Enakhe teasers for April 2021: Mysteries unfold within a troubled empire

Enakhe teasers for April 2021: Mysteries unfold within a troubled empire

People who gunned down Enakhe's father on her wedding day are after her life because she is trying to step into her father's shoes. Her father was a tycoon but left the family with nothing to be proud of. Besides financial issues, the deceased's infidelities ruined his family's image. Enakhe teasers for April 2021 reveal more about the young lady's battles.

Enakhe teasers
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Chief Umweni's world is falling apart. He opens up to Archie about The Table after losing the distributors' deal. Is the chief making the right decision by getting into an agreement with Onanefe? Onanefe is protecting the arsonists. He reveals his secrets to Tamtam, who ends up dying mysteriously. Meanwhile, Archie fears the consequences of losing his totem.

April 2021 Enakhe teasers

More entertainment is coming your way. The battles have only begun, and may the best fighter win. Every Enakhe episode addresses a social problem that most people do not discuss. Here are the upcoming episodes:

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1/04/2021: Thursday (Episode 70)

Tamtam returns just when Archie and Chief Umweni come up with a backup plan. Meanwhile, Enakhe and Latifah want to take back GL2.

2/04/2021: Friday (Episode 71)

Stone calls the shots on Enakhe. Cali worries about Ejiri's wellbeing, and Onanefe admits he is delighted with Tamtam's return.

3/04/2021: Saturday (Episode 72)

Enakhe and Latifah encounter more problems while trying to protect themselves. Meanwhile, Archie spots someone to request help.

Enakhe teasers
Enakhe teasers for April 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

4/04/2021: Sunday (Episode 73)

Enakhe and Latifah persuade Zino to listen to their advice, Ik agrees to return the totem, and Cali and Enakhe reconcile.

5/04/2021: Monday (Episode 74)

IK tricks Archie while Cali visits his grandmother. Pa Oshodiin teaches Archie a lesson later.

6/04/2021: Tuesday (Episode 75)

Enakhe strives to keep the threatening situation under control even when Stone is watching her. Jonas discovers frightening secrets about Jacinta.

7/04/2021: Wednesday (Episode 76)

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Jacinta backs out of the business partnership she had with Cali. Someone invites Enakhe to join a group of decision-makers, while Onanafe unveils his vulnerable side to Tamtam.

8/04/2021: Thursday (Episode 77)

Ejiro notices a cut on Onanefe's hand. Stone requests a favor from Officer Osadolor as Regina offers Enakhe a helping hand.

9/04/2021: Friday (Episode 78)

Stone is investigating why Ejiri's left, and someone gives Archie a second chance. Meanwhile, Enakhe witnesses an unfair judgment.

10/04/2021: Saturday (Episode 79)

Enakhe's sins haunt her, and Onanefe realizes Ejiro is willing to take matters as far as she can. Cali is in trouble for saying things meant to be a secret.

Enakhe teasers
Enakhe teasers for April 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

11/04/2021: Sunday (Episode 80)

Onanefe confronts Ejiro, and someone gives Margaret a warning. Jonas later comforts Eakhe.

12/04/2021: Monday (Episode 81)

The angry Jacinta tells Cali what you think of him, and Latifah tries to contact the Commissioner in vain. Enakhe confronts her fears.

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13 /04/2021: Tuesday (Episode 82)

Stone suspects Enakhe and Latifah are up to no good. Latifah talks to the Commissioner, and Jonas hands over the business to Jacinta.

14 /04/2021: Wednesday (Episode 83)

Archie takes revenge on IK, and The Table makes a tough decision after Chief Umweni receives incriminating evidence against Cali.

15/04/2021: Thursday (Episode 84)

Jacinta supports Cali halfheartedly, and Tamtam receives a mysterious visitor. Enakhe makes a sacrifice for her family.

Enakhe teasers
Enakhe teasers for April 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

16/04/2021: Friday (Episode 85)

Latifah summons her army as the siege gets intense. The storm calms down when Jacinta breaks free.

17/04/2021: Saturday (Episode 86)

Archie reports to the authorities about his stolen totem, and Cali imprisons Jonas. Enakhe sets Regina free from their agreement, and everyone holds Ejiri responsible for Zino's disappearance.

18/04/2021: Sunday (Episode 87)

Enakhe discovers some disturbing facts while Onanefe beseeches Ejiro to do something for him. Archie is tracking down the totem.

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19/04/2021: Monday (Episode 88)

Cali tests Onanefe, and Stone tells Enakhe the truth. Meanwhile, Chief Umweni faces his action's negative consequences.

20/04/2021: Tuesday (Episode 89)

Enakhe's unexpected decision is meant to protect her family's future. Stone's promise will lead to a disaster.

21/04/2021: Wednesday (Episode 90)

Jacinta and Cali visit someone, and Archie seeks to evade the outcomes of losing the totem. Onanefe presents a sensible proposal to Law.

22/04/2021: Thursday (Episode 91)

Chief Umweni still has a few cards to play, and Ejiro agrees to take Ejiri's place. Cali convinces Jacinta to move in with him.

23/04/2021: Friday (Episode 92)

Someone reminds Ejiro that she is running out of time. Chief Umweni holds an emergency meeting at the restaurant, and Archie hears about Tamtam's death.

Enakhe teasers
Enakhe teasers for April 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

24/04/2021: Saturday (Episode 93)

Cali visits Tamtam's grave, and Ejiro devises a dangerous plan. Chief Umweni loses a lucrative deal with distributors.

25/04/2021: Sunday (Episode 94)

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Ejiro prepares a family dinner, and Onanefe gets into an agreement with Chief Umweni. Jacinta almost confesses to Cali.

26/04/2021: Monday (Episode 95)

Cali seeks answers regarding Ejiro's condition. Meanwhile, Chief Umweni receives a wake-up call.

27/04/2021: Tuesday (Episode 96)

Ejiro prepares a family Last Supper as Chief Umweni revaluates his life. Enakhe is nowhere to be found.

28/04/2021: Wednesday (Episode 97)

Chief Umweni talks to Archie about The Table. Ejiro gets an ultimatum, while Jacinta wants to slow things down.

Enakhe teasers
Enakhe teasers for April 2021. GIF: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

29/04/2021: Thursday (Episode 98)

Stone breaks trust among The Table members for personal gain. Ejiro loses her powers, and Enakhe returns prepared to face anyone and anything.

30/04/2021: Friday (Episode 99)

Onanefe hides the arsonists. Enakhe and Latifah suspect Ejiro is hiding something, and Jacinta argues with Cali.


She and Latifah agree to bring back the GL2, which is a family company. Their lives are in danger, and Stone suspects that the two have secret dealings. She asks Regina not to help her anymore. The young lady makes more sacrifices to safeguard her family's future. Why is she preparing the "last supper" for her family?

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His business partnership with Jacinta breaks when she backs out. The chief gets hold of incriminating evidence against Cali shortly after Jacinta moves in with him. Jacinta is hiding something from her man. Cali wants to find out the reason behind Ejiro's condition and Tamtam's death.

Please tune in on Novela Magic daily at 20h00 to watch the intriguing episodes of Enakhe teasers for April 2021. Enakhe actors bring out the best in each character. You will quickly get attached to the story and its characters.

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