Letter from SA citizen to opposition parties: Start working for the people

Letter from SA citizen to opposition parties: Start working for the people

Editors note: A member of the public, who wants to be known as Just An Ordinary Citizen, wrote a fantastic letter to Briefly.co.za in which he urges members of the opposition parties to stop playing political games and start working with the ruling ANC for the benefit of the whole country.

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In a debating competition contestants are given a certain subject to either agree or disagree on, team A must agree and team B disagree, in order to win you must make your argument heard and rated by judges as well as the audience.

I'm perplexed by the actions of the opposition parties in parliament. It's like they are team B contestants in a debate, they always choose to disagree with the ruling party, no matter how judicious is the decision in favor of the citizens.

Being the first one to always point out the wrong doesn't necessarily make you a good or better party. The time and money spent in campaigns intended to plant wrong ideas in the minds of the citizens should be utilized for the good of the country. All your efforts should be redirected to helping the current ruling party to ensure that we move forward as an amalgamated country.

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If we want to watch a soccer, rugby or cricket match we go to stadiums in order to support and see who becomes victorious, our parliaments should not be used as a playground. I appeal again my trusted opposition parties to stop proving to us the citizens that you are better than the ruling party, have our best interest at heart instead of manoeuvring our minds so we can vote for you in 2019.

Stop isolating the citizens for your own benefits but rather start working for the people, so we can once again be united as a nation by supporting the newly appointed leader, as you did when he delivered his speech during the Sona. Give advice and guidance where needed using the parliament as your boardroom, by doing so you would be showing that we are indeed united and that you have our best interest at heart.

If you can consider this plea from an ordinary citizen, I'm certain that somewhere in the near future you will gain our votes and your party will be the one in regime of this stunning country.


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