Arendsvlei Teasers for May 2021: Will Debra give Wendy a second chance?

Arendsvlei Teasers for May 2021: Will Debra give Wendy a second chance?

After unearthing shocking details about Wendy’s life, Debra is unsure whether to give her a second chance. Later, Wendy starts making big plans for her and Debra, disregarding the weight of the situation at hand. How will things unfold? Below are Arendsvlei teasers for the May 2021 episodes.

Arendsvlei Teasers
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Langes is ready to issue a statement but wonders if he is sacrificing more than he should, while Thys tries to prove his innocence after a huge accusation is made against him. Elsewhere, the learners have different opinions regarding Keesha.

Arendsvlei teasers May 2021

The drama gets tense in the Arendsvlei May episodes as life-shattering secrets come to light. How will the characters be affected by the consequences? Here are the teasers for more.

Arendsvlei Teaser
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3/5/2021 (Monday – Episode 125)

Debra discovers shocking details regarding Wendy’s mysterious life, while Lee-Roy prepares for his performances with Lionel. Elsewhere, Janice gets a new intern to work at the salon.

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4/5/2021 (Tuesday – Episode 126)

Langes finds it challenging to reveal to Debra that he was part of Wendy’s criminal organization. Lee-Roy talks Lionel into performing for a fundraising event, but Janice discovers the truth. Will her discovery alter his plans?

5/5/2021 (Wednesday – Episode 127)

The truth shatters Debra, while Caleb discloses details about his folks to Janice. Keesha finds a solution for her mathematics problems, and Lionel discovers his preferences.

6/5/2021 (Thursday – Episode 128)

Krige is confused when Janice reveals to him that Caleb is the new intern. Elsewhere, Debra is pondering over the idea of giving Wendy a second chance. Keesha is not pleased with what Ronel tells her, while everyone is enthusiastically getting ready for the night-school matric farewell.

10/5/2021 (Monday – Episode 129)

Langes and Debra get ready to meet Wendy. Will the meeting go as expected? Janice starts having doubts regarding Krige, while Keesha and Caleb have their initial session with Thys.

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11/5/2021 (Tuesday – Episode 130)

Krige has something big that he wants to reveal, and the confession leaves Janice in shock. Elsewhere, Mielies is fed up with Solly, while Keesha has something up her sleeve.

12/5/2021 (Wednesday – Episode 131)

Langes is willing to issue a statement but wonders if he will be sacrificing more than he should. Krige struggles with his guilty conscience, while Debra is not sure whether to reveal the entire truth to Beatrice.

13/5/2021 (Thursday – Episode 132)

Beatrice is infuriated by Wendy’s malicious deeds but makes up her mind to console Debra. On the other hand, Candice gets the wrong impression when she spots Thys and Keesha spending time together.

Arendsvlei Teasers
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17/5/2021 (Monday – Episode 133)

Debra receives upsetting news, while Lionel and Krige have an honest conversation. Elsewhere, Keesha is all dressed up and ready for her tutoring session.

18/5/2021 (Tuesday – Episode 134)

Pieter doubts if Debra will be able to handle her dinner date with Wendy, while Parra makes unexpected demands towards Anton. Meanwhile, Karelse is worried that Rekkie and Stretch might disappear and then fail to support Langes’ incriminating evidence.

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19/5/2021 (Wednesday – Episode 135)

Karelsa has crucial details that he wants to inform Debra and Beatrice. On the other hand, Parra makes changes to the bakery menu, while Caleb makes Beatrice aware of his decision to leave. What made him change his mind about staying?

20/5/2021 (Thursday – Episode 136)

Thys is under immense pressure to handle the allegations against him, and Caleb has made up his mind regarding his life in Arendsvlei. Wendy starts making great plans for her and a petrified Debra. Does she understand the weight of the situation at hand?

24/5/2021 (Monday – Episode 137)

There is high tension as Karelse and Debra plot against Wendy. Elsewhere, Thys is devastated by the allegations made against him, and Anton tries hard to regulate Parra’s movements.

25/5/2021 (Tuesday – Episode 138)

Thys tries to prove that he is innocent, but Janice has to be neutral on the matter. Candice has to be part of the team tasked with arresting Wendy but finds it hard to proceed with the operation.

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26/5/2021 (Wednesday – Episode 139)

Something big happens to Wendy, and the people involved start to see the reality. Elsewhere, the learners have varying sentiments regarding Keesha, and Janice gets two surprises in a single day.

27/5/2021 (Thursday – Episode 140)

Journalists from other publications nag Debra and Beatrice, while Thys’ great problem gives Gertie sleepless nights. Meanwhile, Wendy commands MJ to carry out a task for her.

31/5/2021 (Monday – Episode 141)

An anxious Debra gets ready for the bail hearing. The SGB meeting makes Thys nervous while Candice advises Keesha.

Arendsvlei Teasers
Arendsvlei on kykNET & Kie episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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The truth about Wendy’s secret life leaves her devastated and unsure of what to do. She wonders if she should give her another chance but later starts working with Karelse to plot against Wendy. Will she regret her decision?


Her secret life and criminal organization come to light. She later starts making big plans for her and Debra, overlooking the weight of the current situation. When will she have a reality check?

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Candice misinterprets the situation when he sees him and Keesha together. He is later distraught after a huge accusation is made against him, and he tries to prove his innocence. His issue gives Gertie sleepless nights. What will be the outcome of the SGB meeting?

As revealed by the above Arendsvlei teasers, things are about to get complicated for Wendy as Debora starts working with Karelse, and Langes is ready to issue a statement. Follow the Afrikaans drama on kykNET & Kie every Monday to Thursday at 8.00 p.m.

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