5 celebrity inspired ways to make divorce as pain-free as possible

5 celebrity inspired ways to make divorce as pain-free as possible

Divorce has become such a common part of modern life, yet many couples feel the need to play dirty or impart as much pain as possible on their former partners.

Celebrities are not immune to the heartbreak and trauma which forms part of every divorce and they have the added pressure of their dirty laundry being aired for all the world to see.

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There are some lessons that can and should be learned from divorce. Due to their fame, celebrity divorces play out in public and are usually way more pressurised than ordinary divorces.

Briefly.co.za looks at 5 valuable lessons ordinary couples can learn from celebrity divorces and how to keep proceedings as amicable and pain-free as possible.

1. Remaining friends after the divorce

Trevor Gumbi and his wife Lucille shocked the country when they announced their split in 2017. The couple was married for 11-years. The former couple decided to keep things friendly for the sake of their children. Shortly after the divorce announcement, Lucille joined Trevor on his divorce comedy tour.

2. Forgiveness

ProVerb and his wife Onalerona ended their seemingly perfect marriage after a cheating scandal in 2015. ProVerb shocked the nation when he revealed his wife had been cheating, he later deleted the social media post to work on the marriage.

ProVerb admits it was hard to forgive his former wife because he felt that he was the victim, he said once he realised that he still had his children, family and career he stopped feeling like the victim and forgave Onalerona. He said forgiving her was like a weight lifting from him and enabled him to once again see the beauty in life.

3. Give your best

Bonnie Mbula and Sisanda Henna ended their 10-year marriage in 2013. The couple remains friends after the divorce. Bonnie recently revealed that the couple had given their all to make the marriage work and went for premarital counselling.

The couple prayed regularly and even made a pact with each other to give their all before they give up. In the end, the couple decided to end the marriage and both agreed that they left the marriage in the same way in which they started it.

4. Keep your personal life private

Reason and Mosa were married for seven years before deciding it would be best to go their separate ways. The rapper kept the details of the split out of the media spotlight and moved on with his life without making a fuss.

Reason later started a relationship with LootLove, the pair kept their relationship secret for the first few months. They still don’t talk about their relationship in public.

5. Co-parenting

Melani Son and Zwai Bala shocked the nation when they announced they were splitting after being together for 18-years. The couple refused to speak out in public about rumours of cheating and stayed on friendly terms for the sake of their children.

The couple said they remained committed to raising their children in a happy and healthy environment and would jointly raise the children, the couple has remained friends since the divorce.

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