How old is Goku? What's his real age in each Dragon Ball Z saga

How old is Goku? What's his real age in each Dragon Ball Z saga

The Dragon Ball universe articulates the life of Goku over the thirty years of his life . He is a fictional character and the series' protagonist. Interestingly, in each saga, his age seems to change quite a bit. In each of the sagas, the Dragon Ball takes the character and the Z-Warriors to different places. So, how old is Goku?

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How old is Goku? The original Dragon Ball focuses on the fictional character during his early years, while Dragon Ball Z highlights the later stages of his life. At some point, it showcases the character after he has started his family with Gohan and Chi-Chi.

How old is Goku?

The three Dragon Ball universe shows have given viewers different versions of Son Goku. He goes from a young child who Tien and Yamcha beat up and transitions into a much more powerful character, strong enough to tackle the gods. He sets the pace when he goes to Super Saiyan and overpowers Frieza in Dragon Ball Z. Avid fans have seen the character throughout his childhood, his transition to adulthood, and even as a grandfather.

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Every saga depicts an element of a time skip, and the duration differs from one saga to the other. The time skips translate into his change in age; hence, this is a breakdown of Goku's age timeline.

Emperor Pilaf Saga

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How old is Goku at the start of Dragon Ball? Emperor Pilaf Saga is the first arc in the Dragon Ball anime. It depicts young Saiyan crossing paths with Krillin, Yamcha, Bulma, and Master Roshi for the first time. The character is 14 years old as the story begins, although Dragon Ball retconned, stating that he was 11 years old.

Tournament and Red Ribbon Army Sagas

How old is Goku when he meets Bulma? He participates in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament and tackles Master Roshi during this saga. At this time, he is 12 years old, and during the same year, he participates in the search for the Dragon Balls.

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Tien Shinhan and Demon King Piccolo Sagas

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During his fifteenth year, he trains relentlessly and polishes on Goku powers. Eventually, he takes part in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, although he loses to Tien. His fight with Tien propels him to go against the deadly Demon King Piccolo.

Piccolo Jr. Saga

Three years later, at this time, the character is eighteen years old, and he takes part in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and tackles Chi-Chi. The fight culminates in them being engaged. He also witnesses the reincarnation of Demon King Piccolo and is unable to defeat him in battle.

Saiyan and Frieza Sagas

The Saiyan Saga is the first saga of Dragon Ball Z, and at this point, the character is twenty-three years old. He is also the father of Gohan, and during the battle with Raditz, he dies. One year later, the Dragon Balls wish for his return, and when he comes back, he leads the Z-warriors against Vegeta and Nappa. He also goes to planet Namek to help Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan survive the battle with the villain who ruined his planet.

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Android and Cell Sagas

Two years post Frieza's defeat, Goku returns to earth and meets Future Trunks. Their interaction results in the discovery of the impending arrival of Android 17 and 18. He is twenty-nine years old by the time the preparations for the androids are finalised. Goku and his friends spend one year preparing to compete in the Cell games. One year later, he sacrifices himself to rescue the planet from Cell's self-destruction. At this time, he is thirty years old.

Buu Saga

The biggest time skip occurs after the Dragon Ball canon, after Gohan's victory over Cell. For the seven years of the time skip, Goku remains dead and furthers his training on Otherworld. After his battle with Kid Buu, his character returns to his family on Earth. Technically, he has not been alive for seven years; hence, his physical appearance is the same before his death.

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How old is Goku at the end of DBS? Considering the other year that he was dead in the Dragon Ball Universe, he would have been thirty-seven years old. However, his physical age is twenty-nine years, even though Goku characteristics are not any different.

Battle Of Gods Saga

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How old is Goku in the Battle of the Gods? The character's life takes a four-year leap, and at this point, he is a farmer, while Krillin is a cop and Vegeta focused on his training. Goku, who is forty-one years, lives a chaos-free life, until when the God of Destruction, Beerus, travels to Earth to look for Super Saiyan God.

Golden Frieza, Universe 6, and Future Trunks Sagas

How old is Goku at the end of Super? The character's fight with Beerus lasts a whole year, and by the time Frieza in Dragon Ball Super returns, he is forty-two years old. By this time, Videl and Gohan are married, and they have their first child, Pan; hence, Goku is a grandfather. However, he becomes a Super Saiyan God before Pan's birth.

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Universal Survival Saga

The character is forty-three years old by the time the Universal Survival Saga ensues. Vegeta, Gohan, and Android 17 support him, so he wins the Goku vs Jiren encounter.

How old is Goku in DBS Broly?

How old is Goku in Super? By the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he is thirty-two years old, although psychologically, he is thirty-nine years old. So, how old is Goku 2020? Although there has been a manga continuation of the series, it is unclear how many years have passed after the Broly saga. Since the events of Z's epilogue have not taken place, the character has not yet hit forty years old physically.

Can Goku die of old age? He cannot die of old age since he becomes the guardian of The Earth every time he dies. This feature enables him to live forever.

If you have been following the manga series and were wondering, how old is Goku? These details decipher his life and age in the different sagas. He came into Earth when he was three years old, and by the end of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he was thirty-two years old psychologically.

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