Durban Gen Teasers for May 2021: Calvin struggles to accept his father's sins

Durban Gen Teasers for May 2021: Calvin struggles to accept his father's sins

The ongoing strike at the Durban General Hospital turns violent as the hospital is left to deal with the consequences of the fight between permanent nurses and stand-ins. What resolution could possibly calm the staff? Read the following Durban Gen teasers for more details.

Durban Gen Teasers
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Qwabe is ready to fight her tumor with any means possible and even considers a trial treatment. Will she get better? Elsewhere, Zandile and Precious's friendship is treading on thin ice.

Durban Gen teasers May 2021

Durban Gen characters face unending troubles that do not seem to have solutions. Will Calvin be able to accept his father's sins? Here is what is coming up in Durban Gen May episodes.

Durban Gen Teasers
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3rd May 2021 (Monday – Episode 151)

Bab'Gumede's past secrets are discovered. Meanwhile, some nurses want to give up and withdraw from the ongoing strike as the pressure becomes unbearable, while the interns start releasing their frustrations on each other.

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4th May 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 152)

Qwabe wants to hide something from Ndlovu, unaware that he already has the details. Elsewhere, Sne loves the attention she is getting while the brotherly love continues to thrive.

5th May 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 153)

Qwabe is ready to fight to get rid of the tumor.

6th May 2021 (Thursday – Episode 154)

There is chaos at Durban Gen as the employees continue to strike. Bab Gumede's secret remains uncertain while Lindelani tries hard to accept his mistakes.

7th May 2021 (Friday – Episode 155)

The teaser will be updated soon.

Durban Gen Teasers
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10th May 2021 (Monday – Episode 156)

The strike becomes violent, leading to the injury of an individual, and the fault is borne by an innocent person who risks going to prison. Meanwhile, Sne is untouchable, and Bab'Gumede feels that he is being abandoned by someone he cares about.

11th May 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 157)

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The medical facility is left to deal with the aftermath of the war that started between the permanent nurses and the stand-ins. Meanwhile, Qwabe is ready to take control again despite not having fully recovered. Sne's internet crush has not stopped showering her with flattering messages.

12th May 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 158)

Qwabe is thinking about going for a trial treatment for her tumor, an issue that brings Ndlovu and Lindelani to their knees. Elsewhere, Msizi and Calvin set aside their differences while Sne is blinded and cannot notice the visible red flags in her new Dr. FeelGood.

13th May 2021 (Thursday – Episode 159)

Calvin tries hard to accept his father's sins while Ngcobo starts acting hostile towards the nurses. MacGyver has suspicions regarding the new man that has taken over Sne's heart. Will Sne open her eyes when it is too late?

14th May 2021 (Friday – Episode 160)

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The Durban General employees are forced to work together after a near-death experience. The event makes them realize that there is a difference between life and death.

Durban Gen Teasers
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17th May 2021 (Monday – Episode 161)

Negotiations are underway, but the outcome may not please all the involved parties. Meanwhile, Mbali's tongue betrays her, and a family's world is ruined while Ndlovu is preparing a big surprise.

18th May 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 162)

A couple is going through a difficult time as the wife wants to know details about an illegitimate child. Two friends face a betrayal, while Sne believes that she found her soulmate.

19th May 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 163)

Zandile has numerous secrets up her sleeve, while Bab Gumede's secret is likely to make him lose his family. Meanwhile, Sne is ready to see her future husband. Is she prepared for the surprise?

20th May 2021 (Thursday – Episode 164)

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21st May 2021 (Friday – Episode 165)

Bab Gumede's problems are far from over, while MacGyver is angry with Sne. Zandile and Precious face the elephant in the lift.

Durban Gen Teasers
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24th May 2021 (Monday – Episode 166)

Sne is in disbelief after finding out the real identity of Dr. Simelani. Elsewhere, Zandile and Precious's friendship may end at any time while Sylvia does not want to take a break.

25th May 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 167)

MacGyver tries to foster peace among the Gumedes, but the issue is beyond him. Nkabinde and Zandile engage in a conflict while Sne considers MacGyver to be her hero.

26th May 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 168)

Newly wedville is filled with happiness. Zandile deals with her hoes, and there appears to be an angel in the mix. Meanwhile, Sne receives silent treatment from MacGyver after having a disagreement the previous day.

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27th May 2021 (Thursday – Episode 169)

Zandile's life unravels while the interns are left in disbelief after witnessing a bizarre medical condition. Elsewhere, MacGyver receives a new housemate.

28th May 2021 (Friday – Episode 170)

Zandile's troubles seem to worsen, leaving her with no choice but to manipulate Precious into helping her. MaCele accepts to have a date with her admirer while Sne's actions irritate Phumeza.

31st May 2021 (Monday – Episode 171)

Precious's deceit is getting difficult to understand while Sne finds out that her joke may have made Phumeza feel bad. On the other hand, Bab Gumede and MacGyver's troubles seem to escalate.

Durban Gen Teasers
Durban Gen on eTV episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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Her social media crush starts making her feel good with sweet messages, and she is convinced that she has found Mr. Right. Infatuation makes her blind to obvious red flags. What will she do when she discovers the man's real identity?

Bab Gumede

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From the above Durban Gen teasers, things start falling apart after Bab Gumede's well-kept secret is known. How will he deal with the consequences? Follow the medical drama on eTV from Mondays to Fridays at 6.30 p.m. You can also watch the omnibus on eTV every Sunday from 10.20 a.m.

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