Woman is totally unrecognisable when she loses half her body weight for her special day

Woman is totally unrecognisable when she loses half her body weight for her special day

- Jennifer Ginley lost half her body weight in just 1 year

- From stopping her boyfriend of 11-years from proposing, she will now be walking down the isle

- She has been named Slimming World’s Miss Slinky 2017

Liverpool’s weight loss super woman, Jennifer Ginley weighed more than 120 kilograms at her worst. But she lost an incredible 62 kilograms in just one year and is the official Slimming World’s Miss Slinky 2017.

Jennifer’s whole life was controlled by her weight. Not being able to use standard seatbelts, unable to fit into rollercoaster seats and even to the point of discouraging her boyfriend of 11 years, Luke, from popping the question in fear her weight would ruin her special day.

A photo from a trip to Florida in December, 2014, was the pivoting point for her. “One picture of me with the Little Mermaid – my favorite Disney character – actually made me gasp. I saw myself in a whole new light – I looked so unhealthy that I cried, wondering how and why I had done that to myself.”

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Along with her mother and sister, Jennifer joined the Kirkby Slimming World group in May 2015.

“I’d tried so many diets in the past, but all of them seemed to make food the enemy, so I never addressed my relationship with over-eating and nothing seemed to work for me.”

She was aware of her weight issue but did not know how to turn it around. The Slimming World in the UK which offered her a “Food Optimizing” eating plan, a “Body Magic” exercise regime, and the support that she needed in order to tackle her unhealthy relationship with food. it was a start of a beautiful journey .

Jennifer made up her mind and tossed out the junk and welcomed a healthier lifestyle and in just one year, she halved her body weight.

“I reached my target weight just over a year after joining Slimming World and just before Christmas Luke asked me to marry him! It was such an incredible feeling to be able to say ‘Yes!’ without even a second thought about my weight, and I can’t wait to go dress shopping.”

Swapping fast food for nutritious, fresh food, she changed her entire life.

“I feel like I’m a butterfly, emerging from my cocoon. I might be half the size, but I feel like I’m double the person now.”

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