Law of the Heart Teasers for April 2021: Margarita takes responsibility for her husband's murder

Law of the Heart Teasers for April 2021: Margarita takes responsibility for her husband's murder

Law of the Heart on Telemundo has an exciting line-up of episodes in April 2021. The drama at the Cabal-Ortega-Dominguez and Associates Law firm has a new twist. Although working hard to solve family law cases, the lawyers have endless family issues of their own to deal with. Find out what happens in the coming episodes from the following Law of the Heart teasers.

Law of the Heart Teasers
Law of the Heart on Telemundo narrates how lawyers deal with their personal lives as they solve other people's issues. Photo: glamtush
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In April 2021 episodes, Jimena does not want Pablo to have contact with the kids, so she gets a restraining order. On the other hand, Ivan is worried about Margarita's mental state when she confesses to murdering her spouse.

Law of the Heart teasers April 2021

Despite their feisty tones and no-nonsense demeanor, attorneys are not immune to personal issues that common people face every day. How do they solve their problems? Will Julia consider giving her heart to Pablo now that her relationship with Camilo is strained? Discover more from these Law of the Heart teasers.

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Law of the Heart Teasers
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1st April 2021 - Thursday episode

Catalina goes to the police station and registers a complaint against Leonardo for stealing some valuable items. On the other hand, Camilo is stalking Julia and secretly follows her and Pablo when they depart from the police station.

2nd April 2021 – Friday episode

After a thorough scrutiny of the evidence tying Santiago to the crime, Robles asks the judge to open his murder case once again. What did he find out? Elsewhere, there is a hearing on the robbery case of Catalina.

3rd April 2021 – Saturday episode

Eduardo seeks counsel from Alfredo regarding the defense of Angelica. However, Osvaldo confesses the truth to Marcos while Angelica is visited by Alfredo in a courtroom cell.

4th April 2021 – Sunday episode

Jimena makes it clear that she does not want Pablo to see the kids in her absence. Elsewhere, Elias reveals the truth to Isabel and Virginia regarding Julian's act of impregnating his lover. Will he take responsibility?

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5th April 2021 – Monday episode

The judge's decision to grant Osvaldo probation takes him by surprise. Pablo and Julia are reminiscing their past relationship when Nicolas arrives and cuts it short.

6th April 2021 – Tuesday episode

A number of ladies approach Nico and Camilo, but Camilo reminds them that his relationship with Julia is serious. However, there is a hearing for Eloisa's case.

7th April 2021 – Wednesday episode

Julia catches Rosa and Ivan sharing a romantic moment, and Rosa starts defending herself. Nicolas and Pablo have a meeting with Nora and Sara in a lounge.

8th April 2021 – Thursday episode

Camilo confesses his love for Julia and promises to do everything possible so that they can be together. Elsewhere, Andres and Catalina set aside their differences.

9th April 2021 – Friday episode

Virginia does not want to agree with what Julian says. Meanwhile, Pablo is ready to take on the adoption case of Josefina and Marcela.

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10th April 2021 – Saturday episode

Elias starts working on another case. Elsewhere, Alfredo finds out that he has feelings for Catalina, but it is too late. He struggles to hide his envy towards Andres.

11th April 2021 – Sunday episode

The court finds Leonardo guilty of abduction, sexual abuse, and stealing. On the other hand, Catalina is happy with the results, while Camilo has worries regarding the case of Manolo.

Law of the Heart Teasers
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12th April 2021 – Monday episode

Isabel calls Julia to let her know that her brother and sister have encountered a problem. A worried Julia departs for the police station.

13th April 2021 – Tuesday episode

Hortensia goes to see Camilo in his office. She tells him that Manolo did not commit the crime and reveals that she was with him on the night that the murder took place.

14th April 2021 – Wednesday episode

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Lucy reveals to Pablo that Jimena has neglected the children. Elsewhere, Julia lets Camilo know she is still hurting from his betrayal.

15th April 2021 – Thursday episode

Julia is advised by her friends regarding the status of her relationship with Camilo, and Anselmo approaches Maria del Pilar to assist in his divorce case.

16th April 2021 – Friday episode

Jimena wants Maria del Pilar to assist her in filing a restraining order against Pablo to prevent him from having contact with the children. Maria del Pilar turns down her request.

