Unbroken Teasers for March 2021: What can you expect in the episodes?

Unbroken Teasers for March 2021: What can you expect in the episodes?

Nse’s actions reveal that she is willing to go to any lengths to achieve what she wants. But then, she runs out of options. How will she redeem herself? Read the following Unbroken teasers for more details.

Unbroken Teasers
Unbroken is a Nigerian soap opera that currently airs on Novela Magic every Monday to Sunday at 9.00 p.m. Photo: ilupeju_updates
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Abimbola unearths shocking details regarding Iyoma’s accident. Elsewhere, Jesse succeeds at becoming Ofure’s replacement as the CEO while Tivdo discovers that he is bound to the wheelchair because of Tobore.

Unbroken teasers March 2021

Unbroken on Novela Magic has a number of entertaining twists in March episodes that you cannot afford to miss. Here is what is coming up on the show during the month.

Unbroken Teasers
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1st March 2021 (Monday – Episode 95)

Tivdo does not accept the Voight deal while Bomboy discovers crucial details regarding Ohimai. Leon is visited by Tobore’s supporters.

2nd March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 96)

Naf and Tivdo have another encounter while Ohimai finds himself in great trouble. Elsewhere, Tallulah and Jesse have to tackle a new problem.

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3rd March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 97)

Marcus and Iyoma join forces to get some assistance for Leon. Maria and Tallulah have an argument while Jesse is ready to take the role of COO from Ofure.

4th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 98)

Terfa gets into some issues with Tobore and Abimbola while Zua decides to become self-employed. There is a new problem for Leyla and Stanlo. Will they get a solution on time?

5th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 99)

Naf’s actions are fearless, but he faces an unprecedented problem. Elsewhere, new sparks seem to fly for Jesse.

6th March 2021 (Saturday – Episodes 100)

Tivdo manages to place Zua where she belongs, while Nafis is shocked by Nse’s revelation. Diana and Tobore get into a new working relationship.

7th March 2021 (Sunday – Episode 101)

Dabota gains an unexpected advantage over the situation while Tallulah and Tivdo continue to act recklessly. On the other hand, Naf is upset after losing while Ofure lets herself down.

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Unbroken Teasers
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8th March 2021 (Monday – Episode 102)

Zua can now experience convenience while Leon and Marcus have a heated argument regarding Iyoma. Meanwhile, FK’s plans are set in motion.

9th March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 103)

Jesse receives information regarding the escape of Naf, while Tallulah sets rules that must be followed. Terfa makes up her mind to seek a divorce.

10th March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 104)

Jesse finds new details that confirm the deceptive ways of her mother. Elsewhere, Timothy acts fearlessly with Tobore.

11th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 105)

Tivdo does anything in his power to make the relationship with Zua succeed, while Leyla gets into a difficult situation because of Maya. Tobore gives Diana a warning. Will she act on time?

12th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 106)

Zua is left in confusion after Tallulah seeks forgiveness. On the other hand, Tivdo makes hints to Iyoma regarding her relationship with Leon while Leyla is still in trouble because of Maya’s problems.

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13th March 2021 (Saturday – Episode 107)

Iyoma is in a lot of confusion after an unexpected event takes place. Elsewhere, Tallulah gains an unexpected acquaintance.

14th March 2021 (Sunday – Episode 108)

Tivdo decides to return to the Gyado house while Jesse discovers the things that the girls have been planning in the spa. Dabota and Abimbola decide to settle their differences for the sake of Iyoma.

Unbroken Teasers
Nigerian Unbroken on Novela Magic episode. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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15th March 2021 (Monday – Episode 109)

Iyoma is devastated while Tallulah offers to help Tivdo. On the other hand, Nse’s actions reveal that she is willing to go to any lengths to get what she wants.

16th March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 110)

Tallulah and Tivdo end up doing a lot of work while Ofure discovers new details regarding Plexus. Nse has no idea what she should do next.

