Love is colour-blind: Our Perfect Wedding couple Michael and Mbali

Love is colour-blind: Our Perfect Wedding couple Michael and Mbali

- Michael and Mbali appeared on the reality show, Our Perfect Wedding

- The mixed-race couple says they've been through some difficult times but their relationship is stronger for it

- The pair hope to be able to go on a honeymoon later this year

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Michael and Mbali Bezuidenhout are used to getting strange looks from people when they go out together. He's white, she's black and their little boy is a beautiful mix of the two. They no longer notice though, happy just to be together.

“When we first started dating it took a while for us to realise people were staring due to the colour of our skin, which made us a little uncomfortable. Colour has never been an issue for us; we soon learnt to be affectionate with each other in front of disapproving eyes and just embrace it," Mbali said.

The couple appeared on Our Perfect Wedding, and their relationship had viewers' hearts melting. learned that Michael's family disapproved of their relationship, but he said life without his wife would be “empty, lonely and miserable.”

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“We never want to focus on the negative so we focus all our energy on the positive. Not everyone will understand our love and we don’t expect them too,” Mbali recently told South African Bloggers.

She added that in their household, they have a special way of addressing race, and it helps them deal with people who don't understand them.

“One thing that has been the foundation of our relationship is communication. We always talk about race in our household as flavours that is why; Daddy is ‘vanilla’, Mommy’s ‘chocolate’ and our son Tory is our ‘caramel’.

“Backhanded comments don’t impact our marriage, instead they’ve made us learn how to find humour with everything we get asked.”

Thing haven’t always been easy for the couple, and Mbali once had to support Michael while he was unemployed.

“I had to juggle two jobs in order to put food on the table and we moved into an apartment which was smaller than a regular kitchen, yet people couldn’t understand why we were so happy and knew God was testing my strength,” she said.

The challenges the couple faced only made their bond stronger.

Mbali and Michael, who now works as a machine operator at a butchery, hope to go on their honeymoon later this year.

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