Bernadette Deka: Zambia’s wonder woman invests her money into education for the underprivileged

Bernadette Deka: Zambia’s wonder woman invests her money into education for the underprivileged

- Brendadette Deka is Zambia’s most admirable female role model, a selfless woman with a wealth of knowledge.

- With an Honored her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) and a newly awarded seat on the Board of Directors at the ZNBC, she is a force to be reckoned with.

- She is a catholic woman of God and has a NGO called ‘Shaping Futures’.

Zambia's only female role model, Bernadette Deka, has broken gender barriers. She was born on the 18th, May, 1987.Raised from a humbling background, she attended Kasisi Primary School on the rural outskirts and went on to further her education Roma Girls Secondary School. With hard work and great determination, she has developed and earned her high ranked superior portfolio.

Deka has earned her place in society with her achievements even being recognized by First Lady of the Republic of Zambia, Esther Lungu at the ripe age of 30. She serves on the board of trustees at Esther Lungu’s foundation.

A women with a wealth of knowledge, she is a graduate of Law and Public Policy Studies from Zambia's highest institution of learning UNZA, developed career studies at University of South Africa, University of London and now London Graduate School.

Serving as Policy Monitoring and Research Centre PMRC Executive Director, which is Zambia' biggest organization in providing direction to policy makers, she went on to being appointed a position on the Board of Director at Zambia National Broadcasting Corporations ZNBC, an achievement of greatness.

Deka does not live a life of luxury and lavish expense. She selflessly invests her money in to education for the underprivileged. She has helped around 17 kids between primary and tertiary education levels. She also has her own NGO, 'Shaping Futures.', which assists children with their educational needs.

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Deka was Honored her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) by the Commonwealth London School of graduates in Humanities and Public Administration, in December 2017. She also received the Honorary Degree in Dubai UAE.

With her recent appointment as ZNBC board member, there is no telling what she will do next. There is great confidence that she will transform the operations of the national.

Her undeniable achievements lead to her being awarded the young leader award from the Zambia Society for Public Administration in 2015.

Bernadette Deka is a woman of God and does not let her busy schedule interfere with her beliefs. She is true and strong Roman Catholic who congregates at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church along Leopards hill road in Lusaka, without fail.

"All this has been the doing if the Lord, that is why I always begin my day with a prayer and also end it with a prayer, this is regardless of where I am, if I am home in Lusaka I ensure I go to church every Sunday, if I am out of town or indeed out of the country, I always ensure I find myself at the nearest church on Sunday, I always make time for Worship because it is only by faith and by the power of God that I have gotten This far"

Deka is a woman of great admiration and will serve as a strong role model to all.

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