Wayne and Laurie Hallquist: A giant love story

Wayne and Laurie Hallquist: A giant love story

- Wayne and Laurie Hallquist met at church 15 years ago and their unique height, brought them together in matrimony

- They broke the Guinness World Record for the tallest married couple

- The couple embrace their height and say that it adds “an extra coolness” to them

Wayne and Laurie Hallquist are known as the world’s tallest married couple. They met 15 years ago at church, a match made in heaven. The couple got married just six months after their third date.

“I told him that I kind of had this thing that by the third date, I would know if this was going anywhere or if it wasn’t,” Laurie said. “He called me about an hour before our third date and told me he was wearing his lucky socks and I said, ‘He’s a keeper.'”

Individually they stand at six feet, five inches and six feet, 11 inches. Together they stand a staggering combined 13 feet, 4 inches.

“It’s a whole different perspective up here, and we can find each other quite easily in a crowd,” Laurie told Reuters.

“We can see several people going bald that might not know it at the moment,” joked Wayne, 57, who works as a telephone company wire splicer.

It took the couple sometime before they decided to contact the Guiness World Records as they had seen a couple from the 19th century, online, who stood 14 feet combined. This made them think that they did not have much of a chance. However, seven years into their marriage, they decided to make the call.

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After making the call and finding out some information, they came to find that the world’s tallest couple was listed at a combined height of 13 feet, 3 inches. After finding this out, the couple knew that they could beat that and went onto submitting their recorded combination height.

Finally after seven years of doubt the Hallquists were crowned the new tallest couple. They held their title for three years from 2010 to 2013. They also became the first American couple to hold the record.

“It’s something that is going to live forever. We are in a book now. How many people get that? It’s kind of a fun thing,” Wayne said.

“It kinda brings this extra level of coolness to us, so that’s why we kind of have fun with it,” Laurie added.

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