Newspaper vendor inspires thousands when his selfless act goes viral

Newspaper vendor inspires thousands when his selfless act goes viral

- Desmond is a newspaper vendor from Durbanville and a single father of 2.

- He has been selling newspapers in the same spot for several years and the locals love him.

- Someone posted a video of him helping a blind lady cross the intersection and it inspired thousands.

Desmond, a newspaper vendor from Durbanville, is a true inspiration to all. He is a single dad of 2 boys and has worked as a newspaper vendor for several years, in the same area.

He is a selfless man and goes the extra mile to help other. He has been seen helping blind old ladies cross the road and just being a general joy to all.

Desmond’s story recently became widely known when a Facebook post was posted on the Durbanville Community Facebook Page. The post has reached thousands.

“This is my suburb, my Africa! This guy helps a blind lady, who I think works at Durbanville Municipality, and her dog battle to cross the busy Main Road intersection. Every morning, this newspaper vendor at that intersection, grabs her arm and helps her cross the street.”

Wendy & her guide dog Lucy are more than capable of crossing roads but Desmond feels that it is his duty to help the two safely across the busy intersection.

Michelle Chandler, a man who passes Desmond on a daily basis, is amazed by how humble he is.

“This guy truly inspires me."
"I pass him on my way to taking my daughter to school in the morning and then also on my way back. He will always wave and smile, even if I pass him ten times a day. I have stopped a few times to just randomly give him a few rands. The last time I gave him money the tears just rolled down his cheeks. He NEVER misses a day, come rain or shine, he is always at his post doing his job."
"I recently asked him what time he leaves for work in the morning and he said just after three. I take my hat off to him, really I do.”

People have stopped to show Desmond the post. He has made a difference in the community and inspired many.

“Please hoot as when passing me – I know you are all not always able to stop by but a simple hello can change a whole day.”

Desmond is a true inspiration and we can all learn something from his humbleness.

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