The George Municipality pulled the plug on Hofmeyr’s concert after a plea from the ANC

The George Municipality pulled the plug on Hofmeyr’s concert after a plea from the ANC

- ANC cries out to stop the Steve Hofmeyr concert in George

- The George Municipality revoked their right to cancel the agreed usage of the hall for the concert

- Hofmeyr’s booking agent remained ignorant when questioned

The George Municipality pulled out of their agreement to lease the City Hall to contentious Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr.

Faiez Jacobs, ANC’s provincial secretary, urged the municipality to cancel the concert. With great pressure from the ANC, the municipality withdrew their lease agreement and put a stop to the concert.

In a report by IOL News it stated that Chantel Edwards-Klose, the municipality’s communications director, said that the George Municipality reserves the right in terms of official policy to cancel the leasing of any municipal facility, subject to giving 48 hours written notice.

“In this instance, this right has been applied as the proposed event cannot be endorsed.”

Jacobs expressed his gratitude for the municipality’s compliance.

“We feel vindicated by the municipality’s decision. We are very happy about this and it showed that they listened to us and the community at large. I don’t understand why they decided to this in the first place, it shows that they are very insensitive to the communities. We cannot allow racism to continue in this form. “

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"We fought against it and still against it. We need social cohesion and nation building program. People like Steve cannot be celebrated.” learnt that others had also dissociated themselves from Hofmeyer in the past, such as Pick ‘n Pay, Land Rover and Absa , due to the negative stigma he attaches to sponsors and supporters.

Hofmeyr’s booking agent, Leeza Mulder, was oblivious to the matter when she was contacted for comment.

“I am not aware of this. The concert was meant for raising funds for a local school. I would have to speak to my client because we are not aware of this.”

Recent information states that Homeyr has said that he will go ahead with the concert, despite the ANC's calls and cancellation from the George Municipality.

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