Meet the man who protects future leaders, Colonel Mkhacani Maluleke

Meet the man who protects future leaders, Colonel Mkhacani Maluleke

- Mkhacani Maluleke, colonel of the Brixton Police station highlighted the stressing need for security in student residence.

- The police station has pressed for students to get a panic button attached to their keys as they are soft targets.

- Maluleke highlighted the need for parents to take some responsibility in the matter and make sure that their children are safe.

Colonel Mkhacani Maluleke is the commander at the Brixton Police Station. He believes that it is his duty as a police officer, to guide and protect our future generation.

Maluleke takes the guidance of the youth with extreme seriousness. He places great emphasis on their development of the youth within his area.

On the 28 February, he went about his normal day with his fellow officer and area security, Alert Security and Armed Response Services (Asars), Delta Tactical and Bright Angel Security.

Maluleke did an inspection on the level of security in the youth hostels and surrounding housing. He was concerned upon his findings.

“Some of these places don’t even have security. They are risking students’ lives. These places must have security – must!”

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Maluleke was not pleased by the lack of care of the owners of the student accommodation. He stated that they simply take the rent and carry on with their day, providing no security to their tenants.

Brixton police spokesperson, Jeanette Backhoff, took the matter into her own hands and put forward that the students should be furnished with a panic button that is attached to their keys. The students are easy targets and need added security.

Maluleke highlighted that the parents need to play their part too.

“Parents need to inspect where their children are living to make sure it is safe enough for them to live in. We have parents who don’t know where their kids are living.”

Muzi Dumakude from the Gauteng Department of Community Safety went around to the student accommodations with the Brixton police so that they too could see the seriousness of the situation.

“These kids are our future and we need to look after the future.”

Dumakude urges students to be extra cautious in the interim and to take the necessary measures like sticking in pairs and not inviting large amounts of stingers over for gatherings, in order to stay safe while the matter is taken up.

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