The Vow 2 teasers: January 2021

The Vow 2 teasers: January 2021

Divya is faced with a life-threatening health condition with effects that can only be reversed by surgery. Sindoora sees this as the perfect opportunity to turn her against Amar. Will her plans work? Here are January’s The Vow 2 teasers to get more details.

Zee World The Vow 2 Teasers
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Sindoora is thirsty for revenge and will do anything to remove obstacles along the way. She uses Bharat as her puppet and manages to get the Singh family's property. For how long will she play the game?

The Vow 2 teasers January 2021

There is no better way to start 2021 than by watching a thrilling Indian drama series. The Vow 2 January episodes promise to keep your whole family entertained. How will the Singh family fight their worst enemy? Find out from the following teasers.

The Vow 2 Teasers
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1st January 2021 (Friday – Episode 90)

Aditi accosts Sindoora for what she did. How will the confrontation affect her? Sindoora does everything in her power to eliminate things that might hinder her plans.

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4th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 91)

Sindoora does not give up on her mission to ensure Amar and Gaury are together. Will she succeed? Fortunately for her, things happening at the Singh family work in her favour.

5th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 92)

Amar embraces Gaury thinking it is Divya. Meanwhile, Aniket wants Gaury and Aditi to settle their differences, but her attempts are futile because of Sindoora’s interference.

6th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 93)

Amar is accompanied by Gaury to a business event. However, things take a drastic turn as Gaury’s life is put at stake. Meanwhile, Gaury’s plans to help Divya heal seem to be working.

7th January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 94)

At last, Divya gets back to her family. However, there is a problem as she does not behave her usual self. Why the change in behaviour?

8th January 2021 (Friday – Episode 95)

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Divya has to deal with another health issue. How will she cope? Sindoora is not yet tired of setting up traps for Aditi. How will their unending battle affect Bharat?

The Vow 2 Teasers
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11th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 96)

Divya meets Sindoora for the first time since waking up from the coma. How will their encounter be? Meanwhile, Amar gets disheartening information regarding Divya’s condition.

12th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 97)

Amar discovers that Divya’s condition is worse than his initial estimation. On the other hand, Sindoora turns Bharat against Amar while Divya makes up her mind to trust her worst enemy. Why the drastic decision?

13th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 98)

Bharat wins a business of the year award, although it is not the award he looked forward to getting. Later, Bharat threatens to go away from home while Sindoora has not stopped turning him against Amar. Will her plans work?

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14th January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 99)

Sindoora sees an opportunity in Divya’s condition to turn her against Amar. Her attempts do not work in her favour as Divya and Amar’s bond seems to get stronger.

15th January 2021 (Friday – Episode 100)

Sindoora’s plans finally work as she succeeds at making Divya hate Amar. Her quest to seek revenge makes her turn people against each other. But for how long?

The Vow 2 Teasers
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18th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 101)

Divya, who is under Sindoora’s influence, tries to murder Amar. When will she come back to her senses? On the other hand, the Singh family business reports huge losses that might cripple its operations going forward. How will they avoid losing the business?

19th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 102)

Bharat makes a loan application using Amar’s identity. Will Amar find out? Meanwhile, Divya’s condition does not seem to get any better, and it can only be overcome by surgery from a well-known neurosurgeon.

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20th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 103)

Divya is finally out of danger as surgery is conducted successfully. Later, Divya discloses Sindoora’s evil acts to the family, but Bharat is quick to oppose her. Will they believe her accusations?

21st January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 104)

Amar discovers the deceptive acts of Bharat. What will he do? Meanwhile, the Singh family gets their worst nightmare as they lose their property to Sindoora. On the other hand, Amar’s attempts to warn Bharat against Sindoora fall on deaf ears.

22nd January 2021 (Friday – Episode 105)

Divya and Amar get into serious financial problems. Later, Amar and Sindoora are involved in an altercation, and he pushes her. The incident leads to Amar’s arrest, and worse accusations are made against him.

25th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 106)

Bharat makes up his mind to avenge the alleged murder of Sindoora. Later, it is declared that Amar is responsible for Sindoora’s death. How will he prove his innocence?

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26th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 107)

Divya comes face to face with her enemy. She tries to open Bharat’s eyes to see the truth, but his ignorance continues to blind him. Later, Bharat realizes that he has been used as a puppet all along. Is it too late to make amends?

27th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 108): Series finale!

Bharat works together with Bhargav to trap Sindoora, but she seems to be smarter. Will she manage to escape from the police?

The Vow 2 Teasers
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What happens to The Vow 2 characters?

The Vow 2 finale episodes air in January 2021. How do you want it to end? Here is what you should expect to see happening to some of the characters during the month.


Her medical condition seems to worsen as time goes by. Sindoora sees this as an opportunity to turn her against Amar. Luckily, she heals after surgery and discloses Sindoora’s evil intentions, but Bharat is quick to oppose her. Will the family believe her?

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She is guided by revenge and plans to turn everyone against each other. She later manages to get the Singh family's property. Bharat later realizes that he has been her pawn all along and tries to trap her. Will she manage to escape?

The above Zee World’s The Vow 2 teasers for January 2021 episodes give you enough reasons not to miss the drama. Will Sindoora manage to get away with her acts? Catch all the episodes of the Indian drama series on Zee World every Monday to Friday at 4:00 p.m.

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