Zodwa says her Ben 10 doesn't spend her money

Zodwa says her Ben 10 doesn't spend her money

Zodwa Wabantu makes it clear that she is no sugar mommy, just because she is engaged to a younger man, does not mean she is the one financing his uptown lifestyle

Briefly.co.za learnt that they couple used to share their money in the past and knew one another for quiet sometime before that.

Zodwa set the story straight and said that she would not condone mislead statements that her newly made fame would entitle her man to loaf around and sponge off her.

"I have a Ben 10. I am happy. He is not a (typical) Ben 10. He works... at the bank. You say he is eating my money. No, I don't have money. I have known him for four years. We would eat a R100 together and we would survive on that."

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Zodwa said that dating a younger man gave her just what she needed, companionship, and that she was not interested in the conventional butterflies in your stomach kind of love.

Briefly.co.za learnt that Zodwa had denied dating a Ben 10 for attention, earlier this year.

"I am not dating a Ben 10 because I need attention or looking for love. I know what love feels and looks like, that is not what I am after. I am after happiness, being in a free space and living my best life."

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