Opinion: Will prosecuting Zuma result in black on black civil war?

Opinion: Will prosecuting Zuma result in black on black civil war?

Editor's Note: In an open letter to Shaun Abrahams, Sindiso Malaku said that if the NPA boss chose to prosecute Jacob Zuma, it would result in an all-out black on black civil war.

Briefly.co.za editor, Laura Slyer, questions whether or not this is true.

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While there's no denying that tensions are high in South Africa at the moment, I have to question the legitimacy of a claim that the NPA's decision on whether or not to prosecute former president Jacob Zuma, will truly result in outright civil war?

Sindiso Malaku, in an open letter to Shaun Abrahams, seems to believe it will, as he begged the NPA boss not to prosecute:

The Constitutional Court has given you a go-ahead to announce your decision; but I beg of you to put this country first. Prosecuting Zuma might be in the public interest as it will please the lobby groups‚ political parties‚ some in the media and the well-heeled who live behind tall walls in gated communities.
Will we be happy when blacks maul each other whilst those who were in the forefront of the Zuma prosecution are nowhere to be seen or heard?
As for me; I would rather have Zuma walk our streets a free man than to have no go areas in this country. I would rather‚ as part of the deal‚ have Zuma unite the fragile KZN than to see him in prison.

While there's no doubt that no one wants a civil war, and that Zuma has managed to get a lot of people riled up over his future, I think a more important question to ask is; are Zuma's supporters truly willing to go to war over a single man?

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If they are, then they need to take a close look at all the criminals who face prosecution on a daily basis; men and women who are locked up in jail, for far less than what Zuma has done to this nation as a whole.

No man or woman in this country is above the law, above being answerable to the law, and threatening the country with civil disobedience and violence if one man is expected to face the consequences of his actions, is akin to treason.

If men will go to war for a man who single-handedly destroyed the economy of South Africa, sold us out to foreign nationals in order to line his pockets, and generally proved himself the most flagrantly corrupt politician this country's ever had; then they are not men worthy of the title.

If they believe his innocence, they will support him in court, and if he is proven innocent under our justice system, then he will walk free as one, and the country as a whole will honour that decision.

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