South Africa's fairy godfather: Michael “Casanova” Mokoena brings hope to SA's men

South Africa's fairy godfather: Michael “Casanova” Mokoena brings hope to SA's men

Mzansi’s men have their own fair godfather. Michael “Casanova” Mokoena a 31 year old is the proud owner of Seduction Academy. He was raised in Sebokeng in the Vaal and was not always the man of confidence that he is today. learned that he developed a technique to pick up women and has even written a book titled Casanova Method.

There have been some negative views on his operation as many woman feel he is teaching men to ‘trick’ them into matters of love, but Michael assures all women his methods teach men how to show them how to approach the opposite gender. His seminars and courses emphasize the importance of respecting women.

Michael stands by his methods and says they are flawless and will have the women eating out of the palm of your hand.

Heartbreak after heartbreak, Michael formulated his flawless algorithm of love. Being rejected countless times was what lead him to having to teach himself how to win women.

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“I teach men how to use indirect openers no woman has the power to reject. You start by asking for her opinion on a certain subject.”

“Once you’re through the first stage, change the topic and get to know her.”

He says that complimenting a woman is a good way to get past the first stage and get a foot in the door.

“It’s about getting the woman of your dreams. No woman wants to date a jerk,” he said.

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