17th April 2021 – Saturday episode

After failing to find enough evidence that ties Manolo to the crime, he is set free. Elsewhere, Pablo is not pleased when he is served with a restraining order, while Benjamin gets ready to depart from the country.

18th April 2021 – Sunday episode

Camilo goes to a medical facility to have his bullet wound checked. On the other hand, law enforcers arrest Lorenzo for attempted murder, while Benjamin confesses the truth.

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Law of the Heart Teasers
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19th April 2021 – Monday episode

Rosa and Julia have a discussion regarding the divorce case of Julian and Virginia. Elsewhere, Nicolas's advances towards Silvia are turned down, while the hearing of Benjamin's case takes place.

20th April 2021 – Tuesday episode

A worried Lucy informs Jimena that her kids are nowhere to be found, but she tells her that the kids are in safe hands with Pablo. Upon hearing this, Lucy accuses Pablo of abducting the children.

21st April 2021 – Wednesday episode

The bachelorette ceremony of Maria Cristina is underway. Elsewhere, Margarita opens up about the truth to Ivan, and he calls Marcos to seek some advice.

22nd April 2021 – Thursday episode

The prosecutor and Captain Lujan ask Margarita some questions, and she informs them that she is responsible for her husband's death. Meanwhile, Ivan feels that she is going through emotional trauma.

23rd April 2021 – Friday episode

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Law enforcers detain Elias after catching him driving under the influence of alcohol. Elsewhere, Ivan has not stopped worrying about the case of Margarita and discusses the issue with Rosa.

24th April 2021 – Saturday episode

The mental state of Ivan's sister continues to worry him. On the other hand, Camilo is discharged from the medical facility, while Alvaro, Miguel, and Julia reveal to Maria Cristina that Juan David is homosexual.

25th April 2021 – Sunday episode

Maria Cristina laments the betrayal of Juan David, and Julia makes up her mind to remain home so that she can give her emotional support. Later, Camilo asks Julia to forgive him for cheating on her. Will she accept his apology?

Law of the Heart Teasers
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26th April 2021 – Monday episode

Josefina and Marcela are informed by Pablo and Julia that they should be ready to endure the long process associated with the adoption if they are willing to pursue the case. Elsewhere, Alfredo kisses Catalina on the cheek as Andres looks on.

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27th April 2021 – Tuesday episode

Alfredo and Pablo have a conversation regarding Julia and Catalina. Pablo tells Alfredo that it will be best for him to find another person. On the other hand, Elias seeks Evan's help.

28th April 2021 – Wednesday episode

The existence of Melissa and Vanessa at the firm surprises Maria del Pilar. Elsewhere, Camilo goes to the hearing against Lorenzo, and he seeks his forgiveness.

29th April 2021 – Thursday episode

Jimena asks her children to forget what happened and pardon her for scolding them. Maria del Pilar makes Hernando aware of the details regarding her mistake of sending someone who did not commit a crime to prison.

30th April 2021 – Friday episode

Julia and Pablo share a lunchtime meal as they discuss their spouses' unfaithfulness. Elsewhere, Margarita is grateful to Ivan for helping solve her case.

Law of the Heart Teasers
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What happens to the Law of the Heart characters?

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The Law of the Heart April episodes reveal how attorneys maneuver through their busy careers and personal lives. What happens to some of the Law of the Heart cast members? Here is a summarized account.


She does not want Pablo to have contact with their children when she is not around. To make this possible, she gets a restraining order against him. Later, the kids escape to be with Pablo. How will they share custody of the kids?


She confesses to being responsible for her husband's death. Her emotional trauma continues to worry his brother Ivan, who does not rest until he finds a solution.


His relationship with Julia is strained after he had an affair. He becomes more cautious after the incident and does not want to deal with any other lady. Julia reminds him that she is hurt from what he did, and he seeks her forgiveness. Will she be able to forgive him?

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The above Law of the Heart teasers reveal how the drama will unfold in April 2021 episodes, and it is clear that the show is getting more entertaining. Will Julia forgive Camilo for cheating? Ensure you follow the storyline on Telemundo every Monday to Sunday at 9.00 p.m.

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