with helping South Africa reach its potential.

His plan was to get some payback for the sacrifices that he had made during his youth and in the struggle for liberation during apartheid.

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Zuma's closest allies were completely in the dark about his true motives, only Mbeki knew and his opinion was dismissed as easily as he was from his position as president.

His presidency seemed legitimate on the surface but soon scandals began to escape through the cracks in the facade. Before we knew it there was Nkandla and we hoped that it was an isolated event.

We were wrong, the Guptas landed at Waterkloof Airbase, a top secret military base. The Constitutional Court ruled that he had broken his oath of office by refusing to adhere to the public protector's remedial action.

His first term ended on a lie as well, he said he only wanted one term, then denied he had ever said this.

We are grateful that Zuma is not finally gone, he will be missed only by his cronies who made themselves rich through him.

His last days in office were full of half-truths and outright lies. He planned to address the country at 10:00 am on Wednesday then denied that a press briefing was scheduled.

He then went on TV in an interview and told the most bold-faced lies of his presidency. He was now facing a similar fate that Mbeki experienced and all of a sudden he revealed that he was opposed to Mbeki's recall.

However, the same argument he made about not having two centres of powers was being used against him.

He was lying when he said that he did not know why he was being recalled. The night of his resignation he said that he was not resigning over fears of losing his perks and privileges as a former president in the face of a no-confidence vote or impeachment.

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In the end, Zuma resigned, not to save face or to keep the little dignity he had left. He resigned to save his pension.

The most important speech of his career was based on a lie, his presidency started and ended with him lying and trying to make himself as much money as possible.

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