Muvhango Teasers: February 2021

Muvhango Teasers: February 2021

Muvhango teasers for February 2021 reveal the shocking twists in the show’s drama. Vhutshilo is not happy about the job offer given by Hangwani for fear of what fans will think. What will he do to revive his music?

Muvhango Teasers
Muvhango is a local soapie that airs on SABC2 every weekday at 9.30 p.m. Photo: MuvhangoSA
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Azwindini is worried he will end up in prison after Mpho hands him legal documents. His marriage to Susan is also facing problems and has no hope of surviving. How will he get himself out of the situation?

Muvhango Teasers February 2021

SABC2’s Muvhango has a fascinating lineup of entertaining drama in February 2021 episodes. Here is what is coming up on the local soap opera during the month.

Muvhango Teasers
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1st February 2021 (Monday – Episode 3742)

James is not ready to live on lies, while Pfuluwani is determined to reclaim all that her husband lost. How will she do it? Meanwhile, Gizara makes both Masindi and Teboho eat a humble pie.

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2nd February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 3743)

Susan is eager to find out what Pfuluwani is planning while KK pleads with Kgosi to set him free. On the other hand, Vhutshilo is offered a job by Hangwani, but he is worried about what his fans will think when they see him doing a low-status job.

3rd February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 3744)

Vhutshilo is interviewed by Hangwani for a position at Dukathole while Imani feels James should mend things with Marang. Meanwhile, KK attempts to sacrifice Kgosi to amaboys.

4th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 3745)

KK has discovered the ultimate sacrifice for amaboys while James opens up to Marang on the reason for failing to go through with the wedding. Will Marang buy his explanation? Meanwhile, Vhutshilo confronts a customer at Dukathole because they failed to pay attention.

5th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 3746)

KK is infuriated after finding Mudi playing with the artifacts/amaboys. Meanwhile, Pfuluwani will not give Azwindini cash before he fulfills a particular condition. Will he accept the ultimatum? Vhutshilo seeks a loan from Shaz so that he can purchase second-hand DJ equipment.

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Muvhango Teasers
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8th February 2021 (Monday – Episode 3747)

KK is filled with guilt after finding out the reason why his son is getting bullied at school. Meanwhile, Imani’s not-so-good secret is disclosed when an unexpected event happens. Pfuluwani’s ultimatum forces Azwindini to make a difficult choice.

9th February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 3748)

James is accosted by Marang, while KK is determined to get Marang back. Meanwhile, Mpho is eager to finalize things with Azwindini, while Hangwani has surprising news for Vhutshilo.

10th February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 3749)

James loses the lady he is fond of. Will he fight to win her back? On the other hand, Mpho is not ready to be controlled by either Tenda or Azwindini, while Shaz assists Vhutshilo in recreating his love for DJaying.

11th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 3750)

Vho-Masindi wants to question KK regarding the death of Mudi as KK’s PI discovers evidence that is likely to incriminate KK. On the other hand, Mpho goes to see an attorney without informing Tendamudzimu, but she has a surprise waiting for her.

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12th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 3751)

Marang is not ready to pardon anyone as she wants to get revenge. Meanwhile, Mpho discovers some shocking details, while Kgosi has a reward for the person who has information regarding KK.

Muvhango Teasers
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15th February 2021 (Monday – Episode 3752)

Marang is taken to police custody for the malicious destruction of property, while Tenda fails to understand the reason behind Mpho’s devastation. Meanwhile, Vhutshilo gets encouragement from Kgosi to not lose hope in producing.

16th February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 3753)

Will Mpho choose to forgive or seek revenge after finding out all about Azwindini’s deception? Meanwhile, Kgosi has to be tough when Vho-Masindi comes up with executive decisions regarding his brother’s final send-off. On the other hand, Shaz engages in dishonesty after secretly assisting Vhutshilo to succeed in his music.

17th February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 3754)

The Vhakwevho feel disappointed after finding out that Kgosi went to a club and posted about it on the internet. Meanwhile, Susan and Azwindini get what they deserve, while Shaz puts pressure on Teboho to let her perform rather than DJ Zash. Later, Kgosi breaks down.

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18th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 3755)

There is chaos when KK returns and stops the funeral. Later, he spots Tshianeo and Mudi, and they force him to make a confession of his evil actions. Azwindini does not want to get out of the apartment as Mpho starts to plan her revenge on Azwindini and Susan.

19th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 3756)

Susan and Azwindini receive legal papers from Mpho that will make their lives take a drastic turn. Meanwhile, Vho-Masindi and Kgosi have to handle the consequences of the confession made by KK.

Vhutshilo learns about another DJ who has his music. Later, KK has another surprise for Kgosi and his family.

Muvhango Teasers
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22nd February 2021 (Monday - Episode 3757)

James and Imani are caught by Marang. What will she do? Meanwhile, Azwindini comes to the realization that he might go to prison. Does he have a way out? However, Shaz is discovered doing a wrong thing.

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23rd February 2021 (Tuesday - Episode 3758)

Vhutshilo seems to be intoxicated by his online success as DJ Zash when he feels he should do a live gig, and Imani feels she is surrounded by danger because of Vuyo and Marang. Meanwhile, Mpho finds out the reason why Teboho is the unlikely champion for Susan’s cause.

24th February 2021 (Wednesday - Episode 3759)

Shaz is unsuccessful at securing a venue to host Vhutshilo’s party. Meanwhile, Mpho opens up to everyone on why she sued Azwindini. On the other hand, Imani’s plan to ensure Vuyo is fired does not work. Does she have a plan B?

25th February 2021 (Thursday - Episode 3760)

Imani and James cross the line while Azwindini eats a humble pie as he meets with an enemy. On the other hand, Teboho and Vho-Masindi engage in a brawl.

26th February 2021 (Friday - Episode 3761)

Vuyo has not stopped tormenting Imani, while Susan and Azwindini’s marriage has no hope of surviving. Meanwhile, Shaz and Vhutshilo organize an event at Dukathole without informing Hangwani.

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Muvhango Teasers
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What happens to Muvhango characters?

There is a lot to expect in Muvhango February episodes. Here is an account of what will happen to your favorite characters.


Hangwani offers him a job at Dukathole, but he is worried about what his fans will think of him doing a low-status job. He later asks Shaz to lend him money so that he purchases second-hand equipment. Shaz even uses dishonest means to ensure his music is thriving. Will he enjoy the success for long?


She is eager to finalize things between her and Azwindini. She is later left in a dilemma on whether to forgive Azwindini or seek revenge after discovering the full extent of his deceit. Later, she hands Susan and Azwindini legal papers that will change their lives.

From the above Muvhango teasers, you cannot afford to miss the entertaining drama in February 2021 episodes. Catch the action on SABC2 every weekday at 9.30 p.m.

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