Ice Adonis Teasers: February 2021

Ice Adonis Teasers: February 2021

Have you started watching the new South Korean novela, Ice Adonis, on eExtra? If not, you are missing out on great entertainment. The series narrates the tale of stepsisters that become enemies after one sister is falsely accused of murder. Here are the Ice Adonis teasers for February 2021 premiere episodes.

Ice Adonis Teasers

Ice Adonis is a new South Korean show on eExtra that airs every weekday at 2.20 p.m. Photo: officialtvsa
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Eunice is determined to bring Yvonne down so that she gets James, whom she secretly loves. She manages to get her out of the picture with the help of her father, who is a judge. Yvonne ends up in jail for something she did not do but vows to seek revenge.

Ice Adonis Teasers February 2021

Ice Adonis is the kind of series that will give you mixed reactions as it makes you cry and laugh or hate and love at the same time. Read the following teasers to discover what is coming up on the South Korean soapie this February.

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Ice Adonis eExtra teasers

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1st February 2021 (Monday - Episode 11)

Heath breathes his last when the new product launch fails to work and Helen puts the blame on Yvonne. Meanwhile, James is getting increasingly suspicious of his stepmother Rose as she fights to ensure Kevin rises to power in the organization.

2nd February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 12)

Yvonne goes to see Helen and James with the original security video, and Eunice makes an attempt to intercede. Later, James and Helen engage in a heated argument, and he abandons her in the rain. She is later involved in an accident.

3rd February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 13)

Helen, who is seriously hurt, is rescued by Yvonne, and she rushes her to a medical facility. Later, Eunice finds out the identity of the individual she hit, and it is Helen. She seizes the opportunity to frame Yvonne.

4th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 14)

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Eunice lets all people know that Yvonne is responsible for the accident. On the other hand, Yvonne is aware that Eunice is the guilty one, but she cannot raise the issue. Things continue to get worse for Yvonne when she misplaces the original security video. Who will come to her rescue?

5th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 15)

James is filled with guilt following Helen’s accident. Meanwhile, Kevin takes over Helen’s duties at the J Cosmetics, which allows him to prove what he can do.

Ice Adonis Teasers

eExtra's Ice Adonis episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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8th February 2021 (Monday – Episode 16)

The loan shark arrives at the medical facility to see Yvonne, and this does not please Rose, who whacks her in the face. On the other hand, Helen gains consciousness and inquires about Yvonne, an issue that frightens Eunice.

9th February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 17)

Helen dies after falling off the hospital bed with Eunice in the room. A win for Eunice, but how will Yvonne expose the truth? Meanwhile, Yvonne comforts a devastated James.

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10th February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 18)

Detective Park manages to unearth the truth and exposes Eunice’s role in Helen’s death. Later, James holds a press conference to let everyone see that Yvonne is innocent.

11th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 19)

Detective Park is bribed by Eunice so that he cannot say a word about her but put the blame on Yvonne. Meanwhile, James has not stopped believing in Vyonne’s innocence. He finds a family lawyer to work on her case.

12th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 20)

Eunice is forced to tell her father the truth regarding Helen’s accident after Detective Park demands more money in exchange for silence. Her father agrees to give him more cash.

Ice Adonis Teasers

eExtra's Ice Adonis episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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15th February 2021 (Monday – Episode 21)

Eunice gets support from her father as he hands her the detective money. He is also the presiding judge at the trial of Yvonne and gives her a jail sentence. Later, James decides to end their relationship.

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16th February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 22)

James almost loses the company because of the plans made by Rose. Meanwhile, Yvonne is sure they framed her and vows to seek revenge.

17th February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 23)

Eunice comes across a notebook belonging to Yvonne and has Vyonne’s product ideas, which she steals. She uses the ideas to try and impress James. On the other hand, Yvonne is having a hard time in jail. Who will set her free?

18th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 24)

Yvonne asks her close family members to seek evidence that proves her innocence. Later, Katherine discovers the notebook that had been stolen by Eunice while Susie comes across the detective contacts on her phone, but Joan asks them to leave.

19th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 25)

Katherine presents the notebook to James, hoping he will assist, but he ignores it and later asks Yvonne to stop bothering him. Later, James asks Eunice to marry him.

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Ice Adonis Teasers

eExtra's Ice Adonis episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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22nd February 2021 (Monday – Episode 26)

Katherine overhears Eunice and her father having a conversation regarding the detective. She later accosts her after finding out she is the one to blame. Later, Katherine is involved in an accident and can no longer communicate with Yvonne.

23rd February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 27)

It is James and Eunice’s wedding day, and Yvonne gets into a fight in jail and is injured. Later, she manages to escape with the help of her cellmate as she is being taken to a medical facility. She locates Eunice and seeks to avenge all she subjected her to.

24th February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 28)

Eunice and Yvonne have to be taken to hospital, and Yvonne is later returned to prison, but she learns that she is carrying a baby. Meanwhile, Eunice can now marry James with Yvonne out of the picture.

25th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 29)

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Katherine is yet to be discharged from the hospital while Susie escapes from her foster family. She is later discovered by police officers who struggle to offer help and luckily find Charles.

26th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 30)

James and Eunice finally tie the knot, and Susie moves back in with them. Meanwhile, Rose is determined to expose Eunice’s guilt using Kevin’s CD as Kevin takes over James’s position in the company.

Ice Adonis Teasers

eExtra's Ice Adonis episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Ice Adonis characters?

Ice Adonis premiere episodes prove that the cast is full of talent. Once you start an episode, you will be eager to know what happens next. Here is an account of what will happen to Ice Adonis main characters during the month.


She comes across an injured Helen and takes her to hospital, unaware that the kind gesture will be her downfall. Helen later dies, and Eunice frames her for Helen’s accident. She fails to prove her innocence as Eunice’s father, who is the presiding judge in her case, bribes the detective, and sentences her to jail. She vows to seek revenge.

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She causes Helen’s accident but finds the perfect opportunity to frame Yvonne. She wins as Yvonne ends up in jail, and James breaks up with her. She later steals Vyonne’s product ideas and uses them to try and impress James. Later, James proposes, and she can now get married to him because Yvonne is out of the picture.

You can already tell that the February 2021 episodes will offer great entertainment from the above Ice Adonis teasers. How will Yvonne overcome obstacles to earn her freedom? The South Korean soapie airs on eExtra every Monday to Friday at 2.20 p.m.

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