Man accuses wife who just delivered 2-month-old baby of carrying strange pregnancy

Man accuses wife who just delivered 2-month-old baby of carrying strange pregnancy

- A commercial motorcyclist has threatened to dump his wife claiming that his wife is carrying another man’s baby

- The motorcyclist said his wife who just gave birth two months ago is pregnant again

- He stated that his wife ran away from home to sell their 2-month-old baby

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33-year-old commercial motorcyclist identified as Uche Duru has threatened to dump his wife for being pregnant with another child after she delivered a baby two months ago. He also accused his wife of running away from home to join a baby factory.

The motorcyclist stated that his wife, Rita Nwolu, attempted to sell their baby for N300,000 to a woman who runs a baby factory. Duru alleged that his wife ran away from the house not long after she delivered their baby.

He claimed that it is not possible for him to be the father of the child she is pregnant with because she was not at home and he had been looking for her.


Man accuses wife who just delivered 2-month-old baby of carrying strange pregnancy that is not for him Photo source: The Punch

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Duru said: “I have been looking for my wife since December. I never knew that she had already sold my baby to a woman for N300,000. I also learnt that she is two months’ pregnant; how can my wife who was delivered of a baby two months ago be pregnant? I am not the owner of that pregnancy because I did not sleep with her. I have not seen her for the past two months and it is the police that discovered that she went to sell my baby. I will leave her if she fails to tell me where the pregnancy came from.”

The motorcyclist thanked the police for recovering his baby before his wife sold the child to the owner of the baby factory. He further revealed that he has not completed his wife’s bride price even though she was living with him.

However, the woman claimed that her husband is the owner of the child. She stated that he had been forcefully sleeping with her since she gave birth, revealing that he even threatened her with cutlass whenever she refused.

She said: “My husband is the owner of the pregnancy. He impregnated me. After I gave birth to the baby, my husband would smoke Indian hemp and forcefully sleep with me. It continued to happen like that until I noticed that I was pregnant. Each time I refused to have sleep with him, he would use a cutlass to threaten me.”

Nwolu also denied selling her baby. She explained that she had taken the baby to Egeonu who promised to take care of the child because she could not take care of the baby.

The alleged baby factory owner, however, denied running a baby factory, stating that she runs an orphanage in Owerri, Imo state. She claimed she only offered the nursing mother N300,000 to take care of her family.

The deputy commissioner of police in Rivers state, Cyril Okoro, disclosed that three women, Nkechi Uzoemene, Roseline Okey and Nwolu, who allegedly conspired to sell the two-month-old baby.

“The suspects were said to have conspired amongst themselves and sold a two-month-old baby boy belonging to Rita Nwolu for the sum of N300,000, albeit without the consent of her husband, Uche Duru. The child was sold to Ngozi Egeonu in Owerri, Imo State. However, on the execution of a search in the house and premises of the buyer, operatives recovered nine pregnant young women, whose pregnancies have been mortgaged.”

“Further investigation led to the recovery of the two-month-old baby boy at No. 24, Egbelu Street, Rumudara in Port Harcourt, where the duo of Ugo Amarachi (female) and Benjamin Amuobichukwu were arrested.”

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