Isono teasers for April 2021: Makwande lies and gets the boot from Zoleka

Isono teasers for April 2021: Makwande lies and gets the boot from Zoleka

Many know Mary Ndlovu in her community as a philanthropic socialite who takes in unwanted delinquent children and cares for them in the House of Grace. However, it is unknown to them that behind the facade lurks a cold-hearted criminal. As most people call her, Mother Mary is a fraudster, murderer, and child trafficker, among other nasty roles of hers. Who will unveil her true identity? Isono teasers give a sneak peek into what happens this month.

Isono Teasers
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Isono is a South African television soap opera created by Mahlogonolo Manchester Mahapa and produced by Clive Morris Productions. Isono telenovela centres on a heroic son whom a dysfunctional family gave birth to. While growing, the boy started looking within for the required strength to hinder an evil matriarch who does not stop operating until her needs are met.

Isono April 2021 teasers

Things will no longer be the same again, considering the encounter that Mncedisi and Mary have. Simon feelings of vulnerability will make him do something unthinkable, which is to bring down Noluthando's ex-boyfriend, Sanele, who just came to town. But then, what is Gabriel up to that turns him suddenly into a liar? These Isono soapie teasers are worth reading.

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Episode 108 - Thursday, 1st of April, 2021

Title: The Broken Wedding Bells

Information that makes Ayo happy is what breaks Abednego's heart.

Episode 109 - Monday, 5th of April, 2021

Title: Happy Yanga Day

Nervous Ayo develops good connections with Mary, her would-be mother-in-law. Yanga becomes a Santa Claus while trying to bless the HOG kids with cash and gifts, even though it all ends on a bad note for him.

Episode 110 - Tuesday, 6th of April, 2021

Title: Busted

Mary challenges Mncedisi wrongfully of stealing from her, while Ayo catches Gabriel is in his lies. Also, Makwande has a brief, noncommittal sexual relationship with a new person, which Esther is jealous of.

Episode 111 - Wednesday, 7th of April, 2021

Title: I have a way out

Gabriel eventually confesses to Ayo the truth about his dark past, and her response surprises him. Stressed-out Yanga is terrified into action by Mary, but instead of things getting better, they go from bad to worse as Makwande, still on cloud nine from his evening with Zoleka, is in for a huge surprise.

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Episode 112 - Thursday, 8th of April, 2021

Title: Trust no-one

Zakwe persuades Yanga to give gambling a try, while Esther discovers a new suspect in the nude’s leak saga. Also, things between Sara and Pastor Abiola reach boiling point.

Isono Teasers
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Episode 113 - Monday, 12th of April, 2021

Title: Getaway

Gabriel's gain ends up being a loss for Yanga and Zakwe as the two children struggle to raise the money they owe Mary. AB has money woes of his own after he decides to steal from the Lebedevs. Meanwhile, Esther is left spinning when Mncedisi faces a leak of his own.

Episode 114 - Tuesday, 13th of April, 2021

Title: A dark and stormy night

The danger appears at HOG, and in its wake, it leaves a devastating death.

Episode 115 - Wednesday, 14th of April, 2021

Title: Coping methods

The presence of a new law enforcement agent worsens Mary's criminal enterprise. Makwande and Simon deal with trouble when they grapple with relating to their respective love interests.

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Episode 116 - Thursday, 15th of April, 2021

Title: Screwed

One of Mother Mary's own threatens her while Gabriel struggles to assist in cleaning up a mess. Zakwe's friend's death tortures him, and Simon attempts to win Noluthando back.

Episode 117 - Monday, 19th of April, 2021

Title: Moving on

Siviwe's presence is beginning to make Mary more uncomfortable, but Mncedisi encourages her to see the situation in another dimension. Esther plans a memorial while Simon is lost in his own world, creating a perfect date for Noluthando.

Episode 118 - Tuesday, 20th of April, 2021

Title: Time to say goodbye

Everyone bids farewell to one of their own, and Simon becomes restless because a delectable blast from Noluthando's past reappears.

Episode 119 - Wednesday, 21st of April, 2021

Title: Runaway

Gabriel is troubled that Abednego needs the drugs again, while Mncedisi wants to publicise his relationship with Mary with a threat of exposing her if she declines. Simon feels vulnerable and sets out to bring down Noluthando's ex-boyfriend, Sanele, who has just come to town.

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Episode 120 - Thursday, 22nd of April, 2021

Title: Slyza Tsotsi

Mary informs AB to shape up or ship out while Damola, Abiola's brother, arrives. Makwande lies and gets the boot from Zoleka as Sanele takes Simon's fans.

Isono Teasers
Isono episodes April 2021. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 121 - Monday, 26th of April, 2021

Title: Dangerous liaisons

Mncedisi and Mary have an encounter that transforms their lives permanently. Siviwe continues to hunt down Vorster as Esther squares off with Zoleka, and Simon makes a fool of himself.

Episode 122 - Tuesday, 27th of April, 2021

Title: Is he mad?

Mncedisi surprises everyone by telling the truth about his actual affair with Mary. Esther and Mary appear as though they cannot make it through this one with their relationship intact.

Episode 123 - Wednesday, 28th of April, 2021

Title: Manipulation

Mary can make Esther let go of everything she has done for her, and so, she plots with Mncedisi not to tell the truth about their relationship. Gabriel enlists Jumima and Simon's assistance in negotiating his lobola without knowing that he would regret it later. Zoleka has had enough of being understanding, and she demands that Makwande choose.

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Episode 124 - Thursday, 29th of April, 2021

Title: Part of the plan

Gabriel has to manage the fallout from the dowry negotiations and disloyalty from someone he truly cares about. Esther complicates Mary's plan to get rid of Mncedisi. Things do no go well between Sanele and Noluthando.


Esther becomes jealous of Makwande's new fling before discovering a new suspect in the nude’s leak saga. Because of the situation at hand, she appears as if she cannot make it through with her relationship intact. Will Mary’s effort in making Esther forgive her for everything she has done work out?


Makwande has a brief, noncommittal sexual relationship with a new person, who Esther is jealous of. Although Makwande is on cloud nine from his evening with Zoleka, he does not know that he is in for a massive surprise. Now that he has his trouble to deal with has he grapples with relating with his love interest, how will he scale through?

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From these Isono teasers, it is amazing knowing that the drama show's storyline becomes more interesting. So, as the episodes broadcast on BET from Mondays to Thursdays at 21h30, make it a date to watch. If you miss any day's show, the repeat version of each episode is available the following day at 18h00. Also, the omnibus is available from 09h30 on Saturdays.

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