Cyril Ramaphosa: Devoted president but cheating husband?

Cyril Ramaphosa: Devoted president but cheating husband?

- President Cyril Ramaphosa has been accused of having several affairs

- But, the head of state vehemently denies being in relationships with numerous other women

- However, he did admit to having an affair eight years ago with his doctor

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The entire country is looking to Cyril Ramaphosa for guidance now that Zuma’s reign ended. And, like a wife places her trust in her husband, South Africans trust the new president to revive the economy, create jobs for the unemployed and create an overall better life for the people.

However, Ramaphosa has not always been trustworthy in his marriage. The new head of state admitted last year to a relationship he had with his medical practitioner eight years ago.

The president told the Sunday Times he informed his wife about the affair, then ended it immediately.

According to Ramaphosa, that was the only time he had an affair, but in 2017 there were reports suggesting he had affairs with several women.

The reports alleged Ramaphosa used different email addresses to communicate with his side chicks.

One of the woman, only known as Mukethwa, claimed she had a 10-year affair with Ramaphosa, even falling pregnant. However, she reportedly had a miscarriage.

In an email from Mukethwa, she accused the new president of not caring for her.

“Ramaphosa never took care of me financially during our relationship. I have always been independent. However, I now have a strictly business relationship with Ramphosa where I provide property development management and quantity surveying services to all his properties”, she said.

Another one of Ramaphosa’s alleged extra marital relationships was with a 29-year-old marketing student. Last year reported UJ students marched against blessers and the removal of Ramaphosa as the as the Chairperson of the South African National Aids Council (SANAC).

The students accused Ramaphosa of being one of the blessers, who looked after young women financially in return for sexual favors.

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However, Ramaphosa completely denies these allegations, stating he and his wife supports both male and female students financially.

“There are 54 young students – both men and women – that my wife and I provide financial assistance to on a monthly basis and have done so for several years. It is unfortunate that evidence of these bank transfers have been used to make scandalous allegations against me and, worse, to make public the names of some of the people assisted.”, Ramaphosa told the Sunday Times.

Thus far, the only confirmed affair Ramaphosa had was with his doctor almost a decade ago, to which he came clean. The South African president vehemently denies having affairs with numerous other women.

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