Thrilling Muvhango Teasers for March 2021 are out: All episodes

Thrilling Muvhango Teasers for March 2021 are out: All episodes

Muvhango teasers for March 2021 episodes reveal the sticky situation that Imani, Gugu, and Rendani get themselves into. After dumping Vuyo’s body and cleaning the crime scene to get rid of any evidence, there is someone who knows what they did that and tries to blackmail them. How will they ensure they are not linked to the crime?

Muvhango Teasers March 2021
Muvhango on SABC2 is a local soapie that airs every weekday at 9.00 p.m. Photo: PhilMphela
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Dee and Mulimisi start dating, but she demands that they should never be seen together. Why is she ashamed? On the other hand, a troubled Mulalo commits suicide while Marang discovers that she is expectant.

Muvhango teasers March 2021

Muvhango on SABC2 has been around for a long time and remains one of South Africa's most entertaining local shows. March 2021 episodes have a surprising turn of events that you cannot afford to miss. Get ready to cry, hate, love, and laugh at the same time. Here is what is coming up.

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Muvhango Teasers for March 2021
Muvhango on SABC2 February episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st March 2021 (Monday – Episode 3762)

Things have changed as everyone starts to defend Vuyo and reprimand Imani for victimizing him. Meanwhile, Mulalo experiences another dreadful nightmare. Vuyo volunteers to ensure the cake reaches the baby shower, but the worst happens.

2nd March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 3763)

The ladies are not ready to be locked up in jail. They make up their mind to dump Vuyo’s body and escape the law. Later, Vhutsilo and Shaz are apprehended after holding the celebration. On the other hand, Mulalo is worried that he might be getting insane again.

3rd March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 3764)

A message from the ancestors makes Mulalo disturbed and confused. Meanwhile, Rendani and his lady accomplices clean up any evidence that might incriminate them to the crime. How long will they be able to hide? On the other hand, Hangwani devises a plan to make Shaz, Kgosi, and Vhutshilo pay for their misdeeds.

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4th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 3765)

Teboho and Mulalo are determined to ensure that Mulalo’s horrific nightmares do not become a reality. Later, the accomplices are terrified after the arrival of Vuyo’s former wife looking for him. Will she suspect anything? Meanwhile, Imani’s decision to defend Marang shocks James.

5th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 3766)

Mulimisi is looking for someone to manage social media while Vho-Mukondeleli accosts Mulalo regarding his weird behavior. Later, Tshepiso wants Imani to explain to her what occurred to Vuyo.

Thrilling Muvhango Teasers
Muvhango on SABC2 February episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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8th March 2021 (Monday – Episode 3767)

Things start to get worse in the Vuyo fiasco. On the other hand, Mulalo makes an earnest request to his ancestors. Will he find answers to his troubled mind? Mulimisi is interested in pursuing someone.

9th March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 3768)

Imani is called by an individual who is aware of their actions, while Teboho feels that Mulalo is responsible for the misfortunes that Luruli is facing. Later, Dee makes it clear to Shaz that it is not possible for her to be with Mulimisi.

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10th March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 3769)

The ladies are haunted by Vuyo in the afterlife. Will they turn themselves in? Meanwhile, the doctors cannot detect the problem in Luruli’s body while Mulimisi finally tries his luck on Dee. Will she accept to be with him after denying him in front of Shaz?

11th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 3770)

The blackmailer and the mastermind are identified while Mulalo’s attitude regarding the ritual at the river changes after experiencing a dream. On the other hand, the post that Mulimisi sent on social media starts trending, but Dee is not pleased. Is he blowing up his chances to be with her?

12th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 3771)

Imani and her accomplices are left in confusion after a blackmailer instructs Imani on what to do. How will they get rid of the individual? The forefathers direct Mulalo on what he has to do. Meanwhile, Mulimisi and Dee meet for a date, but things get tense.

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Muvhango Teasers for March 2021
Muvhango on SABC2 February episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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15th March 2021 (Monday – Episode 3772)

Mulalo gets ready to perform rituals as directed by his forefathers. Meanwhile, Dee is discovered by Shaz as she sneaks out after being with Mulimisi for the night. Did she change her perception of him? Imani makes up her mind to act so that she can rescue her pals from the blackmailer. How will she do it?

16th March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 3773)

Imani receives public humiliation as she tries to rescue the ladies from going to prison. Meanwhile, Mulalo is interested in sealing his chieftaincy, so he tricks Luruli into performing the ritual. On the other hand, the romance between Mulimisi and Dee does not start well when she demands that no one should see them together. Why is she ashamed of being seen with him?

17th March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 3774)

Imani receives threats from Marang while Luruli is missing in action. Do Mulalo’s rituals have anything to do with the disappearance? On the other hand, Vhutshilo wants Bubble.

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18th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 3775)

Hulisani gets away from Rendani while Luruli breathes his last breath. Meanwhile, Vhutshilo and Kgosi are having fun following Bubbles and Dee’s online battle.

19th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 3776)

The girls are in a confusing situation because of Vuyo. What will they do to liberate themselves? The police arrest Mulalo while Vhutshilo wants to see if Bubbles will say yes to him.

Muvhango Teasers for March 2021
Muvhango on SABC2 February episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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23rd March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 3777)

The blackmailer’s identity is made known, and it turns out it is not the person the ladies thought it would be. On the other hand, Mulalo’s words shock Gizara. Dee receives an exciting offer, while Shaz has worries regarding her social media addiction.

24th March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 3778)

Rendani, Imani, and Gugu are forced to face the music for what they did. Vho-Makhadzi does not accept the resignation presented by Mulalo, but his decision has an unexpected outcome. Meanwhile, the situation starts to get out of hand after Bubble and Dee’s dissing of each other gets extreme.

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26th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 3780)

Teboho feels that she is responsible for Mulalo’s decision to commit suicide. On the other hand, Hagwani mommy shames Gugu because she depends on Google to find solutions to her baby’s problems, and this offends her. Later, Marang discovers that she is expectant.

29th March 2021 (Monday – Episode 3781)

Marang is ready to reveal her surprise to James. Will he be happy? Meanwhile, Teboho goes to the elders to seek a favour, while Hangwani goes to buy things.

30th March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 3782)

James gets into a cycling accident and is taken to a medical facility for treatment. On the other hand, Teboho says her last goodbye to Mulalo. Rendani waits for Hangwani so that they can have lunch together as agreed, but she fails to show up.

31st March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 3783)

James wants to reveal bad news to Imani. How will she take it? On the other hand, the royal family welcomes Mulalo as the anointed one, while Hangwani is not pleased with the idea of Gugu employing a nanny.

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Muvhango Teasers for March 2021
Muvhango on SABC2 February episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to Muvhango characters?

There is a lot of action and drama to expect in Muvhango March episodes. What happens to some of your favorite Muvhango actors and actresses? Here is a summarized account.


He gets another horrifying nightmare and fears that insanity might be setting in. He later goes to seek answers from his ancestors. He then tricks Luruli into performing the directed rituals so that his chieftaincy is sealed and Luruli dies. Mulalo later commits suicide.

Rendani, Imani and Gugu

They dump Vuyo’s body and then clean all the traces that might link them to the crime. However, there is someone who knows what they did and starts to blackmail them. What will they do to get rid of the blackmailer and avoid jail?

From the above Muvhango teasers for March 2021 episodes, the accomplices in the murder of Vuyo are doing everything in their power to stay away from jail. For how long will they hide? Ensure you catch the local show on SABC2 from Mondays to Fridays at 9.00 p.m.

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