Dimitri and Ashley: We have no regrets being polygamists

Dimitri and Ashley: We have no regrets being polygamists

-The polygamist family, the Snowden's, open up about their lifestyle to straighten out misconceptions about their beliefs.

- Dimitri says that he always wanted a big family and multiple wives.

- The couple hope that their children will one day carry on their lifestyle and beliefs.

The Snowden's are known for their TV show on TLC, Seeking Sister Wife. The series showcase how the couple introduce new wives and help outline misconceptions that are believed about the polygamous lifestyle.

As with all reality TV, there comes judgment, so the couple decided to open up more about their lifestyle and was extremely happy to do so.

The husband, Dimitri, stated that he always wanted a large family and to have more than just one wife. The first wife, Ashley, is not a practicing Mormon, but spiritualist. The couple says that they have grown stronger through all the judgment and are happy that they are open about their lifestyle choices.

"Everything in the Black community is taboo, and broadcasting our relationship on TV, I think it's helped me to depend on her more or know that I can," said Dimitri. "The feedback that we do get is obviously male-centered because it’s, 'why would a man do this? It's all about him.' And the observation of how we may behave or work inside our relationship, of course, was then used to leverage unfavorable responses. I think the sum aggregate of everyone's responses starts to hurt after a while, and we decided to do this and this is what it comes with. But nothing can prepare you for that."

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Wife Ashley takes the judgments in her stride and does not let it deflect her from the bigger picture.

"People do have all of these preconceived notions about what this means because of what they have been exposed to, and that, unfortunately, isn't always positive," she said. "We get the statement all the time like, 'Well, I can't believe Black people are doing this.' And I'm like, 'Well, first of all, your ancestors were doing this before we were.'"

The couples families were completely accepting of their choices, so harsh judgments, like they have been facing, are something new.

"I realize that we actually probably do come from some pretty open-minded families in a way," Ashley explained. "Neither one of them is happy about it, but they both support us because they love us. That's it. Initially, I didn't even tell my mom at first because I mean, it was new for us. We knew that that's what we wanted to do, but we didn't know how to talk about it at the time because there wasn't Seeking Sister Wife on TV yet. How do you tell your mom that you want to do this? We just did it. She had a list of questions that were kind of standard questions, but in the end, it was just like, do you and be careful--I don't like it; I hope you grow out of it--but I still love you."

No matter the judgments from others, the Snowden’s are clear that they have no regrets on their choices and with stand firm in their truth. They also stated that they would like if their children carried don their beliefs and lifestyle into their adult lives one day.

"I hope they learn that they can make choices and that you always think about what it is that you know and that what you need to learn. Once you learn everything there is to know about a certain thing, whether it be a lifestyle choice or how to do something new before you make a judgment on it, you assess and you decide."

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