Durban Gen Teasers: January 2021

Durban Gen Teasers: January 2021

The medical drama at the Durban General Hospital is getting more entertaining for fans in January episodes. Ringo manages to escape from the hospital but is later caught by the police while Mchunu meets unexpected death. On the other hand, Mbali tries to assert her rights at the workplace after being victimized by Lindelani. Will she be heard? Find out from the following Durban Gen teasers.

Durban Gen Teasers
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MacGyver is faced with a financial crisis that pushes him to make irrational decisions. On the other hand, Luthuli blames herself for Mchunu’s death while Qwabe recovers after undergoing surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor.

Durban Gen Teasers January 2021

Durban Gen medical drama has become a household favorite since its premiere in October 2020. Here is what is coming up on the show in the January episodes.

Durban Gen Teasers
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1st January 2021 (Friday – Episode 65)

Qwabe undergoes an operation while Lindelani narrowly avoids an undesirable situation. On the other hand, Ringo does not take any prisoners as he escapes from the medical facility.

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4th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 66)

Zondo has no other choice but to locate Thembisile, or she will find herself in trouble. Meanwhile, Qwabe has to rescue her relationship before it falls apart, while Bab’Gumede has found a way to make his work.

5th January 2021 (Tuesday –Episode 67)

Mchunu treats a patient with a gun pointed at him while Lwandle finds herself down a rabbit hole due to boredom and curiosity. How will she get out? On the other hand, Lindelani conducts an operation on Qwabe but is not aware of the danger her daughter might be facing.

6th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 68)

Mchunu attempts to save the day, but an unexpected situation happens. Meanwhile, Ndlovu does not want Lindelani to rescue a loved one who is in trouble. However, Calvin unsuccessfully tries to gather a hospital task force to aid the police.

7th January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 69)

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The police and Ringo finally meet, leading to high tensions. On the other hand, Lindelani is faced with a difficult decision while Luthuli discovers disheartening information.

8th January 2021 (Friday – Episode 70)

Lindelani has worries concerning Lwandle while Luthuli tries to fake her strength. On the other hand, MacGyver and Calvin compete with each other.

Durban Gen Teasers
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11th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 71)

The race is on in every corner of the medical facility. Qwabe’s condition after the surgery makes people wonder if she will make it. Will Lindelani find it in her heart to pardon Mbali? Meanwhile, two boys are after Thandi’s heart.

12th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 72)

Qwabe gains consciousness, giving hope regarding her recovery. On the other hand, Luthuli has a difficult time accepting the fact that Mchunu is no more there. Meanwhile, McGyver makes inroads with Thandi, an act that displeases Calvin.

13th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 73)

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Qwabe is happy after the removal of the tumor and takes up her position at the medical facility, while Lindelani feels guilty. On the other hand, Luthuli feels she is responsible for the death of Mchunu, but a patient at the hospital helps her overcome the guilt. Meanwhile, MacGyver and Calvin play a dirty game as they try to win over the attention of a girl.

14th January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 74)

Nkabinde creates disruption following the injustice of Mchunu’s death. Meanwhile, the interns raise a glass to a fallen hero.

15th January 2021 (Friday – Episode 75)

Mbali does not show great interest during the induction of hospital interns into a new system. Meanwhile, Qwabe’s health is getting better as she thanks Lindelani but angrily scolds Thabo for wishing her dead.

On the other hand, Calvin and MacGyver’s differences reach a crisis when unwanted patients come to the medical facility. What will they do?

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Durban Gen Teasers
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18th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 76)

Lindelani cannot tolerate Mbali and punishes her using the workplace. Meanwhile, Phumeza is busy with her irresponsible and rude expectant cousin, while MacGyver struggles to get out of his brokenness.

19th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 77)

Mbali stands up for her rights, while Qwabe cannot thank Ndlovu enough. On the other hand, MacGyver finds himself in a difficult situation, while Phumeza is being drowned by her own flesh and blood. How will she save herself?

20th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 78)

Mbali is ready to fight for what she believes in at the expense of her job. Will she be fired for it? Meanwhile, MacGyver has to find another way to earn income after losing DJ-ing gigs. He considers accepting the offer made by a stranger he met recently.

On the other hand, Thabo has gone back to his ways and goes on a rendezvous that turns out to be a rondez-bust.

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21st January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 79)

Mbali has to face the consequences of her disobedience after being called for a hearing. Meanwhile, things happening at the medical facility increase Precious’s desire to have a baby. On the other hand, MacGyver tries to impregnate a client, but his manhood does not allow it.

22nd January 2021 (Friday – Episode 80)

Thabo is yet to come out of the pits while Mbali loses more than her virginity. Is MacGyver proud of having test-tube babies?

25th January 2021 (Monday – Episode 81)

Mbali gets an uninvited guest while Precious receives a peculiar phone call from Sibusiso. What was the call about? On the other hand, MacGyver discovers that he cannot rectify his get rich fast acts that are likely to have serious financial effects in the future. Will he get another solution?

26th January 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 82)

Mbali does not accept Sibusiso’s invitation to have dinner with Lindelani. Later, Precious shocks Sibusiso after asking him an unexpected question. Meanwhile, MacGyver turns dark as he wants Bab’Mzobe to return his sperm.

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27th January 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 83)

Mbali’s pendulum has a lopsided swing between two hearts, while Thabo is rejected by a regular conquest. On the other hand, MacGyver has to get his friend’s assistance to be able to confront Ba’Mzobe.

28th January 2021 (Thursday – Episode 84)

Lindelani and Mbali’s flame is ignited again. What will be Sibusiso’s next move?

29th January 2021 (Friday – Episode 85)

Mbali and Sibusiso reach the furthest end in their relationship, while MacGyver finds himself in a trap in his attempt to retrieve his seed. Meanwhile, Zanele gets back home to an unpleasant surprise.

Durban Gen Teasers
Durban Gen episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Durban Gen characters?

Many characters in Durban Gen January episodes have to face endless problems in both their professional and personal lives. Here is what happens to some of the characters during the month.


She is punished at the workplace by Lindelani, who cannot tolerate her. She, in turn, tries to stand up for her rights at the expense of her job. She later has to deal with the effects of her disobedience after being called for a hearing. What will be her fate?

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He competes with Calvin to win over a girl’s heart. He is later faced with a financial crisis after losing his DJ-ing gigs. The situation leads him to accept an offer from a stranger. He later regrets and fights to get back his seed.


She has a life-threatening tumor and is operated on by Lindelani. She gets into a coma but later gains consciousness and asserts her position at the hospital.

The above Durban Gen teasers reveal the endless medical drama at the Durban General Hospital. Catch all the episodes on eTV every weekday at 6.30 p.m. Repeat episodes air on eExtra and eTV at 1.30 p.m. and 11.15 a.m., respectively, the following day. You can also watch the omnibus on eTV every Sunday at 10.20 a.m.

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On the other hand, Dilara is torn after getting news regarding Adem’s mysterious accident, while Esma makes a shocking decision regarding her relationship with Garip.

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