17th March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 111)

Zua has power over the situation, while Tobore finds out the truth. Meanwhile, Terfa has another plan. Will this one work?

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18th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 112)

Nse manages to deliver a killing blow while Ofure discovers more than what she expected to receive. Meanwhile, Jesse unknowingly delivers herself into the claws of the enemy.

19th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 113)

Terfa has no choice but to set rules within which Timothy is going to operate. Tobore has an offer to make to Diana. Will she accept the proposal? Later, the surviving Malafa members come back with a bang. Have they returned to cause trouble?

20th March 2021 (Saturday – Episode 114)

Naf has an encounter with Tivdo and Jesse for the first time since he got out of jail, while Maya is yet to give up on playing tricks. Elsewhere, Stanlo finds himself in a difficult situation.

21st March 2021 (Sunday – Episode 115)

Ofure manages to make Shina reveal a hidden secret. What will be the consequences? On the other hand, Ohimai gains a new friend.

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Unbroken Teasers
Nigerian Unbroken on Novela Magic episode. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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22nd March 2021 (Monday – Episode 116)

Tivdo makes up his mind to try with Zua. Elsewhere, luck seems to be with Ofure as he appears to be winning. Jesse discovers some shocking details while Tobore is faced with new problems.

23rd March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 117)

Tobore goes out in search of the thief at the spa while Tivdo is kept on his toes by Terfa’s suggestions. Ohimai gets himself into hot soup. Is he ready to handle the consequences?

24th March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 118)

Ohimai removes doubts by making things clear for Terfa. Nse is ready to save a certain situation.

25th March 2021 (Thursday – Episode 119)

Ademide has nothing to hide as he comes to Jesse while Atinuke addresses her complaints to Timothy. Later, Dabota gets his terms from Terfa.

26th March 2021 (Friday – Episode 120)

Iyoma receives support from the Gyados. On the other hand, Tivdo finds out that he is bound to his wheelchair because of Tobore’s actions.

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27th March 2021 (Saturday – Episode 121)

Tallulah makes rules that must be followed while Ofure discovers details regarding a hidden secret. Tivdo accosts his father regarding the stronghold that Tobore possesses.

28th March 2021 (Sunday – Episode 122)

Jesse succeeds at becoming Ofure’s replacement, and now she is the CEO. Elsewhere, Zua and FK have a confrontation while Naf participates in an interview with Terfa.

29th March 2021 (Monday – Episode 123)

Abimbola discovers shocking details regarding Iyoma’s accident. On the other hand, Jesse welcomes an evil person into her household. Will she realize her mistake when it is too late?

30th March 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 124)

Jesse bares her claws while Abimbola wants Terfa to make a tough choice. Kiki is discovered while Naf is not the person to give up easily.

31st March 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 125)

Terfa begs Abimbola to rethink her stance with Dabota. Dabota sets the limit for Ademide while Atunike gets a formal visit from Tobore.

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Unbroken Teasers
Nigerian Unbroken on Novela Magic episode. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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What happens to Unbroken characters?

Who is your favourite actor or actress on Novela Magic’s Unbroken? Here is a glimpse of what is going to happen to some of the characters in Unbroken March episodes.


She accepts the position of COO from Ofure. Later, in a twist of events, she becomes Ofure’s replacement as the company's CEO. She is also unaware that she is dealing with an evil person. What will be her fate?


She is ready to do anything to achieve her target. Later, she runs out of options. Will she finally decide to give up?


He manages to place Zua where she belongs. He also discovers that Tobore is responsible for his being bound on a wheelchair and later accosts his father regarding Tobore’s stronghold.

March 2021 episodes promise to keep you and your loved ones entertained, as seen from the above Unbroken teasers. Is Jesse going to discover that she is dealing with an enemy before it is too late? Tune in to Novela Magic every Monday to Sunday at 9.00 p.m. to watch the show.

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