Makhura expresses his concerns on the impact of incompetent government officials

Makhura expresses his concerns on the impact of incompetent government officials

- After his state of the province address, Makhura went on to reinforce his concern around incompetent government officials, stating that they could not even deliver primary services.

- South African government officials are among the highest paid in the world.

- Makhura shows great amount of faith in President Cyril Ramaphosa.

David Makhura, Gauteng’s Premier, has raised a stern concern around high income government officials who are incompetent at their job despite their pay grade

After his state of the province address on Monday, Makhura addressed a gala dinner at Gallagher Estate, Midrand. At the gala dinner, he highlighted his great relief in Ramaphosa’s takeover of presidency in South Africa.

“You know how unhappy I am about officials who have big titles but who don’t appreciate what those titles entail. These are officials who get paid lots of money but who don’t appreciate what that money should mean in getting things done.”

People who worked for government were not paid on time due to the incompetency in the government elected officials, stated Makhura. learnt that civil servants in South Africa were among the highest paid in the world.

“In this country civil servants are not paid peanuts. They get paid lots of money. Go to Zimbabwe if you want to understand how much they earn. Go to many Africa countries, even countries in Latin America, Asia etc. Civil servants are paid well here, but half the time they think it is an entitlement.”

Makhura suggested that some officials were corrupt and demanded kickbacks before paying people who had actually done their job.

“Many officials carry heavy titles and in law they have lot of authority. But few of them appreciate what it means. In addition, some of them, when a service provide is to be paid, they want to get a cut from that. That is why they can’t process these invoices. It is a sense of entitlement.”

Makhura raised the matter of the Esidimeni case, where more than 140 mental health patients died after the provincial health department decided to transfer them to ill-equipped non-governmental organizations. He said that it urged him even more to be closely involved in what was going on.

“Back to Esidimeni, some of them think our people owe them something. The way they conduct themselves. We saw it on our TVs. In Esidimeni some of them carry the title of doctor but the way they carry themselves [is disappointing] ... The level of arrogance meted against vulnerable people ... People who have mental illnesses and can’t do anything for themselves.”

He was frustrated over the fact that he was told his speeches were commendably but not all of his promises and concerns would be fulfilled.

“Esidimeni is just a metaphor. It happens in many areas outside mental health. People always complain. They say: ‘You say these things, Premier. Your speeches are nice. We like them, but things are not happening as fast. The premier speeches are great, but a lot of these things are not getting done.”
“These MECs get frustrated. We sit together in the lekgotla and work out plans. And the MECs come back to me to report. They report every six weeks, saying: Premier that target that we set on this or that did not happen because officials in the department [did] this and that.”

Makhura did not forget to commend those who went beyond their call of duty to deliver services to residents.

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“So before all officials who are doing their work think we are in trouble, I want to appreciate officials who do their work. Give them a big round of applause. They are not few. There are many officials who sweat their heart out and some of them I know them. One thing Life Esidimeni has done with me is that I am getting my hands on the whole machinery of government. I am going into every department now. And I am discovering great officials.
“Sometimes I phone them directly when I need something. And sometimes the MECs are unhappy that I speak directly to them. So we do have officials in the Gauteng administration who are outstanding, capable and committed. A lot of them ethical individuals. I want us to work together, colleagues, to build a great province. People of this province expect nothing less than a great province from us.”

Again, Makhura went on to highlight his happiness over Ramaphosa’s new position as president.

“I am very happy, very fired up. Very relieved by the fact that we have a president like Cyril Ramaphosa. I don’t know about you. Maybe happy is an understatement. I am very relieved,” he said to loud applause.
“[As Gauteng] we used to carry the burden of the whole country. To try and raise the mood of the country. Every time I would come across people saying: ‘Premier helps us raise the mood. Help us feel good.’ So I was a kind of a psychologist. People saying we are so depressed. I am very relieved that that’s no longer my responsibility.”

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