4 Cars President Ramaphosa should consider for his new stripped down fleet

4 Cars President Ramaphosa should consider for his new stripped down fleet

President Cyril Ramaphosa has entered office on the promise of cutting down on excess government spending by cutting down on bloated departments.

Ramaphosa has promised South Africans that they will have a stripped down, efficient and well run government before long.

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One of Ramaphosa’s must do’s is renewing the presidential VIP fleet of vehicles. Former president Jacob Zuma gained a reputation for his big black fleet with flashing blue lights causing chaos and havoc wherever he went.

Briefly.co.za looks at four vehicles which Ramaphosa should consider for his new stripped out, efficient and well-run fleet.

1. VW Polo

Ask any security specialist what the most important security countermeasure is and stealth is likely to be the answer. VW sells staggering amounts of Polo’s every month, which makes it perfect for disappearing into a crowd. We suggest a white Polo for total stealth.

The Polo would be perfect for a quick jaunt across one of the major cities. While not a Bentley in terms of interior quality or features, it’s not exactly sparse either.

The Polo really is the perfect blend of comfort, cost and security.

As an added bonus the Polo is built locally, meaning the government is supporting job creation.

2. Toyota Hilux 4x4

South Africa has many rural villages and getting to them can present a challenge for modern SUV’s. The Toyota Hilux 4x4 is a proven workhorse with virtual go-anywhere capability.

If Ramaphosa needs to meet with traditional leaders in the middle of the middle of nowhere this is the perfect vehicle to get him there and back, reliably and comfortably.

The Hilux is built in Durban, which is a bonus for the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal.

3. BMW X3

Ramaphosa should consider switching Zuma’s humongous BMW X5’s for its smaller brother the X3. The X3 has most of the qualities of its bigger brother, but has the advantage of being smaller and by virtue of that can get out of sticky situations much quicker.

While not exactly cheap, it does offer a saving over the X5 meaning Ramaphosa keeps his word about saving money.

4. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

One of the fastest cars available in South Africa, the Merc is perfect for those occasions when one meeting ends late and the president might be late for the next meeting. Not many cars will get him there faster.

The C63 is smaller than usual limo’s while being one of the most luxurious cars on the planet.

As an added bonus the Merc is built in East London.

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