Heavy K has big love for his parents

Heavy K has big love for his parents

- Heavy K opens up about his poverty stricken childhood.

- Saying that his mom went many nights without food so that her children could eat, killed him.

- In appreciation, he recently bought his dad a house and a car, the proudest day of his life.

South African DJ, Heavy K, wears his heart on his sleeve. Recently he opened up about his tough childhood where poverty was a daily struggle. His mother sacrificed her all just to make sure that her children were fed and this killed him

Born and bred in Veeplaas in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, he attended Mzimhlophe Public Primary School, Emfundweni Primary School and later Ndzondelelo Secondary School.

The iNDE hitmaker uses his past to write his story through his music and hopes to inspire others to keep at it and persue their dreams no matter their circumstances.

"What it means to me? It simply means regardless of where you come from, you can still chase your dreams. The fact that you were born in the hood doesn't mean a thing to the universe. The universe just wants you to believe in yourself and in your dreams."

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A defining part of his life is the selflessness of his mother, always going without to provide for her children.

"I come from a very poor family. My parents had so much love for me. Even when my mother was still alive, she loved me. We are a family of four, when we ate, I would see that on my mother's plate there would not be meat while the three of us would have meat. I would ask her why she didn't have meat and she would say she didn't eat meat."

In his later years in life, he confronted his mother on the topic and only then did he realize ther seriousness of the situation and just how much his mother sacrificed for her children.

"It killed me inside but I am a positive person and when my mother told me that it gave me more power to chase my dreams."

In true respect and appreciation for all that his parents did, he bought recently bought his father a house and a car. He stated on his Instagram post, that it was the proudest day of his life.

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