They're never getting back together: 6 Quotes that prove Juju is so over the ANC

They're never getting back together: 6 Quotes that prove Juju is so over the ANC

Recently the ANC has been attempting to reel in their former comrade Julius Malema. But, Juju is not having any of it.

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As recently reported, David Mabuza said he would do his best to bring Julius Malema back "home". Even President Cyril Ramaphosa said he'll welcome back Juju with open arms.

But, Malema quickly responded saying there is no way it would ever happen.

It appears the EFF leader is serious about not ever rejoining the ruling party again, and these six quotes proved just how much he hates the ANC.

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1. He is definitely not in Cyril's WhatsApp group

“Black people’s poverty is a joke to Cyril. Must we love Ramaphosa because mlungu (a white man) loves Ramaphosa?”

2. In fact, it appears he would never ever back the South African president

“Cyril Ramaphosa is not black. Everything he’s doing in his life is to please white people, so he is not ‘genuine black'”

3. Juju threatened the ruling party that they'll stop protesting peacefully

“We will run out of patience very soon and we will remove this government through the barrel of a gun”

4. To Malema, the ANC's future looks very bleak

“The ANC have reached a cul-de-sac, either way there’ll be a breakaway of permanent people with a serious following. The problem with ANC is where it loses power, it loses it’s ‘creme-de-la-creme’, and drunkards take over.”

5. Juju's conspiracy theory

“The ANC is giving people alcohol and nyaope [a highly addictive drug] because they are cheaper than education. We thought that after 1994 we would live better than white people, but we are worse off than them today.”

6. Malema described how the ANC got rid of members they no longer use, in a very vivid explanation

“We are used like toilet paper that is flushed in the toilet. We are used like condoms – those who use condoms will know how condoms work, they use them and they throw them [away] somewhere else.”

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