Russian car enthusiast builds a drivable G-Wagon out of ice

Russian car enthusiast builds a drivable G-Wagon out of ice

The host of the popular Garage 54 YouTube channel, Vladislav Barashenkov, posted his newest invention, a uniquely made version of the Mercedes G-Class luxury SUV which was made largely from clear blocks of ice, went viral.

The Russian mechanic and local ice sculptor created the Mercedes G-Class SUV using blocks of ice mounted on a metal chassis and powered by an old engine.

Barashenkov had the sculptor create the body out of ice and he mounted it to the chassis of an old UAZ 469 military utility vehicle. The ice SUV is a drivable vehicle, but only on smooth surfaces. It weighs a massive 5 tones.

Barashenkov gave it a little sparkle by also fitting color LED lights to it which create a beautiful effect when reflecting off the ice.

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Being noticed for his crazy inventions, this is nothing new for Vladislav Barashenkov. His previous hit was a three headed car that wore sneakers.

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