High spirited traffic officer makes passing drivers day and her video goes viral

High spirited traffic officer makes passing drivers day and her video goes viral

- Murry Kendrick, a man who was just passing through traffic, took a video of an inspiring traffic officer and posted it online

- The video went viral with over 150 000 views and counting

- Social media loved the video and so many positive comments were given

A video taken by Murray Kernick from the seat of his car, was posted online and reached over 150 000 views in no time. He was sitting in traffic on Witkoppen and Cedar Road when he took the video.

An unknown traffic officer made the Saturday of passing drivers with her true South African spirit. Despite the heat, this officer seemed to really be enjoying her job.

People all over social media enjoyed the traffic officer’s spirit just as much as the passing drivers.

“Good for this legend!! Finding the joy in having to do a kak job on a Saturday!”
“Ha ha awesome….love someone who knows how to make the best of every situation & breaking up a long, hot, monotonous day with some cool moves…great fun !!”
“10/10 to this traffic officer! Well done for having a blast whilst doing your job and putting smiles on all those commuters passing you by! You rock! Keep up the happiness! It’s what makes the world a better place”
“This is not an uncommon style while directing traffic – THIS is why I love Africa”
“I love this lady! She entertained me on my daily commute for a season in my life…But DUDE! Do not! I repeat! Do not EVER cross her. She will put you in your place so fast you’ll have whiplash. (I’ve seen her take on many a taxi driver with a huge amount of bravery)”

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The bright and bubbly traffic officer added a smile to passing drivers and has been appreciated for her positivity all round. It is lovely to see someone enjoying their job and adding a little sunshine to everyone’s day.

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