Zuma says whites won't be chased away due to land expropriation

Zuma says whites won't be chased away due to land expropriation

Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s former President, gave his piece on the expropriation of land without compensation, stating that it does not mean the immediate evacuation of white descendant settlers.

Since his standing down, Zuma made his first public address on Thursday evening at the National Funeral Parlour Association's opening gala dinner in Durban. He attended as a speaker and to receive his recognition award for his apparent heroic commitment to radical economic transformation.

The National Funeral Parlour Association threatened to block white and Indian owned funeral parlours from operating in the townships, earlier this year. They refere to Zuma as “father of radical economic transformation”.

Organisations such as the Black First Land First movement and controversial business forum Delangokubona, attended the event. It was an event based around radical economic transformation.

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In his speech, Zuma highlighted that the uncertainty of this land issue may lead to this generation having to answer to their ancestors on why it took so long when they are equipped with education and weapons like guns.

“We have those who came to settle, in our history, they are called settlers, and we’re not saying they must go. But we’re saying the matter of the land must be corrected.”

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